Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Here is a peek at what's on RedEye's radar #AmnestyforFerguson

 Ferguson, Missouri, or Kiev, Ukraine?
  US, Ukraine or Middle East?  #Ferguson images made it hard to tell.

Only in America can a Lawyers bid to become Americas top Civil Rights attorney fails because he supported Civil Rights.  The fact he is black probably didn't help either.

Debo Adegbile, who previously served as the acting head of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, is one of the nation’s top civil rights attorneys. He’s also a leading expert on voting rights who twice defended the Voting Rights Act before the Supreme Court — the first time successfully. He was, in other words, an ideal candidate to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division — the division which, among other things, oversees the federal government’s voting rights work in an era where conservative state lawmakers are currently waging a widespread campaign to prevent demographic groups that tend to vote for Democrats from casting a ballot.
Question:  Is the media cry, to hang them high, really about domesticviolence, or is it about racism

Why is the NFL under scrutiny, when their domestic violence statistics are better than the norm? Why are there no white athletes, who are the focus of media calls for punishment, and impoverishment?
Let's talk about Adrian Peterson so we won't have to talk about real child abuse.
 A young black man with a towering Afro, Hunt stood out in this overwhelmingly white city about 30 minutes south of Salt Lake City. So much so that just moments before officers killed him in a barrage of gunfire on Sept. 10, passersby pulled out their cell phones and snapped photos of the 22-year-old with the big hair, bright red shirt and toy sword slung over his shoulder.

White America's drug problem is getting worse, but they aren't being thrown in prison for it.
 White people have a painkiller problem. According to new data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, painkiller overdoses accounted for almost 17,000 deaths in 2011. The majority of deaths were among whites, at a rate that’s growing faster than for any other racial group.

What's that you say?  Ferguson Plan for police oversight is derided as "insulting"?  I'm shocked!  Shocked I tell you!  NOT.
 The proposal does not mention whether the board would be empowered to investigate citizen complaints against officers, given resources to conduct independent investigations. The word "review" is not mentioned in the proposal other than to describe the committee as a "review board."



Anonymous said...

The NFL does a good job. There are just not many cases of Peyton Manning Drew Brees etc making it rain at the club, shooting people, hanging with gang bangers etc etc etc. Adrian Peterson is news and if he did it then he needs to be punished. It's funny you mention Salt Lake City but you NEVER said anything about the black officer that shot and killed the UN ARMED WHITE MALE!! WHY? The guy had a toy sword so what he should have followed verbals commands to drop it. We do not know all the details yet but if the officers are wrong then punish them! Don't pull a Ferguson and convict them with out all the facts and forensic evidence. Eye witness testimony has been proven unreliable!! (

Yes the white pill problem is outrageous but the difference is it is a medicine cabinet epidemic meaning white people do not stand on street corners selling pills. The majority have them in the medicine cabinet. Remember I said majority. I never see whites standing on Carl T Jones going car to car but I see that in Butler Terrace,Mason Court and the Mederais Rd area!I have friends and family in those areas. It is the same in all major cities as it is here.

Redeye said...

Thank you for providing examples and proof of the media driven racial stereotyping of African Americans.

"One of the techniques of racism is, to adopt a harsh standard, that are only applied to Diasporans."

Anonymous said...

My example was to show big name white NFL players who are not on ESPN because they committed a crime. Yes there are white NFL players who commit crime and yes it is and will be on ESPN when it happens but it has been rare.That is not racism it is reporting the facts!!!

Anonymous said...


Redeye said...

"The Washington Post reported Saturday that five current and one former member of the Ferguson police force face pending federal lawsuits claiming they used excessive force. The lawsuits, as well as more than a half-dozen internal investigations, include claims that individual officers separately hog-tied a 12-year-old boy who was checking his family mailbox, pistol-whipped children and used a stun gun on a mentally ill man who died as a result."

Anonymous said...

Then if they did then fire them and put them in jail but DO NOT CONVICT them or the officer the officer who shot Brown before facts and forensic evidence is in!!!! Many storys say " the officer who murdered brown" etc and yet we do not know yet if that is true!!!

Redeye said...

We know Darren Wilson shot and killed Mike Brown. We know Mike Briown was unarmed. We know there are many stories that say Mike Brown had his hands up.

Anonymous said...

We know that there is no outrage at for black on black murders. We know that if the forensic evidence proves the shooting was justified people will loot and act a fool many have already said they would. We know that the officer deserves to be INNOCENT until proven guilty. We know there is no media outrage Al or Jessie outrage at the UN ARMED white man shot in Salt Lake City. Why If it is about police shootings?

Lets revisit this topic after the facts and forensic evidence come in. Lets hope the officer has an impartial grand jury who will go by the law and not by what they think or be afraid if they acquit people will call them uncle Tom or racist!!!!

Redeye said...

So, if the forensic evidence proves Darren Wilson is was not justified in shooting Mike Brown are white folks going to act a fool and loot, burn down stuff,and murder black people? Are white folks going to riot?