Monday, May 4, 2015

Riddle me this...Riddle me that #BlackLivesMatter #MarilynMosby #FreddieGray #Baltimore

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Why do we have to protest every time a black person is killed by police?

The loss and injustice inflicted on Black families by Baltimore's long history of violence, racism and corruption in law enforcement has been devastating. In 2014, all of the people killed by Baltimore police were Black. And over the past five years, the city has paid millions to people injured and paralyzed by police "rough rides."
The charges wouldn't have happened without brave, courageous Black folks in Baltimore and across the country standing up to demand justice for Freddie Gray. Mosby's decision to prosecute is an important step forward on the road towards justice in this case, and it's a testament to the power of everyday people organized in collective action.

If looting a liquor store makes you a "thug", what does beating someone to death & nearly severing their spine make you?
"I wanted to clarify my comments on 'thugs.' When you speak out of frustration and anger, one can say things in a way that you don't mean," she wrote. "That night we saw misguided young people who need to be held accountable, but who also need support. And my comments then didn't convey that."
Many who took issue with Rawlings-Blake's use of "thugs," including some of her fellow city leaders, argued that the word is racially charged. Baltimore City Councilman Carl Stokes suggested on Tuesday night that instead of calling the protesters "thugs," she may as well have used the n-word.
Are there applications for the role of sellout on TV, and how much does the job pay?   From the files of putting a black face on racist racism:

Exhibit A:
  • Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke slammed Michelle Mosby for 'rushing this thing through' by delivering verdict a day after report was filed
  • He claims in his experience she would need four days to read the material 
  • Adds that he believes there could be a civil case but not a criminal one
  • Likens the investigation to Duke Lacrosse, when a student at Duke University falsely accused three lacrosse players of rape 
So, when the State Attorney General, not to be confused with a a judge/jury, declares the Duke Lacross Rape Case a miscarriage of justice that's good, but when State Attorney Marilyn Mosby files charges against  the 6 police officers who chased down and arrested Freddie Gray for nothing, broke his neck, severed his spine and refused to offer medical aide that's a rush to judgement?



unclebabychirp said...

Just as Richard Sherman said over a year ago, thug is the new "N-word". I hope justice interested parties get around to supporting justice interested Ms. Mosby who is cutting thru the usual bs & foot-dragging regarding charges against probably guilty persons. If we were to imagine that was a school bus driver & other civilians who tossed Mr Gray into the back of a van, basically hog-tied him face down & took the "scenic bumpy route" to school while he cried out in pain, what do you think would happen to them? And how fast would they be charged?

Redeye said...

Good point about the school bus. Thanks for reading and commenting.