Saturday, October 11, 2014


- Elisa Ferrell took the District 3 seat on the Huntsville school board Tuesday night with 54 percent, or 2,668, of the votes, completing the changes that will usher in a 60 percent new school board next month.
The longtime PTA mom and volunteer beat out tax accountant Anson Knowles, who earned 46 percent (2,260 votes), to replace Jennie Robinson as south Huntsville's board representative. Robinson on Tuesday won the District 3 seat on the Huntsville City Council.
Ferrell will be sworn in on Nov. 3 along with Beth Wilder, who will replace David Blair in District 2, and Walker McGinnis, who will replace Topper Birney in District 4.


After electing Jennie Robinson to the Huntsville City school board three times, south Huntsville is now sending her to the Huntsville city council.
Robinson defeated Walt Hennessee on Tuesday night to win the runoff for the District 3 seat on the city council.
Another difference-maker in the campaign, Hennessee said, was a mailing Robinson sent out to residents in south Huntsville linking him with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Parker Griffith.
The mailing recited Hennessee's history in working on past Griffith campaigns and that Griffith made a $2,000 campaign contribution to Hennessee, according to Hennessee.
"The big thing, the 800-pound gorilla, was the two peas in a pod mailing that went out that basically said that Parker Griffith was the one who showed me how to manipulate data and deceive the public," Hennessee said. "When I saw that in the mail, that was like a kick in the stomach. I would never do anything like that. For somebody to even think that I would was just disgusting.

North Huntsville students and taxpayers may as well bend over and prepare for the high heel pumps.......


Anonymous said...

Ifa black man wins the North side of Huntsville for the school board or city council what should South Huntsville students and taxpayers bend over and prepare for?

Redeye said...

Is everything about race with you?

Anonymous said...

I should be asking you that. All I did was reverse what you said. Two white women were voted in and you made that comment so I reversed it to if a black were elected. PLUS since I am black I CAN'T be a

Yes again I am black and happy to meet anytime to discuss issues in the community.

Redeye said...

You are the one that injected race into the discussion. And again, you are not black and you will never be black.