Saturday, October 4, 2014

"This is my American Prayer"

...there has been a wildness in the air around this president ever since it became clear first, that he was going to be the nominee, and then, that he was going to be the president. It was as though the glowing enthusiasm and the occasionally embarrassingly messianic fervor of his supporters back in 2007 and 2008 summoned up a dark energy on the other side, a Nemesis out of some undying part of the national soul, out of some dank cave of the American Id.
We need to come face-to-face with some nasty facts, boys and girls: No president since Abraham Lincoln has been as passionately hated by so many Americans than the first African American to call the White House "home". Only this week some right wing Facebook page was able to raise $100,000 award money for anyone who would oblige them by "removing" Barack Obama from the presidency. Now everybody put on your thinking caps!
Bullies basically thrive on attention.  They want to know they've made you feel hurt or frightened or upset, and they're looking for some reaction from you which confirms that.  When they get it, "the troll is being fed", as the internet saying goes, and they'll be back for more.
America has a race problem, and one of the best ways to deal with it is to acknowledge the systemic and structural manifestations that help reinforce the country’s contentious racial history.

RedEye tiptoeing away from the computer to go pray for my city, state, country, and the world.  Peace


Anonymous said...

America does have a race problem and it goes both ways. EXAMPLES: You and others call Obama black when he is mixed and those same people call Zimmerman a white Hispanic..WTF. We complain about the Ferguson shooting but not about the Salt Lake City shooting -- unarmed white man killed by black cop!## We complain about Hurricane Katrina but not about looting tvs, shoes etc same in Fergsuon. We riot loot etc What about Reginald Denny was that right? The media not saying "black" when the crime they are reporting was committed by a black etc etc etc I could type all night!

Redeye said...

I call PRESIDENT Obama what he calls himself, an African American, which acknowledges his mixed heritage, as his mother was an American and his father an African. Racism does not go both ways. Blacks do not have a documented history of racism and oppression towards whites. As for your other "arguments" they are tone deaf racial trolling. This is your warning.