Thursday, February 26, 2015

Former pResident George W. Bush coming to #Selma to help republicans hijack the anniversary of Bloody Sunday

 Bush and his wife, Laura, will join President Obama and a  bipartisan congressional delegation, in Selma, Alabama on the anniversary of Bloody Sunday so republicans can pretend they care about black people being denied the right the vote,  and, because republicans must think we are stuck on stupid in AmeriBama.

“The Roberts Court proved again that it will not be deterred by Supreme Court precedent, the realities on the ground in our nation; nor will it defer to Congress even when the legislative branch is granted clear authority by the Constitution to remedy our nation's long history of discrimination against racial and language minorities,” said J. Gerald Hebert of the Campaign Legal Center. “The Court today declared racism dead in this country despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.”

And then there is THIS 
Now, the actual effect of the recount is obviously something of a side issue when assessing the actions of the Court. Nobody knew the outcome of the recount, only that it threatened to make Al Gore president, and stopping it would guarantee Bush’s victory. That is the environment in which five Republican-appointed justices essentially invented a one-time-only ruling to stop the recount. And that’s the relevant history in which to understand the Court’s decision to make up its own new legal theories about the regulation of the health-care market now.
Separate but equal Bloody Sunday commemorations coming right up, enabled by President Obama.

It's the republican way!

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