Saturday, August 3, 2013

Martha Roby is not the only one who is" unfit to represent" the state of Alabama in Congress

H/T Daily Kos

Joseph O. Patton of the Capital City Free Press says  AL House GOPer Martha Roby is unfit to represent the 2nd district or anywhere else, after  a video released by Mother Jones shows her laughing when a participant at a Wetumpka Tea Party  function launched into a right-wing, treason-baiting rant in which he calls President Obama a “foreign-born, America-hating Communist despot.”

Where have you been Joseph O. Patton?  Martha Roby isn't the first AL GOPer to condone or encourage such race-baiting, divisive, treason-fanning rhetoric.  

It's who they are.

It's what they do.

It's how the rich convince their base to vote against having access to quality affordable health care, jobs, equal access to a quality pubic education, women's rights  and other things that might improve their quality of life.

The AL House GOPer's always get away with it.

Nothing to see here.

Move on.

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