Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Greed Over People Party Strikes Again! #Scandal in #SweetHomeAlabama

Seven months after Blogger Legal Schnauzer broke the story of Bible Thumping Governor Robert Bentley's hypocrisy and corruption via Attorney Donald Watkins Facebook reporting, the Alabama Mainstream Media, (EYE roll),  republicans, right wing radio talk show host, Bloggers, and some (not to be confused with all) democrats who enabled them,  are falling over themselves renouncing, rejecting, and repudiating, Dr. "Love" Bentley. 

Let's be clear.  They aren't calling for his resignation, and threatening to impeach him because he did something wrong, they are mad because he got caught.  If the Governor hadn't tried to neuter the guard dog he and his Crush would still be carrying on their non physical relationship.  His Crush and her Spouse would still be getting paid,  and,  his Crush would still be the defacto Governor of Sweet Home Alabama.

The Montgomery Advertiser's Josh Moon said Alabama is getting just what it deserves.  As a life long resident of Alabama, EYE respectfully disagree.  Those of us who voted a straight democratic ticket, no matter how foul, don't deserve any of this.

Be careful who/what you ask for.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Who elected Rebekah Caldwell Mason Governor of #SweetHomeAlabama?

Rebekah Mason
Rebekah Caldwell Mason

The bigger issue isn't whether she and the governor were playing doctor or not. How much influence does she really have on Bentley? Is Ol' Doc's top adviser really his puppet master? The "de facto governor," as Spencer Collier says?

Finally, EYE would like to remind everyone how hypocritical republicans are, especially when it comes to so called #FamilyValues.  It's always the party of so called Compassionate, Conservative, Christians screaming Jesus the loudest, who are the biggest hypocrites.  

What get's me is for the most part they (republicans) get away with it.  Everybody knows if this had been a democrat, or a black lawmaker they would have been tried in the media, forced to resign, and/or convicted/imprisoned.  

Don't believe me?  Ask former Governor Don Siegelman, former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford, former Jefferson County Commissioner Chris McNair , and others

And yes, EYE am playing the race card.
But a reasonable person, looking at the broad picture, could ask: Was the real reason these people were arrested that they represent a county that is mostly black, relatively poor, and largely Democratic? In other words, are political prosecutions still the tool of choice for the conservative elites who rule Karl Rove's Alabama--even with Barack Obama in the White House? Are such shenanigans still going on in other "deep red" regions of the country?

Stay Tuned.  

Thursday, March 24, 2016

EYE guess it depends on what the definition of a "physical relationship"....IS #RobertBentley #Scandlous in #SweetHomeAlabama


"I never had a physical relationship with that woman, Rebekah Caldwell Mason" Sound familiar?  It should. It's the same parsing former President Clinton engaged in when confronted about his relationship with White House Intern, Monica Lewinsky. 

Again, if anyone had told me Governor Robert Bentley (Bible Thumper, R. Tuscaloosa) was a dirty old man EYE would have laughed in their face. But then it's always the Compassionate, Christian, Conservatives who are the biggest hypocrites.  But EYE digress.  

Mrs. Mason also denies she and Dr. "Love" Bentley ( good one Legal Schnauzer) engaged in a physical affair, claiming she's being picked on because she's a woman in a position of power and authority.  Hmm...EYE wonder where she got that from?    Mind you, these denials were made prior to the release of audio recordings made by the governors Ex.  What's that they say about Karma....
A clip of the audio recordings revealing Alabama Governor Robert Bentley’s illicit affair with a staffer has now surfaced online.
Yellowhammer was given exclusive access to the content of audio recordings captured by Dianne Bentley, Governor Bentley’s ex-wife, during which Governor Bentley makes sexual advances on and recalls sexual encounters with Rebekah Mason, his former communications director who has since become his most senior external advisor. Mrs. Mason’s husband, Jon, also serves in the Bentley administration as Director of Serve Alabama, the Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Volunteer Service.
One of the recordings was captured while Governor and Mrs. Bentley were visiting their beach house.
Mrs. Bentley, who had suspected the affair, went for a walk on the beach, but left her cell phone behind recording the audio of what took place in her absence.
EYE don't know if Bentley and Mason engaged in a physical relationship or not.  And we may never know because the Governor's divorce files are cloaked in secrecy.  Remember?
There is one reason why the divorce records of Gov. Robert Bentley have been placed under seal, and one privileged reason alone:
They could embarrass the governor.
Chew on that a long, hard minute. The governor, the man elected by the people of Alabama to serve as our top dog and the head of our collective household, does not want us to see what will be included in that file.
It might – after all -- affect the way we think of him.
You think?  It's funny to see the Alabama Media who didn't report on the rumors of an affair because they didn't know what they didn't know, falling over themselves calling for Bentley's head on a platter.  That said, if Bentley is impeached, recalled, resigns, or is convicted, the alternative is not much better.
MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Alabama Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey and a close circle of advisers are mapping out a transition plan in case Gov. Robert Bentley is compelled to resign from office, according to multiple Yellowhammer sources. The planning began in earnest last summer in the wake of Dianne Bentley, the governor’s wife of 50 years, filing for divorce.
After several months of relative quiet, the Lt. Governor’s office is back in preparation mode after audio surfaced of Governor Bentley having a romantic conversation with his senior advisor, Rebekah Mason.
EYE report.

You decide.

Stay tuned

Sunday, March 20, 2016

"When fascism comes to America"...

Anyway … here’s the point. If you’re willing to go to bed with anyone in order to find voters for your squeeze-the-poor economic policies, eventually you’re going to wake up with a Mussolini. Though his name might be Donald.

And really, it doesn’t matter if Trump is the nominee. The party is still going to be the party that’s openly working to suppress the votes of black Americans, keep gay and lesbian Americans from getting married, force trans Americans to embarrass themselves daily, march immigrants out of the country, de-patriate children born in this country, keep refugees in danger, destroy the environment, cripple the educational system, abolish unapproved religions, support police violence, keep poor kids from being fed, bomb every country that ever looked at us cross-eyed, and pull the rug out from under the elderly.

Plus, they have some stupid economic theories.

Attorney Donald Watkins says it's time for Black folks to evacuate

This is the first time in my lifetime that there is no branch of the national government --- not the Presidency, not the Congress, and not the Supreme Court --- with the capability and willingness to protect Americans of color from the wrath of Trump’s racism and fascism.

B-But what about those who can't evacuate?

Eric Gay / AP
Milvertha Hendricks, 84, waits in the rain with other Hurricane Katrina victims outside the convention center in New Orleans on Sept. 1.

RedEye, tiptoeing away from the computer to go pray...

Thursday, March 17, 2016

A little thought for Huntsvillians this St. Patrick's Day

Not that I have to explain, or justify my involvement/actions regarding this issue, let me say right here and right now, it's not about a name change.  It's about a culture and a climate of disrespect for the black community in Huntsville, Alabama.

What's in a name?  Ask the powers that be at  Huntsville City Schools.  In their haste to kill democracy and fairness the Huntsville City School Board of Education, under the ruthless command of Superintendent Casey WARdynski   declared

"From now on, this land will be ruled by the Tigers. We are, after all, the strongest, fastest and wisest of all animals. Therefore, we are the only fit rulers." they claimed.
A little mouse spoke up from the crowd, " But we have a council where we make our decisions together, we don't need or want any ruler." One of the tigers let out a roar so loud and fierce that the poor mouse started running and didn't stop until he was in the land of the humans. To this day, he lives in the houses of humans.
Despite petitions, marches, and protest the Huntsville City School BOE decided they are the rulers and the people be damned.  If the BOE spent half as much time trying to scheme their way out from under the federal desegregation order and furthering their political careers ensuring that ALL children  had equal access to a quality public school,  Huntsville would be One City One Vision  and companies would be begging to locate here.

Slapping a new name on the outside of the school building won't change what's happening on the inside of the building.  The taxpayers have the right to self determination, instead they are being punished for it.

For those who say it's not about race, I say J.O.Johnson is predominately black school and the only school being forced to change it's name and lose it's legacy and it's heritage.

For those who say I don't live in the district therefore I have no right to complain, I say I pay state, local, and federal taxes which grants me the right and the privilege to complain about what I want to when I want to.

For those who say I don't spend time volunteering in the schools, reading to children, etc. I say been there done that, but at the end of the day Huntsville City School's is still trying to locate a new $65 million dollar school renamed after a former black astronaut  less than half a mile from an active rock quarry.

For those who say there are already two schools, a recreational park and homes  located even closer to an active rock quarry, I say two wrongs don't make a right, we didn't know then what we know now,  and a lot of people didn't know their homes were located near the rock quarry until they heard the first sonic dynamite boom, and those who could, moved away from the area, to the detriment of those who couldn't move.

Purposely withholding vital info from the people/community that will be affected is a nice nasty way of saying......"You are not valued as a person".......We know what is best for you, even though we need your tax dollars........We will do what we want in your community because we don't live in your community.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Say, Have You Seen My Democracy? #VoteForYourLife

Sharing with permission, this up close and personal account of a Donald Trump rally via Facebook.  Read it and Weep. ~RedEYE

(The guy in the suit is a Trump Secret Service agent)

This is what I will say about the Trump rally I attended Saturday...alone.

It was scary. This man knows just what to say to fire up his crowd, no matter how factually inaccurate it may be.

Wall! ISIS! Kill Them! Mexico!

Then there was the blatant fear mongering. He told Ohioans that only oil was propping up their state, and that their economy was in serious trouble. He said this over and over again.

He also told the crowd that ISIS was out to kill them. That ISIS was putting 50 people at a time in cages and drowning them in the ocean. And that we had to kill them first.

Cheers for water boarding. Cheers for torture. Calls to cut off their heads.

If this was a brown person saying the exact same things in the Middle East, we'd call them a dangerous terrorist. But since it's a white man in America, we call him a Presidential Candidate.

The scariest part was the crowd. They loved everything that was being said. The calls for the wall. The calls to blow up oil fields. The calls to torture and kill people.

And the protesters. Every time a protester was kicked out, they were yells to get them out of here, even to KILL THEM!!!

Really? Kill them? For protesting?

When Trump brought up Obama, a teen even exclaimed "F+CK THAT NI&&ER!!!!"

I felt like at any point, the crowd was going to light torches and grab their pitchforks, and spill out into the streets.

The worst part was when their venom turned toward me. There were protesters around me who got ushered out, and then people started pointing at me, motioning for the Secret Service to "get him out of there".

Now mind you, I hadn't uttered a single word the entire rally, but people still said things like "Well what about this one? He needs to go too!"

At this point, the black kid that grew up in the projects, surrounded by drugs and gunfire, felt CONCERNED for his a Donald Trump rally.

At that rally, I saw the scary underbelly of America. I saw unadulterated hate, fueled by intentional misinformation.

These people who, just 2 hours ago, seemed like good and kind people, were now cheering for blood.

The worst part is Donald Trump knows EXACTLY what he's doing. He's patterned his campaign after a WWE match...

And it's working.


This Elections is 1968 All Over Again, And That's Not a Good Thing.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dear Bill Maher and Hillary Clinton, Can EYE talk to you for a minute? #WomensHistoryMonth2016

Bill Maher, usually you and EYE are on the same page, but your calling young activist #AshleyWilliams a F***ing Idiot  because she had to courage to confront candidate Clinton went way to far.  Your mother is a F***ing Idiot.  That didn't feel good did it?  Like you, Ashley Williams is somebody's child, and she has the right to power without being called a F***ing Idiot.  What you call people is what your are yourself. OK?

For many months EYE was undecided who I would cast my vote for in the democratic primary, but events in Charleston helped me make up my mind to vote for Bernie Sanders. The fact that you said no one ever asked you to apologize for the 1996 Crime Bill, and your not doing do so on the spot, was telling to me.

To be fair, Bernie Sanders voted for the bill after speaking out against it, but at least he predicted what the outcome would be, i.e. mass incarceration, and police and vigilantes who view shoot black men/women/children first, and ask questions later.

Hillary, EYE have the feeling you are being advised to distance yourself from the Professional Left , aka the traditional democratic base, and pander to the white, EYE mean, right wing moderates. Here's the problem with that...they are not going to vote for you no matter what.  

EYE would advise you to get a new team and develop a new plan ASAP.  There is style, then there is substance.   We want our HOPE for Change we can Believe in back.  Strike that, we want a FUTURE we can Believe in.

Your Friend,


This is not your momma's Civil Rights Movment

Marissa Johnson (left) spoke as Mara Jacqueline Will held her fist overhead as the two women took over the microphone at an August rally in Seattle for Senator Bernie Sanders (right).