Thursday, November 11, 2010

Don't blame me, I voted straight democrat~Update

Senior staff writer for the Tuscaloosa Snooze, I mean News Robert DeWitt says state democrats are to blame for the demise of the Alabama Democratic Party because;
they seemed ever more intent on pandering to the narrow special interests of the Black Caucus and AEA, which deviated ever more widely from the beliefs of mainstream white voters. Instead of becoming less like national Democrats, they became more like national Democrats.
Translation, state democrats didn't throw the traditional base (African Americans, AEA) under the bus and pander to the privileged.

Catering to them meant alienating many mainstream white voters.
Uh NO Massa DeWitt, sir, we state democrats did our part. We held our nose and did what the republicans did and voted a straight ticket. If the conservadems had joined with us, instead of being against us, democrats wouldn't have taken a bloodbath. But noooo, conservadems just had to whup State Senator Hank Sanders for his mad as hell robo call to DEMOCRATIC voters and put his "abrasive wife" in her place. That will learn them about dealing the race card in every hand. Yessum. *Snark*
The black politicians who began to take the forefront in the early 1980s rejected the established model. Politicians like Hank Sanders, accompanied by his abrasive wife, Rose, began dealing the race card in every hand.

Almost three decades later, Sanders is still using the same tactics. In a recorded pre-election telephone message targeting black voters, he said he wasn’t going back to the “cotton fields” and urged them to vote for Democrat Ron Sparks. It makes me wonder what executive order Robert Bentley might sign to reinstate slavery, or at least agricultural peonage.

Looks like to me Senator Sanders was right (no pun) about going back to the land of cotton picking. Republicans are already licking their lips at the prospect of getting rid of them there gerrymandered voting districts.

With the help of the American Enterprise Institutes's "Project on Fair Representation," Shelby County is the plaintiff in a federal court case - Shelby County v Holder - designed to challenge the constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA). And legal experts say they may actually win.
According to DeWitt Tuesdays elections was the funeral that finally put its rotting corpse underground. Who is he calling a rotting corpse?

It now represents a few widely disparate constituencies: black voters, union members and an intelligentsia of liberal elites, mostly in academia and the news media. Together, they hardly make up 40 percent of the electorate.

Black voters and union members I understand, but who the heck are the intelligentsia of liberal elites, mostly in academia and the news media? What news media?

According to Robert DeWitt, Senior Staff Writer for the Tuscaloosa News, 40% of Alabamians are rotting corpse who deserve to be buried because they are black voters, union members and an intelligentsia of liberal elites. What does that make the other 60% of Alabamians?

Many pundits attributed yesterday's midterm election results to the rise of the modern Tea Party movement. But a political scientist argues that the Republican advances of 2010 have their roots in 1948. That notion hits close to home because those roots of 62 years ago were planted in my home city, Birmingham, Alabama. And it reminds us that white resentment over integration and associated issues never has gone away.

According to Robert DeWitt, Senior Staff Writer for the Tuscaloosa News, 60% of Alabamians ain't fergittin!

When you take a step back and look at our political landscape from a broader historical perspective, what you see is that our current dysfunctional situation is not a recent development, but the culmination of a conservative backlash that can be traced back to 1948 and the rise of the States' Rights Democratic Party, which quickly became known as the Dixiecrats.
The Dixiecrat Party was formed after 35 Democratic delegates from Mississippi and Alabama walked out of the 1948 Democratic National Convention. These delegates were protesting the adoption of Sen. Hubert Humphrey's (D-Minnesota) proposal of civil rights planks calling for racial integration and the reversal of Jim Crow laws in the party platform.
They met in Birmingham, Alabama, and nominated Gov. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina for president. They opposed abolition of the poll tax, while endorsing segregation and the "racial integrity" of each race. Their campaign slogan was "Segregation Forever!" and their platform also included the call for "states' rights." Like the modern day Tea Party, the Dixiecrats called for freedom from governmental interference in an individuals or organization's prerogative to do business with whomever they wanted. Thurmond received more than one million votes in the 1948 election, won four states and 39 electoral votes.

Uh NO, Robert DeWitt, the real rotting corpse rose again from the dead on Tuesday.

Don't blame democrats, blame the fickle democats, who would rather lose than stand with black voters, the Alabama Education Association, labor and an intelligentsia of liberal elites.

Don't blame democrats, blame the single issue democrats, who cared more about keeping BINGO and gambling out of Alabama than they did their party.

Don't blame democrats, blame the democrats who care more about banning PAC to PAC transfers, so called ethics reform, and so called corruption than they did Alabamians having have access to quality affordable health care, jobs, and equality.

Don't blame democrats, blame the sorelosercrats who just couldn't bring themselves to vote for the winner of the democratic primary.

Don't blame democrats, blame the democratic elite, who couldn't vote a straight ticket because they might vote for a liberal democrat or someone they didn't know.

Don't blame the real democrats. Real democrats voted a straight ticket because like real republicans, real democrats realize a party divided will not stand.

The Davis/Sparks divide cannot be mended.

One thing I will say about Davis's candidacy, it is pitting democrat vs democrat, white vs black, conservative vs liberal, white progressives vs black progressives, pro choice vs anti choice, north AL vs south AL, rural voters vs urban voters. And some call me "divisive"? Go figure.
It's only divisive if the candidates and supporters make it so.~countrycat

Although at first I was undecided in the democratic primary, I always said I would support the democratic nominee because the alternative was far worse and because that's the kind of democrat I am.
Let me began my rant by saying I will be OK regardless of who is elected Governor of Alabama, because I am one of the fortunate few who has achieved in spite of the institutional racism that continues to plague this state. It is not going to effect my life one bit if the next governor is a democrat or a republican, black, white, man, woman, straight or gay, because I will survive.

I'm not worried about me and mine, I'm concerned about the least and the left out. Those who don't have access to a quality education. Those who don't have access to quality health care. Those who can't afford to buy groceries. Those who aren't informed. Those who are marginalized and minimized. By the grace of God goes I.

Ethics reform and constitutional reform are important issues to the haves' like us, but I bet you the average Alabama voter in Perry County isn't sitting around the kitchen table talking about ethics reform or the need for constitution reform. They are probably hoping they don't get sick from the toxic Coal Ash Dump, and if they do get sick how they are going to pay for their medical expenses.
I'm the kind of democrat who fights for everything 60% of mainstream white voters fight against and proud of it.

We Shall Overcome Someday.


yellowdog said...

keep up the good work, Redeye.

Every few years uneducated white males (the stoopid, as you have so succinctly identified them)) win an election.

It only takes a few years to get rid of them, and a few more to clean up their messes.

Our job now should be to educate and enlighten, and stand against the messes they will be trying to create.

In a bad election year, we 'liberals' did pretty well. No more Bobby Bright (R), Davis or Griffith, and a lot less Blue Dogs in Congress.

No Bradley Byrne, Tim James, or '10Commandments' Governor! WE DID THAT!

We call Alabama the reddest state, the "Heart of Dixie," so we got a lot of educatin' ahead of us!

And Redeye has a great lesson plan!

Redeye said...

Thanks yellowdog! And I agree, all was not lost on Tuesday. As a matter of fact the loss may be a victory! Keep hope alive!