Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Redeye's Post Midterm Election Rant

Let me begin by saying this is the beginning of another American nightmare on Elm Street. America has shown the world we are not who we claim to be. But we survived Ronald Reagan, Bush Sr, Bush Jr, Newt Gringrich, Dick Cheney, George Wallace, Bull Conner, Jim Crow, Slavery, a Depression, a Recession, Katrina, and we will survive this too.

Although I am upset gop infused, media enabled Tea Party gained control of the house again, I am more upset at the white democratic party elite who once again showed they would rather lose than support a black man. I'm fighting mad at the so called progressives who enabled this coup. I'm mad at the party leadership, strike that I mad because there was no efffing democratic party leadership.

What part of "we want President Obama to fail" didn't you understand Mr. President Sir? What part of we are going to do everything in our power to take control of the house back didn't you understand Mr. President Sir? What part of the natives are getting restless didn't you understand Mr. President Sir? Why did you surround yourself with "centrist" and pander to the professional right at the expense of the professional left? If you govern as a lukewarm centrist...then you shouldn't expect your base to be motivated. It is as simple as that.

Only in America can the good guys/gals be defeated by the bad/guys and gals. I fear for the future of our country. I hoped and prayed there were more good guys/gal than there were Tea Partiers. I hoped and prayed there more people who loved their country more than they hate Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. Orange Boehner has already stated there will be no compromise with President Obama and pledges to repeal the health care reform bill and DADT.

I hope all of the don't criticize President Obama/give him time crowd is happy today. Maybe if you hadn't muzzled the Professional Left we wouldn't be in this mess.
The White House spent more time telling its allies to sit down and shut up than it did demonstrating in clear terms why the Stimulus, Health Care Reform, and other critical initiatives were important and right, and let the GOP define them instead as bad. When the economy was still in the doldrums yesterday, then, independent voters didn't want to hear it and plenty of solid Democrats didn't either, sick of being told that the things we campaigned for together two years ago really weren't that important.

republicans owe their victory to the white, I mean right wing media As long as we don't have "Pro-democratic" (liberal) radio in every major city in the US. Republicans are going to keep on ruling this country.

I'm almost afraid to watch President Obama's press conference. I mean, what is he going to say? We must come together in the spirit of bipartisanship? Tried that, it didn't work.

He will say words, of course!
And whichever words he spouts will reek of his lunatic devotion to bipartisanship -- a vessel torpedoed so many times it no longer floats. It rots among the little fishes, bereft of steam, a party boat for Davey Jones and those tiny white crabs that polish sunken skeletons at the bottom of the sea.

One-third of the Democratic Party is 'Blue Dog' and reliably votes Republican. Two-thirds of the Democratic Party are centrists, corporatists, and friends of big business and are terrified of being different than Republicans, or being criticized by Republicans.

The Democratic crew are actually delighted with this split Congress. They get to sit back and variously allow or assist the GOP in making complete clowns of themselves and their Party, and then run on a reform platform in 2012.

So it will be gridlock, shout down, screaming, shutdown, maybe even impeachment for the next two years. And then the Democrats will all mount white horses and come charging back, bringing change and hope.

Meanwhile the Fed will print half a trillion extra dollars in a shadow stimulus move, and the big banks and corporations will vacuum this up and add it to the Trillion they are sitting on now.

No one is in charge of anything in DC; no one is managing or running anything. They are just looting the middle class and looking out for their own futures.

Let's stop tiptoeing through the tulips, last night is proof postive The Dixiecrats have risen again!
Wilmer J. Leon III argues in an essay at Truthout that the Republican uprising of 2010 is just an extension of the Dixiecrat movement that split the Democratic Party in 1948. Leon, a political scientist at Howard University, says Tea Partiers are Dixiecrats dressed up in new clothing.

No one should be surprised that modern-day Dixiecrats would rise up just two years after the election of America's first black president.

I hope this is a WTFU call to the democratic elite and so called progressives. You don't take a butter knife to a gun fight. You take a flame thrower. If you lose the fight at least let the other side know they've been in a fight.

Democrats can't blame this loss on black voter turnout. They lost because white people have turned rather decisively against the Democratic Party, because it has black people in it. White democrats want the black vote, but they don't want the black people.
The Republicans and their media friends have been relentlessly hammering on the president with messages that the president is not on white America's side. That's what the stealth birth certificate is about. That's what the 'he's really a Muslim' thing is about. It's why they talk about the New Black Panthers and ACORN all the time. And this stuff doesn't work very well with whites who live in racially and religiously diverse regions or areas of the country. It seems absurd to us, actually. But out in truckstops of Indiana, or the Wal-Mart parking lots of rural Kentucky, they're convinced that the Democrats are just looking out for minorities.

I don't think we should take too many lessons out of this election about policy or campaign finance. What we have to turn around is this perception that the Dems are not on white people's side, because if that persists then we're not going to able to win national elections and the House will stay in Republicans' hands.

How do we do that? That's the difficult part. I guess it starts with gaining a thorough understanding of how the Republicans were able to create that impression.

Answer; Address the lack of diversity in the mainstream media, reinstate the fairness doctrine and repeal the media consolidation act. I said it then and I'm saying it now, it's the stoopid media.

Redeye rant over and out..for now.

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