Friday, April 29, 2016

Edited~ Did you know it is "We still hate N-Words" Month in #SweetHomeAlabama?

confederate flag.JPG
Hell Naw we ain't fergittin...
Well it's that time of the year again. You know, when the White citizens of #SweetHomeAlabama  takes great pride in showing the Black Citizens how they really feel, and bolsters its Confederate Memorial Day (which popped up this Monday) with a month-long celebration of all that is slave-holding and treasonous.  Yes, they want us to forget Slavery, yet there is always something thrown in our face to remind us of days gone by.
A number of states have been feeling slightly more ashamed of the traitors and slave-holders that decorate their town-squares, but it’s far from a universal attitude.
… many states are moving in the opposite direction. Like Alabama, Mississippi is celebrating its Confederate heritage this month, yet discussion of the slavery the state once depended on is almost entirely absent from official state proclamations of the holiday — which includes only a vague allusion to “mistakes.” The state also rejected a push in February to remove the Confederate cross from its state flag.
 Thank goodness for Mississippi.  Snark.
“I am pleased that the Architect of the Capitol will no longer display symbols of hatred and bigotry in the esteemed halls of the United States House of Representatives,’’ Thompson said in a statement. “As I said last summer, this is the People’s House and we should ensure that we, as an institution, refuse to condone symbols that seek to divide us.’’
Remember when EYE told you it takes power to exercise racism? Well here's your Power right here. 
Alabama is currently celebrating Confederate Heritage Month with a state-wide holiday and a series of public events aimed at remembering and honoring those who fought on the side of southern, slave-owning states during the Civil War. At one such event this week, organized by the Ladies’ Memorial Association, Alabama’s Secretary of State John Merrill lamented recent calls to remove Confederate symbols from government buildings.
“The next question that has to be asked is so what’s the next thing you are going to do,” he asked, “are you going to take a bulldozer to the monument and forget what people fought for to preserve a way of life that makes us special and unique?”
RedEye tiptoeing away from the computer whistling Dixie..... 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Edited~My Tribute to #Prince Rodgers Nelson June 7, 1958 - April, 21, 2016

EYE have been in deep mourning every since EYE leaned of the sudden death of the award winning artist known simply as Prince.  This is a hard one.  Prince was more than a musician, he was an explicitly political artist in how he presented himself, his music and his quest for creative independence. 

Prince, despite seeming racially and sexually ambiguous, was always very clear and political in his love for black lives. He released the tribute song “S.S.T.” in September 2005 to raise funds for Hurricane Katrina victims. It went to No. 1 on the then-fledgling iTunes charts. Most recently, Prince was active both publicly and privately in the Black Lives Matter movement. He worked with the Rev. Al Sharpton, donated money to Trayvon Martin’s family and legal fund, and threw a concert in Baltimore whose proceeds went to youth groups. He also wrote and performed the song “Baltimore,” decrying the police violence and systematic racism in the city. And finally, to make it a Black Lives Matter trifecta, he said this at the Grammys: “Like books and black lives, albums still matter.”

Everyone has their favorite Prince recording, mine is one of his less popular recordings, Sometimes it snows in April.   EYE find it ironic Prince made his transition from labor to reward in April, and yes, it's cold and snowy in my heart.  

Rest in eternal peace, power, and Purple Rain Sweet #Prince.  

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Edited~The Madison Police Officer who injured Mr. Patel is not convicted, but the Madison Police Chief is? #PatelAlabama

Grandfather visiting Alabama from India stopped by police while walking, left partially paralyzed
What is wrong with this picture?  EYE am not a lawyer or a judge, and EYE don't play one in the Blogosphere, but in the words of Keith Sweat, something just ain't right about this.
A federal judge today held Madison Police Chief Larry Muncey in contempt of court.

He has been placed on paid administrative leave by Madison Mayor Troy Trulock, according to a statement released by the mayor following the hearing.
Muncey was fined $2,500 and ordered to undergo special training. The maximum penalty Muncey could have faced was six months in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Muncey and his attorney, Jerry Barclay, declined to comment after the hearing.
Muncey is the only person to be convicted in the Indian grandfather case, which stemmed from a February 2015 incident when a native of India was slammed to the ground by Madison police officer Eric Parker, who was responding to a suspicious person call.
Let's recap:
Madison police last week roughed up a 57-year-old Indian citizen who was walking on the sidewalk outside his son's home, leaving the older man temporarily paralyzed and hospitalized with fused vertebrae.
"He was just walking on the sidewalk as he does all the time," said his son, Chirag Patel, this morning. "They put him to the ground."
No crime had been committed. Madison Police on Monday issued a statement saying the department had suspended the officer and were investigating the use of force in this case. The police statement wished the man a "speedy recovery."
Judge Madeline Hughes Haikala throws out excessive force case against a police officer because "All Lives Matter"
Per the Ruling: Two juries have communicated as much after lengthy deliberations that produced thoughtful questions and, ultimately, deadlock. The Court has no reason to expect a different result in a subsequent trial given the totality of the evidence that the parties have provided. The Government has had two full and fair chances to obtain a conviction; it will not have another.
So, it's two strikes and you're out for the federal government, but one strike and you're out for the Madison Police chief?
Parker has been tried twice in federal court for violating Sureshbhai Patel's civil rights but neither jury could reach a verdict. He was eventually acquitted of the civil rights charge by U.S. District Judge Madeline Hughes Haikala, who then brought contempt charges against Muncey.
Muncey on Thursday announced he was taking a leave of absence. Now that Muncey has been placed on administrative leave, Major Jim Cooke has been named acting police chief by Trulock.

The contempt ruling from Haikala stems from Muncey's improper communication with witnesses -- all Madison police officers -- during the September 2015 civil rights trial of Officer Eric Parker.
The judge said Muncey was also wrong to assign Sgt. Lamar Anderson to observe courtroom proceedings once Muncey was no longer permitted to be in the courtroom. And Muncey was wrong in ordering officers who testified in the trial to submit reports to him on their testimony within 24 hours of the trial's conclusion, Haikala said.
Somebody help me understand what is happening here.  It seems like the wrong person is being punished.
The take down left Patel, who spoke no English, in need of spinal surgery and launched an international incident. Muncey recommended that Parker, who was charged locally with misdemeanor assault, be fired.

Haikala spoke from the bench for 30 minutes outlining Muncey's transgressions, repeatedly saying that the special prosecutor had proved their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

The judge said that while she understood the difficult position Muncey found himself in in trying to protect the police department's liability in an unusual case, he violated a clear order from the judge.
Muncey "has to trust the process," Haikala said.
With all due respect, EYE am having difficulty trusting the process myself Your Honor, Mam.

Friday, April 15, 2016

If you want to be truly disgusted today browse through the reader comments on #SweetHomeAlabama

What's that you say?   Regions Bank is "shocked and appalled" by the racially fueled attack on an African American woman at an ATM at one of their branches in Montgomery, AL?  EYE am shocked and appalled they they are shocked and appalled.
Regions has spoken with the woman in the video and offered support and assistance to her, he said. Bank officials have also spoken to the man in the video.
"Due to privacy laws, we are limited in what we can share, but in a situation in which a customer verbally abuses another customer or a Regions associate, we close that customer's account," King said.
They are protecting the identity of the offender because privacy, but EYE would like to know who this gentleman (sic) is. For all EYE know he could be someone in a position of power and influence. He could be one of the anonymous commentators on

Again, if you want to know how they really feel, and who the people who have influence and power pander too, look no farther than the comment section at  

Thursday, April 14, 2016

It's OK to be corrupt if you are a Republican. Democrats not so much.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 7.14.46 AM
A Song For Sunday

EYE am sick and tired of writing about Sweet Home Alabama's embattled Governor.  There are conflicting and vague reports of state/federal investigations and talk (and that's about all) of impeachment, but Dr. Love says he's not going anywhere because what he did looks bad but it's not illegal.  Meanwhile, he and his GOP enablers are up to their Same.. Old.. Stuff.  
Bentley never broached the subject of the scandal that has engulfed his office in his speech and none of the three questions selected from the audience touched on the issues as well.
Bentley's 25-minute speech spanned a number of topics, praising the leadership in Huntsville and Madison County before outlining his initiatives to build four new prisons, expand funding for pre-kindergarten programs, condemning obesity, repeating his concern about cuts to Medicaid funding and reminding the high-tech Huntsville community about its role in putting a man on the moon.
Are we amused yet?

So let's compare the case of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman (D. Mobile), who is currently serving hard time  in a federal prison in Louisiana because he was too liberal for Alabama, EYE mean, appointed a campaign contributor to a board.
The central charge against Siegelman, a Democrat elected in a heavily Republican state, boils down to this. As governor, Siegelman was looking to promote an election on whether or not the state should create a lottery. One generous contributor to the special lottery campaign fund was Richard Scrushy, the high-flying CEO of HealthSouth who wished to be appointed to a state hospital board. Bush-appointed federal prosecutors claimed Scrushy’s $500,000 contribution to the lottery campaign was the price to gain an appointment by Siegelman to the state board.
It's past time to end the embarrassment.

Ya Think? 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

B-But Beyonce'.....

Monday, April 11, 2016

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

EYE am willing to forgive you Governor Bentley, but first you must repent!

Dear Governor Bentley,
EYE saw where you threw yourself on the altar and pulled the "I'm seeking forgiveness from y'all and God for what I've done card the 
other day in an attempt to justify your remaining in office, despite being caught red-handed doing some un-Godly stuff with a woman who was not your wife.

Being the good Deacon and Sunday School teacher you are, EYE mean, were,  EYE know you believe in the Ten Commandments, by my count you broke numbers,1, 7, 9, and 10.  Thou shall not kill ( your refusal to expand Medicaid is killing people), Thou shall not commit adultery, Thou shall not bear false witness (lie), and Tough shall not covet (another man's wife).

EYE am willing to forgive your transgressions because the alternative is worse,  but first, you must repent.  Here's a list of things you can do to repent for your sins and earn the forgiveness of the citizens of Sweet Home Alabama.  

The first thing you can do is stop standing up to Obama and expand Medicaid.  President Obama has access to the best medical care our tax dollars can buy, as do you.  Medicaid expansion isn't about sticking it to President Obama.  Rather, it's about the working poor — those who, right now, are working and making too much money to qualify for Medicaid as it is but who are not making enough to afford health insurance, even after subsidies from the Affordable Care Act.

Second, you can rescind the Voter Suppression,  EYE mean Voter ID Bill now that we have proof it's keeping registered voters from casting their vote.  This voter purge is undermining our democracy, you have the power to restore the right to vote.

Third, you can rescind the bill that cut off funding for women's health clinics, reducing the number of women's health clinics to six, making it hard, if not impossible for poor women, not to be confused with affluent women, to have access to health care. As a result of this bill, thousands of women across Alabama are no longer be able to access essential reproductive health care, such as cancer screenings, birth control, and well-woman exams. This is a cruel bill is designed to rip health care away from those most at risk.

Fourth, you know that mean-spirited immigration bill you signed that put Alabama on the map that crashed and burned?  Now it's time for you to shut down the detention centers.  Actually, EYE am more afraid of you and the republicans than EYE am of Syrian refugees.
After the recent death of Mr. Teka Gulema in late January – an Ethiopian immigrant who passed away after spending nearly a year in serious condition while in detention – activists are again highlighting why Etowah must be closed. Gulema’s death comes on the heels of a two-week hunger strike waged by Bangladeshi detainees against the inhumane treatment they’ve been subjected to in Etowah. Activists have been highlighting that the conditions in Etowah can be deadly if not at least torturous.
Finally, please let the citizens of Alabama gamble with their own damn money, in their own damn state if they choose to do so.  attorney General Luther Strange has caused "economic devastation" to the residents of the Black Belt by unlawfully closing the Victory Land casino.

Fortunately, the Supreme Court struck down the keep gays from getting married bill so you don't have to worry about that, just say you're sorry you care more about keeping gays from getting married than you do keeping your marriage vows and move on.

2 Chronicles 7:14  says,  If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.


Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Not So "Good Wife" #SweetHomeAlabama Style

Women of Influence Alabama's First Lady Dianne Bentley
One of my favorite television series is the Good Wife.  It is the story of the humiliated wife of a public figure, who is Standin by her man like Tammy Wynette , after it is revealed he's a lying, cheating, Scum Bag.
The series focuses on Alicia Florrick (Margulies), whose husband Peter Florrick (Noth), the former Cook County, Illinois State's Attorney, has been jailed following a notorious political corruption and sex scandal. After having spent the previous thirteen years as a stay-at-home mother, Alicia returns to her old job as a litigator to provide for her two children.[12] The series was partly inspired by the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal,[13] as well as by other prominent American political sex scandals, such as those of John Edwards and Bill Clinton. As one of the creators, Michelle King, explains:

We came up with the idea about a year and a half ago. There had been this waterfall of these kinds of scandals, from Bill and Hillary [Clinton], to Dick Morris, to Eliot Spitzer, to name just a few. I think they are all over our culture. And there was always this image of the husband up there apologizing and the wife standing next to him. I think the show began when we asked, "What are they thinking?" 
Unlike the Good Wife, former Alabama First Lady Dianne Bentley refused to play the everything is fine in public farce.  After gathering irrefutable proof of her husbands cheating ways she kicked him to the curb faster than a New York minute, and took him straight to the cleaners.
In a wide-ranging interview with the AP, Bentley said he was not aware his wife had filed divorce papers two days before the Aug. 28 event and signed them about 30 minutes before going to Montgomery. He did not know she was seeking a divorce until later that day, he said.
"Yeah, I did not know that it was going to take place," Bentley said.
According to the divorce papers, the Bentleys had been separated since January, with the governor residing in Montgomery and Mrs. Bentley living in Tuscaloosa. The relationship was so strained the First Lady almost didn't attend the Jan. 19 inauguration in Montgomery.
Not one time has Diane Bentley played the victim card.  If anyone comes out of this mess smelling like a Steele Magnolia it's her. You Go Girl! EYE don't agree with your politics, but EYE am proud of you for restoring my faith in the women of Alabama.
Dianne's filing for divorce signaled to the world that she would not live a lie. She was prepared to endure whatever public shame and embarrassment flowed from her divorce filing, suffer any act of retaliation or revenge from the Governor and his henchmen, and bear the heavy burden of starting life over again at 72 years old.

In the end, Dianne Bentley set herself free from her husband's domestic abuse and maritial cheating. In the process, she preserved her dignity as a woman and legacy as First Lady.
According to Attorney Donald Watkins, and Blogger Legal Schnauzer,  who first broke this scandal, the reason many republican leaders are acting like Silence of the Lambs because they have young side pieces who are running the state too.
The new power brokers -- mistresses to legislators and holders of their inner most secrets -- have the political power in Alabama right now.
Ain't that a dip?  Wouldn't it be something if all the wives stopped being the Good Wife?  Not So Good Wives like Dianne Bentley are our only HOPE of ousting the culture of cronyism that is corrupting our state.