Friday, March 25, 2016

Who elected Rebekah Caldwell Mason Governor of #SweetHomeAlabama?

Rebekah Mason
Rebekah Caldwell Mason

The bigger issue isn't whether she and the governor were playing doctor or not. How much influence does she really have on Bentley? Is Ol' Doc's top adviser really his puppet master? The "de facto governor," as Spencer Collier says?

Finally, EYE would like to remind everyone how hypocritical republicans are, especially when it comes to so called #FamilyValues.  It's always the party of so called Compassionate, Conservative, Christians screaming Jesus the loudest, who are the biggest hypocrites.  

What get's me is for the most part they (republicans) get away with it.  Everybody knows if this had been a democrat, or a black lawmaker they would have been tried in the media, forced to resign, and/or convicted/imprisoned.  

Don't believe me?  Ask former Governor Don Siegelman, former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford, former Jefferson County Commissioner Chris McNair , and others

And yes, EYE am playing the race card.
But a reasonable person, looking at the broad picture, could ask: Was the real reason these people were arrested that they represent a county that is mostly black, relatively poor, and largely Democratic? In other words, are political prosecutions still the tool of choice for the conservative elites who rule Karl Rove's Alabama--even with Barack Obama in the White House? Are such shenanigans still going on in other "deep red" regions of the country?

Stay Tuned.  


Brian said...

Bentley isn't being tried in the media? Listen to Dale Jackson, Matt Murphy, Richard Dixon. All of them have called for the Governor to resign. Maybe the media you watch and listen to isn't but that doesn't mean it's not happening. Even many GOP leaders are calling for him to resign. Others are waiting to see whether or not there is evidence to show that he has done anything illegal.

The State Auditor, Republican Jim Ziggler, has filled an ethic complaint with the State Ethics Commission which can lead to the State Attorney General prosecuting the Governor (which is how Guy Hunt was prosecuted and removed from the Governor's office).

There are also investigations on whether or not the Governor used federal resources to target his enemies.

When the State Legislature returns to session, we will probably hear a lot more including impeachment and amending the State Constitution to allow the recalling of elected officals.

Redeye said...

Yeah they are calling on him to resign now, but where were they when the story first broke months ago?

Brian said...

When it was nothing but a rumor without any evidence? By that logic, Bill Clinton should have resigned when the Monica Lewinsky story broke. Who is going to put their career on the line over a rumor?

If all it takes to make a politician resign is blogger making an accusation based on "sources" that are most likely journalists that know that the story is not printable because there is no proof that the story is true and no reputable editor or publisher will publish the story, than no politician would be able to stay in office.

But the story didn't break months ago. The rumors started months ago. The story broke when Spencer Collier was fired and spoke out. Then there was something that was news worthy. Something that was printable. There was a name attached to the accusation.

If you want to blame somebody for not breaking the story earlier. Blame Dianne Bentley for sitting on the audio recording she had for so long. She could have released the tape when the rumors first broke so that there was a news article that could have been printed back then.

Redeye said...

"The story broke when Spencer Collier was fired and spoke out. Then there was something that was news worthy. Something that was printable. There was a name attached to the accusation."

And that's my point. If Spencer Collier had not been fired he never would have spoken out and it would still be corruption as usual in Montgomery.

Brian said...

We don't know that he would not have spoken out had he not be fired. We do know that Collier claims that he was fired because he refused to follow "orders" from the governor not to give statements to the attorney general's office in regards to the Hubbard case which Collier felt was an unlawful order.

We don't know what Collier had said to the Attorney General or what he might further say if called to testify.

Now we have to see if the Governor will resign (probably not, he has lost so much already to his actions that resigning will probably mean that loses most if not everything he has left) or if there is evidence that he did something that he could be impeached over.

Redeye said...

No, but we do know he didn't speak up until he was fired. It doesn't matter if Bentley resigns or not IMHO. He will be replaced by another republican. May as well keep the corrupt republican we know until the end of his term. He's lame anyway.