Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dear Bill Maher and Hillary Clinton, Can EYE talk to you for a minute? #WomensHistoryMonth2016

Bill Maher, usually you and EYE are on the same page, but your calling young activist #AshleyWilliams a F***ing Idiot  because she had to courage to confront candidate Clinton went way to far.  Your mother is a F***ing Idiot.  That didn't feel good did it?  Like you, Ashley Williams is somebody's child, and she has the right to power without being called a F***ing Idiot.  What you call people is what your are yourself. OK?

For many months EYE was undecided who I would cast my vote for in the democratic primary, but events in Charleston helped me make up my mind to vote for Bernie Sanders. The fact that you said no one ever asked you to apologize for the 1996 Crime Bill, and your not doing do so on the spot, was telling to me.

To be fair, Bernie Sanders voted for the bill after speaking out against it, but at least he predicted what the outcome would be, i.e. mass incarceration, and police and vigilantes who view shoot black men/women/children first, and ask questions later.

Hillary, EYE have the feeling you are being advised to distance yourself from the Professional Left , aka the traditional democratic base, and pander to the white, EYE mean, right wing moderates. Here's the problem with that...they are not going to vote for you no matter what.  

EYE would advise you to get a new team and develop a new plan ASAP.  There is style, then there is substance.   We want our HOPE for Change we can Believe in back.  Strike that, we want a FUTURE we can Believe in.

Your Friend,


This is not your momma's Civil Rights Movment

Marissa Johnson (left) spoke as Mara Jacqueline Will held her fist overhead as the two women took over the microphone at an August rally in Seattle for Senator Bernie Sanders (right).

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~Chip :) said...

Very good! Ashley is an intelligent, articulate young lady.

I'm working hard today getting out the vote for Bernie, but I'll be back!