Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Democrats can't afford to turn off African American Voters if they want to win in 2016

Bernie Sanders stops Chuck Todd cold when he... by ewillies

Key words:  If they want to win.  Sometimes EYE think Democrats don't won't to win because it will mean they have to address the institutional racism plaguing the African American community. Don't get me wrong, democrats talk a good game, but talk without actions is just talk.  Democrats like to talk about a rising tide lifting all boats, but if one end of the boat is full of holes the boat will sink faster than the Titanic.  

A glaring example of the democrats wanting the black vote, but not black voters is the Alabama Democratic Party's selection of an African American Independent turned Democratic, pro life, minister as the challenger to Mo "Anything short of shooting illegals" Brooks.  EYE guess they think African American voters vote for candidates based on the color of their skin or something. Why they thought this EYE have no idea, the Artur Davis experiment should have taught them something. You would think they would have learned by now African American Voters vote based on the content and character of the candidates agenda/platform/political philosophy.  But noooo,  They insist on believing we are stupid because we are well.... black.
There is a history of black communities voting Democrat — that is, when we are actually allowed to vote, as we were historically targeted for explicitly racist disenfranchisement in the 20th century and felon disenfranchisement in the 21st century. During the 20th century, the Democratic Party was well known for instituting anti-black policies in the South such as Jim Crow, poll taxes and literacy tests. Since then, the Democratic Party has shifted its image to racial indifference, while the Republican Party picked up its racially hostile characteristics.
Today black communities continue to be betrayed by both sides of the aisle in this toxic political system, which prioritizes exuberant campaign spending over protecting human rights. Both Ferguson and Baltimore saw uprisings in the face of police terror in the last year. And each city watched Democratic city and state politicians lead violent militarized occupation in response to protests, including the National Guard, tear gas, rubber bullets and riot police. The fact is that neither political party is “for black people,” but white liberal and moderate voters continually impose upon black communities the candidates they feel are most sympathetic to black experiences.
The only Democrat presidential candidate who is willing to address the stark reality facing the traditional democratic base (minorities, women, LBGT, labor) is Senator Bernie Sanders.  If the democratic nominee  fails to energize it's base , we might as well hand the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to President Trump/Huckabee/Cruz/Bush/Rubio/Carson/Jihndal/Kasich/Cason/Fiorina/Graham/Patakie/Christi/Perry/Paul/Santorum/Walker/Pataki

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~Chip :) said...


"What this tells me is that turnout will be less important for Democratic victory as demography changes in their favor, though they must maintain their strong voting margins among blacks, Hispanics and Asians. For Republicans, the latter projections show that they cannot count primarily on white support to take the White House. Even assuming high 2004 turnout rates and 2012 Republican voting margins for whites, they cannot win unless they also peel off more votes among minorities. In this regard, demography indeed becomes destiny."

Redeye said...

Between Voter Suppression, Gerrymandering, and Citizens United I fear they have siphoned off enough of the black vote to "win".

~Chip :) said...

I can't disagree, RedEYE, I remain hopeful that a peaceful political revolution will make the difference.

I am not opposed to capitalism, as a theory, but the current playing field is grossly unequal, and the tax laws are skewed to corporatism, as we border on fascism, oligarchy and plutocracy.

One more election "victory" and our democratic nation is toast. As terribly, tragically imperfect as that is, what's coming is worse.

Redeye said...

It's the media. Instead of telling us what we the people need to know to make informed decisions,they tell us what they want us to know, which is not much.