Monday, March 30, 2020

"You People be nice don't be threatening" #WhenTheySeeUS


Every black man, woman, and child who have ever heard the words YOU People and threatening knows exactly who/what the speaker is talking about.

There can be no more pretenses.
To be white in America is to assume, with total self-confidence and little afterthought, the personal ownership of public spaces. To be white in America is to have the confidence to say, without a second thought: this space, this neighborhood, this city, this county, this country is mine. Myself and those who look like me have the right to decide who can be here, and even what language can be spoken here. It doesn’t even have to be intentionally malicious. These assumptions just are. They exist inside the American body.
From the moment black and brown people were imported into this country, not as citizens but as worker bodies, transgressing these “white-owned spaces” — from rail cars to restaurants to whole parts of town — could mean humiliation or persecution or even death. It still can today. What has changed is the scale.
So this is not the first time black women reporters have been publically humiliated and disrespected by Trump and it's probably not going to be the last time because everyone knows black women don't deserve respect.
Crenshaw noted that Trump’s attacks on black women are rooted in fear, his own allegiance to patriarchy and an especially toxic brand of masculinity.

“Trump is more vulnerable to them because black women are the political constituency that is the least persuaded by anything he has to say,” Crenshaw said. “They know that a vote for Trump is not a vote for the working class because no group is more working class than them. So, it is not surprising that at the very moment people are starting to recognize that black women are onto something, he sets out to undermine their intelligence and professionalism.”
This is what happens when there is a lack of diversity in mainstream media.
Despite being in majority-minority cities, the newsrooms of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, for instance, are both 81 percent white. The Washington Post is 70 percent white. Minorities make up 72 percent of the population of Los Angeles, but only 33 percent of the Los Angeles Times. According to the Radio Television Digital News Association, the numbers in other media look slightly better, if still not impressive: in 2018, about a quarter of staffers in TV newsrooms are people of color; in radio, it’s 11.7 percent. The American Society of Magazine Editors doesn’t track racial and ethnic diversity, though its industry’s mastheads remain stacked with old white men.
Enough is Enough!
Sherrilyn Ifill, president, and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, was not satisfied with the responses.

“Trump’s insult of [black female journalists] goes too far. And I will not accept the ‘weary with outrage’ that is supposed to excuse the failure to stand up and refuse to accept this racist treatment of a professional doing her job,” Ifill tweeted. “There are so many serious issues we must confront in the coming days. But we cannot let this pass as business as usual.”She came up with a hashtag to continue organizing: #EnoughIsEnough.

The actress Anika Noni Rose tweeted a suggestion:

“Dear news outlets, you want to do something radical and powerful? Next white house press event with the president, only send your Black woman reporters. #IfYouHaveAny.”

Michelle Norris, a former colleague at The Washington Post and an NPR reporter, replied: “Please make this happen: a room full of black women . . . gathering information.”
What EYE don't understand is why not one of their colleagues stand up for them.  Strike that.  YesEYE do.
It's the media, I won't say stupid, because we aren't stupid, the media just thinks we are stupid.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Republican Governors Playing Partisan Politics with Peoples Lives #COVID19


Governors in the red, republican, Confederate, slave states are showing they care more about appeasing Trump than they care about the people they were elected to represent, their states and their country by not ordering people to stay home.

People will die because of them

Someone's parents, grandparents, brothers or sisters will die

Sadly, people in those states are in for a very scary awakening.

The question facing us all now as citizens is whether or not the response of our country to a worldwide pandemic is being driven by the basic strategy of the Piranha Brothers. That is, whether or not the president* is withholding vital medical aid during a national health crisis for the purpose of muzzling criticism of his obvious incompetence, and for the auxiliary purpose of gaining political advantage in November’s election. If the answer to either of those questions is “yes,” then we have an unreconstructed monster running the country and there’s no telling what he might do next.

Now that America has an incompetent, dimwitted dictator as the head of the household, the Republican policy of plausible deniability has been ruined. The dunderheaded daddy of the GOP has exposed his party’s ultimate goal—maintaining their status as the sole beneficiaries of America’s corporate, economic and political profiteering

Redeye tiptoeing away from the computer to go pray.
It looks like Nathaniel Woods isn’t the only person Gov. Kay Ivey is willing to put to death.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

See, This is Why Republicans Are Unworthy of The Public Trust

Watch the mayor of Lake Worth Beach, Florida and the majority of the City Commissioners attempt to disrespect, marginalize and minimize fellow Commissioner Omari Hardy's legitimate concerns and see him speak truth to power

Let's recap  
This whole thing started when a request for an emergency meeting by Lake Worth Beach County Commissioner Omari Hardy was rejected.
Commissioner Omari Hardy wants the city to discontinue shutoffs of water and electric to city residents with derelict accounts during the crisis. Hardy is also calling for the city to pay employees’ out-of-pocket medical expenses related to the pandemic and allow paid leave for city workers if operations are curtailed or if they are parents who need to stay home with the school-age children.
But city officials say no special meeting is planned and pushed back on Hardy’s request.
Then comes the emergency power struggle
Hardy said that others on the commission have the approach in past emergencies of allowing Bornstein to “do whatever he wants to do.”
’What’s bothering me is that they are not going on record to give him broad power,” Hardy said. “They’re just refusing to do anything and creating a vacuum and licensing him to step into that with their silence and let him do whatever he thinks is right.”
“We should have been talking about this last week. We cut off people’s utilities this week and made them pay what could have been their last paycheck to us to turn their lights on.”
Triolo recessed the meeting in an unsuccessful attempt to get Hardy to stop talking.
“You’re done. You’re done,” Triolo told him. “Disrespectful.”
"Disrespectful" is code for watch how you talk to #Colonizers. 

It seems like this OVID19 crisis is shining a light on the difference between Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans only and the Democrats are the ones who care about the people.

Cue in Pray For Me

Saturday, March 21, 2020

President Hillary Clinton would have been on top of #CVID19 #WeTriedToTellYa

Clinton would have listened to the scientists. Clinton would have been focused on transmission rates, test kits, and the production of necessary equipment.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

"Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee because of Black voters not in spite of Black voters"

Life on the Democratic Party Plantation Cue in the theme song to Roots

Joe Biden and Jim Clyburn
Joe Biden won forty-eight per cent of the vote in South Carolina’s Democratic Presidential primary on Saturday.Photograph by Sam Wolfe / Bloomberg / Getty
Thanks to South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden carried all of the red, voter suppressing, Confederate, Slave States on Super Tuesday when African American voices are finally heard.  Candidate Biden didn't have to spend not one dime or make one promise to African American voters.  All it took was the word of one powerful Black man. 

A Trump presidency that’s been disastrous for America has been catastrophic for Black people.
From spikes in hate crimes to Trump’s racism, Black communities have suffered mightily under this administration. Certainly, more progressive policies pitched by Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren would benefit Black people, yet there is also a sense that this nation has no real appetite to foster economic or racial equality espoused by candidates on the left.
“I like [Warren and Sanders], but I don’t see them winning, because I think they’re too progressive for a lot of white people in his country,” said Marsha, a jewelry maker who offered political analysis along with her deft recommendations for good barbecue joints in Charleston. “I don’t think white people generally vote in a way that will benefit them if it also benefits Black people.”
So now we know for sure the power of the black vote is used to benefit white people.  And all Black voters can do is vote blue no matter who and HOPE and pray white people will decide to treat us as equals someday. 
My read of the South Carolina vote is that black people know exactly what they’re doing, and why. Joe Biden is the indictment older black folks have issued against white America. His support is buttressed by chunks of the black community who have determined that most white people are selfish and cannot be trusted to do the right thing. They believe if you make white people choose between their money and their morality—between candidates like Sanders or Elizabeth Warren (who somehow finished fifth in South Carolina, behind Pete Buttigieg) and candidates like Biden and Michael Bloomberg—they will choose their money every time and twice on Election Day.
EYE HOPE the candidate with the most votes wins this time