Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Update~ #AllLivesMatter My Donkey #KeepingItReal

  It's official.  EYE am scared.  Not of Isis, Al Queda, the Taliban, so called illegal immigrants, or Syrian Refugees.  Nope.   EYE am scared of the people who hate us for our freedom and their enablers.

EYE knew this day was coming.  We (African Americans) are being terrorized, treated like illegal immigrants in our own county.  A country that was built on the backs of our labor.  
They called me n*****, monkey, and they shouted ‘all lives matter’ while they were kicking and punching me.
This is what happens when the white, male dominated, mainstream media ,enables lies, demagoguery, and negative racial stereotypes, under the guise of being fair and balanced.  Eye HOPE they are happy because this blood is on their hands
The demonstrators have criticized the police response to Monday night’s shooting on Twitter, saying officers staged outside of the scene for several minutes before coming to the aid of the gunshot victims. They also say officers maced protesters who were filming them.
Decoding the Code Words
“It was just a sea of white faces,” he told Think Progress. “A lady kicked me in the stomach. A man kicked me in the chest. They called me n*****, monkey, and they shouted ‘all lives matter’ while they were kicking and punching me. So for all the people who are still confused at this point, they proved what ‘all lives matter’ meant. It means, ‘Shut up, n*****.'”
B-But it's not Terrorism 
I chose Charleston because it is most historic city in my state, and at one time had the highest ratio of blacks to Whites in the country. We have no skinheads, no real KKK, no one doing anything but talking on the internet. Well someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world, and I guess that has to be me.
Time will tell the truth
After all, a show needs an audience. And the GOP and their supporters have given Trump an audience for far too long. It is time that they step up and stop indulging this dog and pony show. If Donald Trump truly represents the GOP, then they need to consider changing their name to the Nazi party because it would mean that they are trying to elect the next Hitler to power.

If he does not represent the true nature of the GOP, then they need to speak up because right now they are allowing Trump to define who they are.
Does Donald Trump intend to Make America Great Again by bringing back Slavery?
People can sit back thinking that it will never happen, but think about this, it happened after Reconstruction and there were those who thought the same thing. People it is time to stand up and say ENOUGH! Skip the empty apologies.
GOP Party trying to kill us softly with evidence of things not seen..

Monday, November 23, 2015

EYE understand the fear #AYearWithoutTamir #JordanDavis #EricGarner #MikeBrown #JFK

EYE was in the second grade on 11.22.1963 when the principal announced over the intercom President Kennedy had been shot. I didn't find out he died until I got home. The days that followed were very sad, I remember feeling sorry for Carolyn, John John, and Jackie Kennedy. I also remember being  afraid for the leaders who tried to help African Americans. Sure enough, then came the assassinations of Martin Luther King,Jr, and Robert Kennedy

My ancestors lived through 400 years of torture/slavery, my generation lived through domestic terrorism/Jim Crow, my children are living through Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Jordan Russell Davis,Renisha McBride and other victims of senseless violence.

First Donald Trump came for the Muslims
The GOP is at a crossroads that will define its party for years. They can nominate Trump, a man who has demonized American minority groups, or choose someone who truly embraces American values. But if Trump is the Republican presidential nominee in 2016, they will have made it clear to America that the Grand Old Party is no longer the party of Lincoln, but the party of hate.
You think? 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

EYE understand the fear in #SweetHomeAlabama #DonaldTrumpSupporters vs #BlackLivesMatterBirmingham Edition

Mercutio Southall was arrested in April 2015 during a protest in front of Birmingham police headquarters on First Avenue North. (Carol Robinson)
Remember what GOP presidential front runner Donald Trump said would happen if #BlackLivesMatter protesters dared try to shut him down?  

I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will.
Well now we know... other people will do the fighting for him.
Trump supporters — yes, the same crowd that attracts “White Power Rangers” in droves — finally had an opportunity to do what they all secretly want to do anyway: beat up a black guy. At a campaign event in Birmingham, Alabama, a city with a long history of racism, discrimination, and violence against minorities, an African-American man became too disruptive for Trump’s liking, so the billionaire screamed “Get him the hell out of here.”
EYE thought Governor Bentley said it was his responsibility to protect us? 
Trump, the front-running Republican presidential candidate, had Southall thrown out. Secret Service agents and Birmingham police escorted Southall from the room. "They were trying to protect them from me and I was like, 'where were you when they were attacking me and choking me?" he said.
Southall said he was repeatedly called a "n****r" and "monkey" and told his life doesn't matter. It's nothing new to him. "When I wake up in the morning, I pretty much expect trouble,'' he said. "We're not the Negros from the 60s. I believe in defending myself, defending my people and sticking up for my people."
"I'm not violent. I'm not out threatening to blow up people,'' he said. "Self-preservation is an instinct every creature has and we deserve respect."
Nope, Mr. Southall, Donald Trump said you got what you deserved, and it wasn't r-e-s-p-e-c-t.
Trump was asked to weigh in on his supporters’ actions on Fox & Friends Sunday morning. “Maybe he should have been roughed up,” he said. “It was disgusting what he was doing.”
The Republican frontrunner compared what happened at his rally to a Black Lives Matter protest at a Bernie Sanders event, which prompted the Democratic candidate to release a detailed racial justice plan. “This is not the way Bernie Sanders handled his problem, I will tell you, but I have a lot of fans and they were not happy about it. And this was a very obnoxious guy, a troublemaker, looking to make trouble,” Trump said. captured a video of Southall flipping off the crowd while being led out of the building by police, but they didn't capture a video of Southall being attacked by trump supporters. Typical case of the media turning the victim into the criminal.

EYE understand the fear in Sweet Home Alabama.  Maybe they should change the slogan from Alabama the Beautiful to something else.....

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Congressman (sic) Mo "anything short of shooting illegals" Brooks is making #SweetHomeAlabama proud again.

Not.  It ought to be against the law to use the public airways to spew hatred, bigotry, and misinformation, but it's not, so Alabama's CD 5 Congress Critter Mo Brooks went there when he made an appearance on Radio Boy's show.  
"We’re paying them about $15,000 a year in free health care, free food, free shelter, free clothing, free transportation,” Brooks said. “That answers very quickly why so many of them want to come to the United States of America.”
“We’re paying them to come here,” the Alabama congressman concluded. “It’s a paid vacation!”
Yep,  Mo used the public airways to misinform the uniformed, and turn the victims into criminals.
Instead of viewing refugees as people fleeing the violence that has claimed more than 200,000 lives, Brooks saw a host of incoming welfare queens intent on taking advantage of Americans’ generosity.
Psst Mo!  Sweet Home Alabama is the last place Syrian Refugees would want to "vacation".  They are trying to flee violence and despair. 
Thousands of civilians have been victims of mass shootings and gunfire between government forces and insurgents. In one case documented by the United Nations, more than 100 people, including at least 49 children, were killed in Homs on May 25, 2012. Most were shot at close range.
The U.N. reports that armed opposition groups have also executed children, but lack of access in areas controlled by the Islamic State has prevented systematic documentation. “In places like Raqqa and Deir Ezzor, it’s almost impossible to verify the information,” said Bassam al-Ahmad, spokesman for the Violation Documentation Center in Syria.
What is most troubling to me is the fact Mo Brooks is an elected official, and has been most of his adult life.  For an elected official to have this point of view is dangerous, because he also has to the power to act on his beliefs.
In its essence, racism is culturally sanctioned strategies that defend the advantages of power, privilege and prestige which "Whites have because of the subordinated position of racial minorities." This deliberate political, economical, religious and sociocultural structuring of privilege, does not take place in some moral vacuum. It has behind it the moral force of an ideology of supremacy, an ill-will that claims racial superiority and pride of position. By ideology I mean a system of ideas and beliefs about the universe, to which a people adhere in order to justify their attitudes and actions. This ideology can have a religious or a scientific basis, depending on which one shapes our worldview. Nevertheless the outcome is the same, where one group benefits and the other does not.
They say parents are the first teachers, so I have to assume Mo Brooks was raised with this point of view, and he raised his children with this point of view, and they are raising their children with this point of view, and that it will go on, and on, and onSigh

We can't stop people from being racist, but we damn well can stop electing them to office.   The only problem is finding someone to vote for.  Surely there are more people of good will than there are of... them.

Friday, November 20, 2015

A RedEYE Hope You Are Happy Rant #47DemCowards

 photo dems-that-hate-dinos_zpsebbd2383.png

EYE hope all of you so called democrats who just couldn't bring your self to vote for Ron Sparks for Governor because he will happily kow-tow to them,  and who hate Joe Reed more than they love themselves are happy now.

EYE hope all you so called democrats who told us real democrats to STFU and STFD when we tried to tell you Artur Davis and Terri Sewell were frauds are happy now

EYE hope all you so called democrats/moderates/Independents/progressives, or what ever you want to call yourselves who didn't vote because your candidate lost are happy now.

EYE hope all you democrats etc. who spent more time fighting each other instead of fighting the republicans are happy now.

Don't blame me. EYE voted a straight democratic ticket.  But EYE won't be making that mistake again.  EYE will not vote for any DINO's (Democrats in name only).  

You are either for the democratic party agenda.  All of it.  Or, you are against the democratic party agenda. 

Rant Over and Out.  For now.