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The DNC Credentials Committee Overturned the ADP Election because of alleged "voting irregularities"

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Fighting Voter Suppression
The Alabama Democratic Party has 90 days to hold an election for its chairman and vice chairman positions.
That’s according to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which has vacated the state party’s 2018 officer elections following a vote by the credentials committee on Thursday afternoon.
Current Party Chair Nancy Worley and her Vice Chair Randy Kelley will also be allowed to continue serving in their respective roles until the election, which will be overseen by the DNC, takes places.
The DNC’s decisions follows an evidentiary hearing held Monday regarding two complaints lodged against the 2018 officer elections.
“With (Worley) and (Kelley) presiding over the meeting,” one complaint read. “The elections were conducted in a sloppy and haphazard manner that was easily susceptible to manipulation. The elections were deliberately manipulated in order to favor Worley, Kelley and all other incumbent SDEC officers.”
Worley had won re-election in August by a narrow margin of 101-89 against a challenger who was backed by U.S. Sen. Doug Jones. According to the AP, one challenge alleges that, while these 190 votes were recorded only 142 state committee members signed in to the meeting.
That's right (pun intended) the party Booed Representative Maxine Waters and mocked members of the House of Representatives who were trying to tell them there were voting irregularities not once but twice, overturned an election over alleged voting irregularities
“Is there one United States senator who will join me in this letter of objection?” Waters said to boos from Republicans. None did.
As Waters began to speak, House Speaker Paul Ryan was seen seated behind Biden laughing at the overture.
After the vote, Biden told some of the House Democrats who tried to object why he had cut them off.
“Basically, it was the rules and we understand that,” said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, who led the effort to object to Trump’s election.
Trump received 304 electoral votes, compared with the 227 won by his Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton, according to the official vote tally.
Although the white male dominated media claims the DNC (Democratic National Committee) overturned the ADP it was the DNC Credentials Committee who did the dirty deed.  There is just one problem...EYE can't find where the DNC Credential Committee has the authority to overturn and supervise a state party election.
Credentials Committee:
The Credentials Committee is responsible for resolving any questions regarding the seating of delegates and alternates to the Convention. This committee is expected to meet sometime prior to the Convention.
Assumes jurisdiction over any credentials challenges not resolved by the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee 57 days before the Convention, or challenges filed after that date.
Recommends final resolution of any outstanding challenge or dispute related to the seating of delegates and alternates.
Issues a report that is considered as the first item of business at the National Convention.
The DNC Credentials Committee made a recommendation but the DNC has the final say so it's not over. 
DNC members often make proposals on national issues, Party policies, and procedures. Before a matter is considered by the full membership, it is reviewed by one of the DNC’s standing committees. Each of the DNC’s standing committees have about 30 members who represent a cross-section of the membership of the full committee. These committees report their recommendations on the matters before them to the full DNC, which in turn debates and votes on the recommendations.

The Credentials Committee is responsible for hearing disputes about the credentials of National Committee members, and making a recommendation about whom the DNC should seat.
So time will tell if the DNC is going to overthrow the election of Nancy Worley and Randy Kelly and supervise a new election.  And if they do vote to overturn the election, who is going to supervise the DNC Credentials Committee?   If the recommendation to overturn the election due to alleged voting irregularities is upheld by the DNC it will set the ADP on a course of no return.
And what do you have if you get rid of Reed and his bunch of people?

The Dixiecrats were a political party organized in the summer of 1948 by conservative white southern Democrats committed to states' rights and the maintenance of segregation and opposed to federal intervention into race, and to a lesser degree, labor relations. The Dixiecrats, formally known as the States' Rights Democratic Party, were disturbed by their region's declining influence within the national Democratic Party. The Dixiecrats held their one and only convention in Birmingham.
Be careful what you ask for. 

Friday, February 15, 2019

A DNC #ValentinesDayMassacre in #SweetHomeAlabama

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EYE know it's been a while but I felt compelled to get back in the saddle in light of the recent attempt to overthrow Alabama Democratic Party Chair Nancy Worley and replace her with a white male after a coup engineered by Alabama Senator Doug (DINO) Jones failed.
Longtime incumbent Nancy Worley defeated Montgomery attorney Peck Fox as chair of the Alabama Democratic Party after Sen. Doug Jones (D-Mountain Brook) nominated and backed the challenger during the intraparty elections.
Minutes before the meeting, Jones shocked Alabama’s political world by announcing his backing of the leadership coup. Alabama’s junior senator signaled that he wanted change and lamented that the state’s Democratic Party had not helped him enough during his victory over Judge Roy Moore in 2017.
So after the latest "hostile takeover" failed the Sore Losers went whining to the DNC (Democratic National Committee). 
Two challenges were filed saying multiple rules were broken to "stack the deck" in favor of Worley and Vice Chairman Randy Kelley. One challenge notes that 190 votes were cast when only 142 state committee members signed in at the meeting.
What part of the candidate with the most votes wins don't they understand?  But let's be clear, this isn't about broken rules, it's about a segment of whites within the Alabama Democratic Party who don't want to share power with blacks.  They want to dilute what little power African Americans have by diluting the minority caucus.
While I disagree with Dr. Reed on many issues, I do think he has a valid point when he notes that including women in the definition of “minority” in this section would have arguably undesirable consequences. It would put white women – who, due to the racial composition of House districts and the Bylaws, constitute a large number of SDEC seats – in the minority caucus, which was historically designed to insure racial equity. I know most of the proponents of recent Bylaw amendments, and I do not think for an instant that any of them contemplate actions that would make the SDEC unrepresentatively white. But that would be the exact effect of the Shadoin Amendment, in the form in which it was submitted.
When what sounds right is not right (pun intended) 
Just because something sounds like the right thing to do doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. Voter ID laws sound like the right thing to do until you look at the motive behind them. The motive behind the so-calleddiversity amendment is to dilute the power of the Alabama Democratic Conference. Links inserted for emphasis.
The Alabama Democratic Conference, formerly known as theBlack Political Caucus of Alabama, was established in 1960. Its leaders were African Americans who wished to encourage all voters, but especially other African Americans, to vote for the democratic candidate, who at the time was John F. Kennedy with vice president Lyndon B. Johnson. The founders of this influential group include Arthur Shores, Rufus Lewis, .Dr. C.G. Gomillion, Q. D. Adams, Isom Clemon, and Beulah Johnson.All of these individuals held respectable positions in their communities and were looked up to by the people, especially by other African Americans.
Bloody Coup Accomplished! The sore losers get a do-over.

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.
EYE say if they want a party that wants blacks to be seen and not heard, let them have at it.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

How do we preserve the legacy of Commissioner Robert "Bob" Harrison March 8, 1943-October 25, 2017?

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Robert "Bob" Harrison 

EYE would give anything not to be writing this post.  Maybe the reason it has taken me so long to pay tribute to Commissioner Robert "Bob" Harrison is I don't want to accept the fact he is gone on to glory and that I will miss him all the days of my life.  I started trying to write this post to Bob Harrison shortly after his funeral, I start typing and I stop typing.  Will today be the day I finally click publish?  Time will tell the truth.

Bob Harrison was a human being; therefore, he wasn't perfect but he was larger than life.  He was fearless and ferocious.  He was compassionate and committed.  He was effective as the people's commissioner and for that, he was sometimes rebuked and scorned, but that never stopped him from standing up for truth, justice, and the American way. 

A frequent criticism/complaint made by detractors was his commitment to "social programs" to help the people in his district.  Unlike other elected officials Bob Harrison used his discretionary money and resources to develop programs to uplift the least of these.
Commissioner Bob Harrison gave nearly $70,000 to a nonprofit group, Northwest Community Service Organization, that he helped create and ran out of his office. "I have divested myself of Northwest," Harrison said this month.
Northwest, which provides support programs for schools, now runs out of a separate building, Harrison said, and he has stepped down from the governing board. But he said he still uses his county tax dollars to pay two employees at Northwest.
How do we continue his legacy?   Can Bob Harrison be replaced, or is he one of those once in a lifetime irreplaceable leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcome X, Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, Dr. James I. Dawson, Dr. John Cashin, and Dr. Sonnie Wellington Hereford II?

The Republican Governor has decided Huntsville Police Department Captain  JesHenryMalone will represent District 6 on the Madison County Commission for the remainder of Bob's term.  Our challenge is to ensure that Bob's work goes on.  He had the vision, ingenuity, and determination to make life better for his constituents. He genuinely cared about the city of Huntsville and the quality of life for all it's citizens especially those of color who are often the last, the least and the left behind.

EYE wish the new Commissioner well but in the end, it will be the voters who determine if JessHenry Malone has the attributes, commitment, dedication and the fortitude to carry on Bob's vision on behalf of the people of District 6. It is important for the newly appointed Commissioner to remember Bob Harrison was not one to go along to get along.  He was the voice of/for/by the people and he deplored Handkerchief Heads.  If he wants to be elected to represent the district he needs to get to know the people and vice versa because right now all we know is he is a member of law enforcement. 

"I shake the trees; They make the jelly."

Friday, March 16, 2018

Update: With Democrats like Doug Jones who needs Republicans like Roy Moore? #BaseMeetBus

So, instead of taking on gun control Democrats (and I use that term loosely) are teaming up with Republicans for a stealth attack on Wall Street.
The whole process reveals the totemic power of bipartisanship, which can sway lawmakers into supporting things that could cut against their political interests. There is no real constituency for bank deregulation outside of bank executive boardrooms and K Street. Trump voters aren’t intensely concerned with giving Barclays or SunTrust less supervision, or giving Citigroup fewer leverage requirements. In fact they’ll likely punish those politicians who do. But “working together to solve the nation’s problems” sounds so good that it doesn’t even matter what outcomes result.
Doug Jones backs a bill that could hurt black homebuyers but that's OK at least it's not Roy Moore

A provision in the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act would exempt the large majority of mortgage lenders from key disclosure requirements that help the government identify racial discrimination and enforce fair housing laws. The provision would facilitate redlining, allowing lenders to deny loans to black homebuyers, while also giving lenders carte blanche to overcharge black homebuyers or steer them into the same predatory loans that exploded during the financial crisis, pushing countless families into foreclosure.
Yet this bill, which would widen the already staggering racial wealth gap, won support from more than a dozen Democratic senators, including members such as Tim Kaine, Mark Warner, Claire McCaskill, and Doug Jones who rely on black and Hispanic voters to win elections. (The bill is also backed by one independent, Angus King of Maine, who caucuses with Democrats.)
Them There Black voters in Alabama are never satisfied they should be grateful for what they git, shut up and be glad Roy Moore didn't win. (said in my Gomer Pyle voice)
As your Senator, I have made a point of working with colleagues who may not always agree with me. And while I'm still new to the Senate, I'm proud of my record of reaching out to find common ground.

I have tried to take that common sense, bipartisan approach in everything I do. And while that may not always be popular with some people even in my own party, I believe it's the right approach for
Translation:  Bus meet Base. Again.
Well, this is a wakeup call for Democrats. … They’ve taken the black vote and the poor vote for granted for a long time. It’s time for them to get off their ass and start making life better for black folks and people who are poor.
They’ve always had our votes, and they have abused our votes and this is a wakeup call. We’ve got it in a great position now, but this is a wakeup call for Democrats to do better for black people and poor white people.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018