Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Polls and the Polling Pollsters who Poll them.

What's in a poll? Lots of stuff if as they say on TeeVee you go inside the poll and look at the raw numbers. Let's take a look at the raw numbers in a recent poll conducted by Public Policy Institute regarding the upcoming Alabama Gubernatorial Race.

Congressman Artur Davis is leading the Democratic field with 38%, followed by Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks with 28% and Franklin Thomas with 9%.

PPI polled 407 Democratic primary voters (no, they didn't poll me) between March 27 and March 29. 50% of those polled considered themselves conservatives (I wonder why?), 13% considered themselves liberal (yay!) and 37% considered themselves moderates (what the heck is a moderate?)

72% of those polled were white, 24% African American and 4% other. 42% of those polled were between the ages of 46-65.

Based on my analysis of the raw numbers Congressman Davis is barely leading Commissioner Sparks with a 10 point lead and Franklin Thomas Franklin is the decider with 9% of the vote.

There are more Democratic voters with an unfavorable opinion than favorable of Davis because of his vote against health care reform which 80% of democratic voters support. Davis' vote against HCR hurt him. He may be counting on Alabama democrats having a short attention span by trying to distance himself from the vote and distract voters with other issues, but Alabama democratic voters don't suffer from amnesia. We have a memory like an elephant (pun intended).

Davis leads Sparks with African American voters however 24% (AA polled) of 407 (democrats polled) is 97.68. 34% of 98 is 37.24. That ain't a lot of African Americans. Whoever is the winner of the Democratic primary is going to need to garner at least 50% of the African American vote.

I'm just saying.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Morning Health Care Reform Scare, I mean Spin.

I begin each day by tuning in to Morning Joke, I mean Joe on MSNBC to see what the TeeVee Pundit Head Talking Point of the Day will be before switching over to Washington Journal on C-Span to see what we the peeps are talking about. You would be surprised at the disconnect between the MSM TTPH's and we the peeps. Or maybe not.

The MSM TTPH Talking Point for Tuesday March 30, 2010 is....drum roll please....56% of the American People polled don't like Health Care Reform. Who did they poll? The Tea Baggers? Republicans? I mean, really?

Maybe they polled my mothers next door neighbor. A white, middle aged, divorced, stay at home mother of three, conservative, christian, die heart republican, who doesn't have health insurance because when she and her husband divorced she was no longer eligible to be on his health insurance. Oh, I forget to tell you she also has epilepsy, which means she couldn't buy health insurance because it's one of them there "preexisting conditions".

Over the weekend my mother's neighbor suffered an epileptic seizure and suffered a head injury. She went to one of the Emergency Care Centers for treatment and was told since she didn't have insurance she would need to pay $200.00 up front. She said she didn't have $200.00 but could pay them $50.00 and pay them so much a month. They refused her offer. So what did she do? You guessed it. Proceeded straight to the evil, socialized, government run, Hospital Emergency Room for treatment. And guess who pays for that, but I digress.

Anyway, after she told her story, my mother said, "Now aren't you glad President Obama signed that health care bill?" And she said "No, it won't help me any". My mother said "Well at least this way they can't turn you away because you don't have insurance." And I piped in and said "Now you can purchase health insurance and they can't turn you down because you have epilepsy." And she said, "It's just a government take over of the health care system and they are going to raise our taxes to pay for it." Which let me know, it's not about health care. It's about President Obama. It's about the misinformation and the scare tactics promoted by the republicans and their media enablers.

President Obama is being called a Socialist because he wants people to have access to quality affordable health care.

President Obama is compared to Hitler (who exterminated millions of people) because he wants people to have access to be able to go to the Doctor when they get sick and not be turned away because of an inability to pay.

According to the media/polls, 56% of the American people don't like President Obama. Strike that, 56% of the American people POLLED by the POLLING POLLSTERS don't like President Obama. It's not about health care reform

But what about the 44% of the American people who weren't polled? What about the millions of American who voted for President Obama and elected him President? What are we? Chopped liver? Don't we count? The polling pollsters should tune in to Washington Journal and hear real health care stories from real people. People who like health care reform. People who need health care reform. People who voted for health care reform. People who like President Obama.

President Obama wants to help make this world a better place of everybody. Even the 56% of Americans who don't like health care reform. Strike that, even the 56% of Americans who the MSM TTPH (who have access to quality health care btw) tell us don't like health reform.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Edit~ Artur Davis, Health Care Reform and Gambling

This is one of those times real life interferes with my blogging life (or should it be the other way around?) and I can't find time to update the blog.  In light of my previous post regarding Artur Davis' "historic" bid to become Alabama's first African American Governor, the Alabama BINGO Wars, and health care reform, I am going to re post a diary I composed during my tenure at my former home

It is my understanding Democratic congressmen who voted against the health care reform bill are being praised for voting against the health care bill by their white constituents, while criticized for voting against health care reform by their African American constituents. Congressman  Artur Davis, democratic gubernatorial candidate voted NO. I guess he forgot the reason he has access to quality affordable health care is because the voters of  Alabama 7th district elected him to fight for their right to have access to the same.
Note:  1 in 5 or 19% of African Americans don't have access to health insurance. African Americans suffer from higher percentages of chronic illnesses which are perpetrated by a lack of access to quality care.

A Gambling Man
by: Redeye
Wed Nov 11, 2009 at 09:51:04 AM CST

“ You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em.

Know when to walk away, know when to run
You never count your money, when you're sittin' at the table.
There'll be time enough for countin', when the dealin's done. ~Kenny Rodgers, The Gambler

No, I these lyrics don't apply to Ron Sparks. They apply to Congressman/ gubernatorial candidate Artur Davis.

"When to hold em" Davis pandered to "white moderates" at the expense of his "traditional base" in order to garner their support. "White moderates" have money, influence, power and most importantly they vote for candidates who share their self interest, or a single issue, regardless of race or gender.

"When to fold 'em" Davis knew before the vote for affordable health care reform he was going to have to vote against it. I checked his website and couldn't find where he'd scheduled any town hall health care meetings in his district except for a panel discussion UAB (I'm sure I will be corrected if I'm wrong). The majority of his constituents voices were not heard regarding health care reform although the majority of his constituents voted for President Obama with HOPE for CHANGE they can believe in.

"You never count your money when you're sitting at the table".. According to my calculations Davis will need 30% of the African American vote to win the democratic primary. A large majority of those voters reside in the district he is currently not representing in Congress. The majority of his constituents have no money, no influence and as of late no no jobs, and no health care. Is Davis gambling 30% of African American voters will vote for him because he's black?

"There're be time enough for counting when the dealin's done". There are some that say there are no perfect candidates, but Davis says he didn't vote for the affordable health care bill because it wasn't perfect. To para quote former President Bill Clinton, doing something is better than doing nothing".

 I have a few questions for white moderates, progressive/liberals, and those who are leaning toward Davis because he's the lessor of two evils.

Q. If Davis voted for the affordable health care bill and against the Stupak amendment would you still vote for and support him?

Q. If Davis voted in favor of the Hate Crimes Bill instead of against it would you still vote for and support him.

Q. If Davis hadn't taken the positions he took on the Azalea Trail Maids, Jeremiah Wright and the Confederate Flag flap would you still vote for and support him?

Q. If Davis weren't an African American would he still have your vote and support?

Q. Do you believe having an African American Governor will change how Alabama is perceived in the world?

Q. Will the election of Artur Davis as Alabama's first African American Governor change how Alabama treats the least and the left out?

I'm not trying to offend anyone, I'm simply trying to understand why some progressives/liberals wholeheartedly support a candidate who in my opinion (and mine only) who is neither. A candidate who won't stand up to the right  for what is right.

Friday, March 26, 2010

If Artur Davis votes for Health Care Reform white voters won't vote for him

If white voters don't vote for Congressman Artur Davis he will not be elected Governor.

If white voters vote for Congressman Artur Davis he will be elected the first African American Governor of Alabama.

It's more important for Congressman Artur Davis to be elected governor of Alabama than it is for all Americans to have access to quality,affordable,health insurance.

If Congressman Artur Davis is elected the first African American Governor of Alabama it symbolize progress in Alabama and erase the racist history and imagery of the past.

Ain't that a dip?

This is the tortured, flawed logic/campaign strategy/ sorry a$$excuse that is the Artur Davis for Governor Camp. In the latest saga in the Davis for Governor campaign and HCR, Congressman Artur Davis was too skeered to vote yes and too skeered to vote no, so he didn't vote at all. Bless his heart.

Ain't that a dip?

If white voters won't vote for Congressman Artur Davis if he votes for HCR how is his being elected the first African American Governor going to symbolize progress in Alabama?

If white voters elect Congressman Artur Davis the first African American Governor of Alabama,what will it mean for black folks?

If white voters won't vote for Congressman Artur Davis if he votes for health care reform ain't that a dip?

Congressman Artur Davis (AL-7) continues to put his personal, political interest ahead of the interest of his constituents. You know, the people who elected him to go represent them in Congress. You know, the people who actually DID vote for him, and probably would have voted for him for Governor if he hadn't thrown them under the bus for his own political gain.

I don't know which is worse, two NO votes or a refusal to vote. It's like throwing his constituents under the bus, then backing up and driving over them again.

If Artur Davis' representation, or the lack there of, of the voters in AL 7 are an indication of how he will represent the voters in the entire state, thanks but NO thanks.

Artur Davis has convinced me he has no honor and no courage. Artur Davis has convinced me he cares more about being elected the first African American Governor of Alabama than he does the people of Alabama.

I'm going to leave with these questions;
1. Why won't white voters vote for Artur Davis if he votes for health care reform?

2. Are white voters going to vote for Artur Davis because he voted against health care reform?

3. If Artur Davis is elected the first African American Governor of Alabama will it symbolize progress for Alabama and erase it's racist past?

4. What does it say about white voters if they won't vote for Artur Davis for Governor if he votes for health care reform?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moive Nights:

Hello America. Tonight, I have a special treat for you. A journey, if you will, into the dark, twisted minds of the infamous Teabaggers, Birthers, Neo Nazi, Minutemen, Republican scum bags that are out there protesting the "socialist" agenda of president Obama. You see America, I have been talking to these fools over twitter and when ever I call them out on their racism they always have the nerve to ask for proof. Well here it is. Gather around a see for yourselves the true underlying, but highly visible, motives of the Teaparty. But wait. What I am about to show you is not for the faint of heart. What you are about to see is a young man who goes by the name of Naui and his actions can only be described as nothing less than valiant as he dives directly into the swirl of chaos and danger of a deranged minority of hateful morons carrying signs with much to do about nothing all the while flanked, in some cases at least, by their token Latinos and Negroes barking like puppies at there side. Bon appetit!

This first video took place in Pasadena, Ca, on November 14, 2009 and as you will soon see, what starts off as innocently as the Pledge of Allegiance quickly takes a sharp downward spiral into the obscene....

Now Naui will introduce us to a lost sole who he simply calls a "Super Uncle Tom". I warn you, what you are about to see is...disturbing to say the least.

We need to introduce "Super Uncle Time" to this woman. Watch as this strong African American woman calls out a racist personally.

This video is titled: "This is not funny, this is our country..."

Now I will close this video with a sign of hope. Check out what the youngest of our youth does when these hate filled creeps park their babble outside of a kindergarten. It is amazing...

Congressman Artur Davis wants to be our Governor?

While Alabama, democratic candidate Ron Sparks and 3 republican gubernatorial candidates participated in a forum sponsored by Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., The Student Government Association, and the NAACP-Tuskegee University Chapter,. at Tuskegee University, democratic gubernatorial candidate Congressman Artur Davis(DINO 07) was defending his health care vote at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

I guess the media we have decided not to cover the gubernatorial forum because I can find no media reports online. A google search directed me to the Tuskegee Face book page and this very classy and gracious comment from republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Johnson.

Bill Johnson for Governor Last night's forum at Tuskegee University was wonderful. The students there put on a very impressive event. We want to thank the Tuskegee University Student Government Association,the NAACP-Tuskegee University Chapter, and Kappa Alpha Psi for such a great time.9 hours ago · View Post

It is being reported Artur Davis was given a pass by the Democratic Party because he's running for governor.

Even the delegation’s most progressive congressman, Artur Davis, has been
given special dispensation by the Democratic Party. Rep. Davis, D-Birmingham,
will vote “no,” knowing that a “yes” vote would seriously weaken his chance to
be elected governor this year.

Oh really now? The Democratic Party gave Artur Davis permission to vote against the party? As a card, carrying member of the Democratic Party I want to know who gave Artur Davis a special dispensation because it would weaken his chance to be elected governor this year. The Democratic Party cares more about Artur Davis being elected governor of Alabama than they do health care reform? Who the heck knew?

I challenge who ever gave Artur Davis to vote against health care reform to look in the mirror and repeat this so they can see how stoopid they sound.

Artur Davis, has been given special dispensation by the Democratic Party because a "yes vote would seriously weaken his chance at being elected governor this year.

Davis' indefensible vote against health care reform was the nail in the coffin of his gubernatorial campaign. He could have locked the African American/liberal/progressive democratic vote if he had done the right (no pun) thing and voted for health care reform. But noooooo, he had to pander to the republicans, the tea baggers, the special interest and the lobbyist at the expense of his constituents.

As a proud, loyal, card carrying member of the democratic party I don't take kindly to democrats voting against the party, and I certainly don't take kindly to the democratic party giving special dispensations to democrats to vote against the party. If I wanted to vote for candidates who vote with the republicans I would vote republican.

Artur Davis no vote on HCR has earned him the House Negro of the Day Award. Again.


Uh Huh.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Shame on the Alabama Congressional Delegation!

Was it just me, or did Ohio republican Congressman John Boehner remind you of Gomer Pyle USMC when he gave his impassioned "Shame on you tirade" after the health care reform act passed in the House of Representatives last night? Remember how he used to say, "Fer shame! fer shame! Fer shame! when Captain Carter  either did something reprehensible, or was caught doing something reprehensible?

The entire Alabama Congressional Delegation should be ashamed of themselves, especially the democratic congressional delegation. I wonder why in the world Congressman Bobby Bright, Congressman Artur Davis and Congressman Parker Griffith believe democrats elected them to go to Washington to vote NO on health care reform?

I can understand the gop wanting to appease their voters, but Bright, Davis and Griffith voted against the the very people who elected them to represent. I can understand the gop wanting President Obama to fail, but I can't understand Bright, Davis and Griffith wanting President Obama to fail. I especially can't understand Congressman Davis wanting his old Harvard Law pal and the first African American President to fail. I really can't understand why Bright and Griffith want the Obama coat tails they rode into office on to fail.

For shame on the Alabama congressional delegation for voting against the immediate benefits Alabamians will receive with the passage of the health care reform bill.

For shame on the Alabama congressional delegation for enabling, appeasing and encouraging the Tea Baggers.

For shame on the Alabama congressional delegation for being on the wrong side of history. Strike that.

For shame on the Alabama congressional delegation for once again being on the wrong side of history.

For shame on the Alabama congressional delegation for being more afraid of the right wing/media than you are the voters who elected you.

For shame on the Alabama congressional delegation for putting partisan, personal, political gain ahead of Alabama voters.

The behavior of the Alabama congressional delegation is shocking and awful.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good God is anyone watching C-SPAN?

Good God is anyone watching C-SPAN?

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I'm begging the Alabama Congressional Delegation to vote YES for health care for all Alabamians.

According to the Chairman of the Democratic Caucus, Democrats have the votes to pass health care reform.
Connecticut Rep. John Larson, chairman of the Democratic Caucus, said Sunday
morning that "we have the votes" to pass health care reform legislation in the
House.Speaking on ABC's This Week, Larson said, "We are going to make history
today. Not since President Roosevelt passed Social Security, Lyndon Johnson
passed Medicare, and today, Barack Obama will pass health care reform,
demonstrating whose side we're on."
Are Alabama democratic Congressmen Artur Davis and Bobby Bright going to be on the right side of history or the wrong side of history?
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida said she believed the leadership had
rounded up the votes but the count was still in "flux." She said, ""I couldn't
tell you which 216 members we will have."
Will Alabama democratic congressmen Artur Davis and Bobby Bright vote with democrats or against democrats?
On CNN's State of the Union, Indiana Rep. Mike Pence, chairman of the House
Republican Conference, said of Larson's description of today as historic if
health care passes, "I think it is going to be different from the way John
thinks it is going to be. I think this is going to be a historic weekend because
I think this weekend is going to be the beginning of the end of business as
usual in Washington, D.C. I think the American people see an administration and
see a Congress that are in a headlong rush to confront the very real challenges
that we have in health care with more government instead of more freedom."
Will Alabama democratic Congressmen Artur Davis and Bobby Bright enable and appease the bitter resistance of the Teabaggers, the birthers, and deathers,  or will they denounce bitterness and resentment?
"Kill the bill," the largely middle-aged crowd shouted, surging toward lawmakers
who crossed the street between their office buildings and the Capitol.

The motorcade that carried Obama to Capitol Hill to whip up support for the bill
drove past crowds waving signs that read "Stop the spending" and "Get your hands
out of my pocketbook and health care."

Many booed and thrust their thumbs down as Obama rode by.As police held demonstrators back to clear areas for lawmakers outside the Capitol Obama's speech, some protesters jeered and chanted at the officers, "You work for us."Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., told a reporter that as he left the Cannon House Office Building with Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., a leader of the civil rights era, some among the crowd chanted "the N-word, the N-word, 15 times." Both Carson and Lewis are black, and Lewis spokeswoman Brenda Jones also said that it occurred.
Will the Vote NO Democrats be rewarded by democratic voters or will they be punished by democratic voters? Is it a coincidence all the vote NO DINO's represent the red, republican, confederate, slave states? Is it a coincidence they all represent districts where a large population of their constituents are uninsured? Have they no shame? No compassion? No decency? No honor? No loyalty? No courage?

And what about the 176 republicans who plan to vote NO on the health care reform bill? Do they honestly believe they will be rewarded by voters for voting against extending coverage to millions of uninsured Americans-ending insurance company abuses and giving Americans control over their own health care?

Time will tell the truth.

There is still time for Parker Griffith, Artur Davis, Bobby Bright and the rest of the Alabama Congressional delegation to put we the people ahead of party and the special interest. A vote against health care reform is a vote to give insurance companies free reign to jack up premiums, drop coverage when people get sick and make life or death decisions for thousands of Alabamians.

I'm begging you, on behalf of the millions of uninsured Americans to vote for health care reform. I'm begging you to vote for single mother who chooses life. I begging you for the college students with pre existing conditions who will be dropped from their parents insurance plans when they graduate from college. I'm begging you for the unemployed and the under employed who can't afford health insurance. I'm begging you for people who use the emergency room as their primary care giver. I'm begging you for the thousands who are dying because they don't have access to health care. I'm begging you for our troops, who are dying and being maimed and wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm begging you for the children who lose their parents because they don't have access to health care.

I'm begging you to help us, not hurt us.

The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dreams shall
never die.~Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D. MA)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hijackings the game, don't be ashamed. Step right up! step right up! and join us at the carnival over at the Faux News Nation website forum. Joining is a slice of cake:

1. Get a screen name.
~Lets just say White_Teabagger101
2. Give them a fake name.
~Lets just say Rick James
3. Prove your elitist liberal credentials.
~When it ask you about your eduction level, choose the highest one possible.
~Job tile? President/Vice President of course!
~Number of employees you hire? Why not 5000+
4. Enter in the verification code and... NEXT STOP WINGNUT LAND!

Enjoy the never ending fun and excitement of Wingnut Land, where even simple words like "memberr" and "sence" are misspelled and other words like God, freedom, and patriots are used regularly and interchangeably.

Have you heard? Barrack Ostallin is a fascist now! Be sure to keep up with the news in Wingnut Land because tomorrow he might be a socialist! Don't have the time to keep up with the ever changing news regarding Obama's political ideology? THAT'S OKAY! Half if not all of the citizens of Wingnut Land know the difference between the two anyway.

Do you have something to say? Feel free to say it! We here at Wingnut Land love freedom, including free speech. LIBERALS! FEEL FREE TO POST COMMENTS ON OUR MESSAGE BOARDS EVEN IF YOU DON'T AGREE WITH US. But act now before it is too late! Any day now Obama and his stormtroopers could come knocking at the Wingnut Land door. (As of Monday there were only 300 of us left who knows how small we will be tomorrow...)

Well folks, I hope you all make your way over to Wingnut Land real soon. Don't be shy! The Faux News KoolAide is just fine... At least, that is what Glenn Beck told me.


~Some one who knows the truth about fixed news and hope you do too.

It's official, Faux News is the right arm of the republican party.

I stand by White House Communication Director Anne Dunn, who stand by her assertion Faux (Fox) News is an arm of the gop. Faux News Talking TeeVee head Bret Baier talked to the President of the United States of America like he was a boy. Never in all my years of watching Presidential interviews have I seen a President treated with such disrespect by a interviewer. If Katie Couric or Charles Gipson had spoken to President Bush or Vice President Cheney with such a combative, negative tone they would have been hauled off to Gitmo for some Water boarding (or worse) so fast it would have made our heads swim.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for interviewers asking hard questions of our elected officials, but the office of the President and the President should be treated with respect and not arrogance. Bret Baier was the epitome of "white privilege". He was determined to put President Barack Obama in his place.

Faux News wants Health Care Reform to fail. Strike that. Faux News wants President Obama to fail. As Chris Matthews noted, there was no debate/discussion just trashing health care reform.

Last night MSNBC host Chris Matthews was discussing health care reform with NBC political analyst Chuck Todd and took a broad swipe at the health care coverage by Fox News, asking “has there ever been a bill before in congress where an entire network on television has blasted it every day for more than a year?”

The answer is a resounding NO. Maybe if Faux News and the other MSM outlets had blasted the Iraq Invasion every day for more than a year our troops wouldn't be dying in Iraq. Maybe if the MSM had blasted the FISA Bill and the Patriot Act Americans wouldn't be spied on. Maybe if the MSM had blasted and investigated all the Bush lies instead of suppressing dissent Bush and Dick wouldn't have driven our country into the ditch like drunk frat boys.

Speaking of frat boys, that's who President Obama is up against. The frat boys and mean girls in the MSM vs. the scholarship kid. You know, the kid who was teased and treated like a second class citizen because he was not born of privilege. The kid who was smarter and more compassionate than all of the them. The kid who united with the other outcast and was elected Prom King. The kid who won the game because of his outstanding ability. The kid who became their leader.

So now the new stop health care reform right wing media enabled whine is "deem and pass". Where was the media when Bush wanted to invade Iraq because they might have WMD? Booman calls it a hypocrisy...with crazy talk on the side.
I do believe the Republicans have outdone themselves in the hypocrisy department since they are much more fond of using the procedure than Democrats. That goes for reconciliation, too.

Even GOP media consultants are disgusted with Faux News.
Fox has faced withering criticism for its treatment of the Democratic White House. On Sunday, former New York Times editor Howell Raines decried the network and questioned why other news organizations lend it legitimacy.

"Why haven't America's old-school news organizations blown the whistle on Roger Ailes, chief of Fox News, for using the network to conduct a propaganda campaign against the Obama administration — a campaign without precedent in our modern political history?" Raines wrote in a column for The Washington Post. Ailes was a prominent GOP media consultant before becoming a national TV news executive.

It's not about the process. It's about putting President Obama in his place.

Monday, March 15, 2010

How can republicans be pro life and anti health care reform?

Republicans are pro life as long as it's in the womb, but after that all bets are off. I'm beginning to wonder if they are pro life as long as it's in the womb considering they don't want women have access to quality, affordable health care, which includes prenatal care and birth control. Correction, they don't want poor women to have access to quality, affordable health care, nor do they want them to have welfare, or acess to quality public schools, but I digress.

Is it pro life when children don't have access to quality affordable health care because their parents can't afford it? Is it pro life when their parents don't have access to quality affordable health care? Are Republicans pro life as long as it's a republican life
Owens’ mother, Gina Owens, said her daughter, who didn’t qualify for Medicaid, avoided regular visits to a doctor despite frequently throwing up blood. In June 2007, Tifanny Owens was hospitalized yet again, this time at University of Washington Medical Center. After a week of unconsciousness, she died at age 27, leaving Marcelas and his two younger sisters. Gina Owens has custody of the three children.

The bottom line is republicans are opposed to health care reform because they oppose President Obama. The question is, do they oppose President Obama because he's a democrat or because he's an African American? How hypocritical is it for gop and DINO Congress Critters to do everything they can to make sure Americans don't have access to the same government run health care they have yet say they are pro life? Have you no shame?
The Party of No is also the Party of No Shame. No Conservative ever seems to have a concept of taking responsibility for when the party has fucked up, or made fools out of themselves or the rest of America. Republicans routinely abandon their office, cheat on their spouses, have homosexual affairs with underage children, steal large sums of money, show naked and obvious corruption, and generally act like uncontrolled children with nothing more than their self-aggrandizement in mind.

Is any Republican embarrassed by this? Do any of you ever look at the Larry Craigs, Tom Delays, Newt Ginriches, Gordon Liddys, and think, "Geez, we have to get these clowns out of our party if we want the American people to believe a word we say?"

Or are you even aware of how silly you all look? How inconsistant, unserious, immature, and ridiculous your party appears to most Americans?

Or do you care?

And what's up with the "conservative dems" who plan to vote no for health care reform? In addition to calling out Dennis Kuchinich, President Obama needs to call out all the dem traitors. I agree with, any so called dem who votes against health care reform needs to be primaried and primaried hard.

How can republicans be pro life and anti health care? How can they be pro life and anti welfare? How can republicans claim to be the compassionate, conservative religious right yet be so wrong?

republicans are lying when they say the majority of the American people are against health care reform, just like they lied when they sent our troops to invade Iraq. They are lying just like they lied when they said Bush's tax cut for the rich was going to create millions of new jobs. They lie when they say they are pro life. They lie.

Stop listening to the lying liars and the lying liars who tell them and start listening to we the people. Stop pandering to stupid white men and other sorry excuses for the state of the union at the expense of we the people. Work for us, not against us.

Be pro life.