Monday, September 24, 2012

"It's all about money and race"

The public school system in Huntsville, Alabama used to be known as the best kept secret in Alabama.  As a product of the Huntsville City School system after integration,  I remember the good old days when all schools were considered "good schools".  When all teachers/principal and support personnel were highly qualified. When young minds were encouraged to reach their full potential regardless of of their zip code, parents income, race, gender, or religion.

The city of Huntsville had the perception of being a progressive oasis in the reddest of the red states.  Huntsville's image wasn't marred with bombings, Bull Conner, dogs and fire hoses.  Nope, Huntsville was thought to be immune from the ignorance of racism when public schools and facilities integrated without fanfare (except for the swimming pool).

So what happened between then and now?  Two words....white flight from north Huntsville to south Huntsville, and the creation of neighborhood schools.  You see, the government can't tell you where to live, but the government can tell you where to attend a public school.

As in most cases, people chose to live based on where they can afford to live.  Taxpayers who live in affluent areas have access to the best public schools their tax dollars can buy.  Taxpayers who live in non affluent areas have access to the worst public schools their tax dollars can buy.

There is a provision in the HCS Federal Court Desegregation order that allows students to transfer from schools where they are the majority race, to schools where they are the minority race.  This is supposed to be a two way deal, but what parent in their right (no pun) mind is going to transfer their child from the best public school their tax dollars can buy, to the worst school their tax dollars can buy?  I mean, really?

Why are public schools in the less affluent area considered to be the worst schools you ask?  Some say it's because of the unfairness of life, it's not their fault the majority of the students are black/brown/poor.  Some say the U.S. Department of Justice is making unreasonable demands on the school district.

I'm convinced we have a separate and unequal school district due to the lynching of public education, not only in Huntsville, but the state in general.  You see, Sweet Home Alabama cares more about property values than educating it's poor/black/brown students.

What those in positions of power fail to realize is we are all in the boat together.  If one end of the boat is clean and bright and the other end of the boat is dirty and full of holes, guess what...the whole damn boat is going to sink.

It's all about money and race.  Keeping those two things in mind, everything else makes perfect sense

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Faking the Funk when the Narrative doesn't fit the FACTS

According to the Huntsville City School superintendent, the school board, the Mayor, the City Council and some of the richest people in the world, via the news media, birds are singing, flowers are blooming and everyone is singing Kumbaya in perfect harmony in regard to the present state of the public school district. district.

Just "tune out"  the shrieking harpies sounding the five-alarm fire alarm.

Don't listen to concerned, frustrated, parents.

Don't listen to angry, longtime, certified,  educators.

Don't listen to concerned, committed, Bloggers.

The board and the political elite are going to be highly resistant to dumping a superintendent they just hired because in all honesty it would put Huntsville in a difficult position PR-wise.

So now we know it's all about Public Relations, projecting the false narrative the  Huntsville City Schools are on their way to back to the status they once enjoyed as the best in the state.

It's not about providing students with equal access to a quality education.

And that's a crying shame.

"I dare to imagine a country where every child I hold in my hands, are all God's children, regardless of the color of their skin, regardless of whether they're boy or girl, regardless of religion, regardless of rich or poor, that every child I hold in my hands, will have the same chance to reach her full potential or his full potential. That is the goodness of our country. That is the essence of the American dream." ~Senator Paul Wellstone

Friday, September 21, 2012

Update~Paging JD Crow, Joey Kennedy and John Archibald!

Birmingham School Board Warts n'All Crowblog
Oh how I wish self described moderately disturbed Press-Register cartoonist J.D. Crow Birmingham News Pulitzer Prize winner, editorial writer, columnist and blogger Joey Kennedy  and  metro columnist John Archibald would drive/fly up here to north Alabama and show their sister paper how to report on the superintendent  and the school board.

To be honest, I haven't been keeping up with what's going on within the Birmingham Public School system, I do know the mainstream media covers the school board like white on rice, and, they are not taking their foot out of the behinds of the school board, or the superintendent.

This is the kind of education reporting I wish we had in Huntsville, instead of the lap dog ( yes I said it) education reporting we have.  If it weren't for unpaid blogger Geek Palaver I never would have known there was a call for the superintendent to resign, and the citizens comments deck was stacked against the citizens.

If I relied on reporting from mainstream media as my sole source of information I would believe "the superintendent and board are bringing the schools back to the status they enjoyed as the best in the state."

Compare and contrast coverage of the Birmingham City School Board of Education with the Huntsville City School Board of Education

No problems here.
Everything is just lovely.
Pay your taxes and go back to sleep.
We have everything under control.

Yeah right.

Thomas Jefferson said democracy demands and educated and informed electorate.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." (as cited in Padover, 1939, p. 89)
". . . whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that, whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them right." (as cited in Padover, 1939, p. 88)
The above quotes were the cornerstones of Jefferson's interest in education and the franchise. He placed education as the foundation of democracy and a prerequisite to vote.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Alabama Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions (r.) Leads the Charge to Kill Veterans Jobs Bill! YeeHaw!

Veterans won't be getting a new billion dollar jobs program thanks to the senate republicans, led by Alabama's own Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, bless his heart,  who forced a budget point of order.  I guess veterans can join the ranks of  them there freeloading, lazy Obama victims, I mean voters.

The bill was fully paid for, and entirely bipartisan -- Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) had his own set of ideas for the bill, and Murray incorporated all of them into her legislation.
And yet, all but five Senate Republicans voted to kill it anyway, 48 days before a national election. Even Burr sided with his party to defeat the bill, and it was filled with his provisions.

Don't blame me.  I voted a straight democratic ticket.

There are two kinds of republicans...millionaires and suckers.

The man who was not chosen to be the superintendent of the Huntsville City Schools

Dr. Eric King photo Glen Baeske The Huntsville Times

Before I type another sentence I want to express my gratitude to Merts Center Monitor and Geek Palaver for being the Education Reporters we wish we had instead of the Education Reporters we have

 If it weren't for people who are not being paid to report on the school system and to inform the public, we  wouldn't know the Huntsville City School system is mired in a culture of cronyism, hypocrisy, and nepotism, especially in regard to the Pinnacle Policy, and the Digital Conversion debacle.

Recap.  Casey Wardynski became OUR Superintendent after the buy out of Ann Roy Moore, and after being chosen as a finalist by the superintendent search firm hired by the school board.

The board voted 4-1 to hire BWP and Associates on a compressed timeline to find the new superintendent. The decision did not come without contention, however.Board members Laurie McCaulley, who voted against the motion, and Alta Morrison argued that the board could conduct the search itself. Fellow board members David Blair and Jennie Robinson disagreed with that idea

Dr. Eric King, a certified educator, and an experienced superintendent, was the first candidate quizzed to replace Anne Roy Moore.
King has served as superintendent of the Muncie system for about three years. His time overall as a superintendent has equaled 11 years, but his experience in education goes back much longer. He has also served as a director of pupil services, principal, dean of students, athletic director, teacher and director of parks and recreation.
His education includes bachelor's and master's degrees from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, an administrative certification from Concordia University in River Forest, Ill., and a PhD from Loyola University of Chicago.
King is the highest-paid of the candidates, earning $206,000 as head of a system of 7,000 students, according to his application. He oversees 30 employees.
Dr. Eric King has a proven track record (emphasis mine)

Board Vice President Laurie McCaulley asked about his experience transforming under performing schools. By using a systemic process of change that promotes continuous school improvement, King said, his system has seen one of its lowest performing schools recognized last year for making the most improvement in the state.
Financial crises also were an important issue discussed during King's interview.
"I think that's an issue that many school systems across the country are faced with," King said.
The Muncie system has faced financial challenges for a number of years, due to declining enrollment. The system established a blue ribbon task force to identify a cross-section of the community and get them involved in increasing the schools' efficiencies.
Cutting personnel as part of the financial woes is challenging, King said. He said his staff looks at attrition, or who was retiring or resigning, eliminating positions where possible. He also looks at reducing slots in administrative positions.
So why wasn't Dr. Eric King, chosen as one of the three finalist?

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Edit~Vote YES on the September 18th Constitutional Referendum

I'm voting YES on the Constitutional Amendment on  September 18th to transfer money from the Alabama Trust Fund to make up for a shortfall in the state's General Fund Budget....

Because the following people are voting NO.

House Minority Leader Craig Ford (d)

State Senator Scott Beason (r)

The Attack

If the people listed above are against it, I'm FOR it.  After all what have people who share their point of view ever been right (pun intended) about?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 Changed Everything All Right

It's that time of the year again.

Another year of remembering that George W. Bush was the pResident on 9/11.

From this day forward I will remember 9/11 as the day former democratic Governor Don Siegelman returns to prison for a crime that isn't a crime and the day that justice died.

I wish I could say I'm surprised Governor Siegelman is returning to prison for a crime that isn't a crime, but my rich, southern, heritage prevents it.  The south has a history of using the justice system that is supposed to protect us to harm us.

That's just who they are, and it's just what they do.

And there is not a darn thing we can do about it because 9/11 changed everything. Sigh

"Though I've often disagreed with republicans, I actually never learned to hate them they way the far right who controls their party hate our President and other Democrats"~ President William Jefferson Clinton (D. Arkansas)

And they want us to sing God Bless America? No!  No!  No!   RedEye tiptoeing away from the computer to go pray for our government.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Turn Off the Lights, The Party is O-V-E-R! Post DNC Photo Blog

All I'm going to say is anybody who votes for Mitt Romney and Paul Romney after last night might as well bend over and take their Gang Banging, because that's exactly what they are going to get.  To para quote former rPresident George W. Bush, said in my best south Texas drawl..... Yer either wit em, or aginst US.

Don't listen to the Talking TeeVee Pundit Heads and the Hate Radio Mongers. 

There are no legions of disappointed Obama voters. It's easier for the gop and the media to talk about the disappointing jobs report because the democrats knocked the ball out of the park.

There are no legions of undecided voters.  If they are undecided it's because they are disengaged.  If they haven't made up their mind who they are going to vote for in November by now, they never will.

There are no independent voters who vote for candidates based on issues, not party.  Bull Poop.  They vote  for the candidate from the party who shares their views on issues.  Trust me, there is nothing President Obama can do besides resign  to convince these people to vote for him.  So F em.

I've said it before, and I will say it again, it's the treacherous, gop infused, media enabled, Tea Party that is what is WRONG with America.  But it can, and it  will be fixed by WE THE PEOPLE.

Fist Dap Sick of the Slang-A Fair Look at the News of the Day

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Your Laugh Out Loud for today courtesy of Team Mittens!

Where I do start..

I thought republicans didn't believe in quotas and affirmative action?

What in the world is team Mittens thinking?

According to them the Black Leadership Council will help facilitate a dialogue between Mitt Romney and respected Black Leaders.

What respected black leaders would those be, sore losers and sell outs like Artur Davis?  

Psst Mittens!

Good luck with that dialogue with non respected Black Leaders.


Democrats highlight America for Americans

Listen.  That giant popping sound you hear are the heads of republicans and Talking TeeVee Pundit Heads exploding after the electrifying and inspiring opening night of the Democratic National Convention.  So much for the lack of enthusiasm for President Obama meme.

After the peanut throwing, name calling, mean, vindictive, spectacle that was the Republican National Convention, I am so thankful the world got the see real democracy.  Real patriotism.  Real Americans.

It was fitting the ghost of Ted Kennedy rose to haunt Mitt Romney from the grave.

Democratic Governor Duval  Patrick said it's time for democratics to grow a spine and start standing up to the right wing attack machine who are trying to bully the President out of office.

Democratic Governor Martin O'Malley said Yes we can blame the GOP for the unemployment numbers they are now crying crocodile tears over.

Sweet Home Alabama born and bred Lilly Ledbetter made the equal pay for equal work real.

San Antonio,Texas Mayor Julian Castro highlighted the RNC war on the truth. Note the Talking TeeVee Pundit Heads and the are focusing on his 3 year old daughter's hair flipping.

Democratic New Jersey Cory Booker bought the house down warning delegates democracy is a spectator sport.

Tonight former President Bill Clinton will remind us The Republicans Built the National Debt they now claim to be so concerned about.

But the star of the show was First Lady Michelle Obama who told the world success is not about how much money you make,  it's about the difference you make in peoples lives.  

All I'm going to say is, anyone that votes for the Romney/Ryan Ticket, you are who you vote for, and you get what you vote for.  You won't be hurting President Obama, minorities, women, labor, LBGT, and democrats.  You will be hurting yourselves.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hell Yes We're Better Off Than We Were Under Bush and Dick!

In an attempt to Sucker the Suckers, republicans dare ask Americans are they better off under President Obama than they were under Bush and Dick.

The answer is Hell Yes we are, and the question is are we better off than we were plunging into the great recession?  Duh

Republicans either have amnesia, or, they think the American people are stupid enough to vote the party that bought us the pain of bank defaults, loss jobs and the collapse of the mortgage market back in power.

Republicans want to talk about where were four years ago?

Bring.  It.  On!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Update~Awkward Annal's of American Politics on Labor Day

As you can see from the comments I am being accused of "technically repeating libel/slander in regards to this post regarding the Romney Campaign slogan/them.  Although I don't agree with the premise or the argument , I am editing the post to read;

Did you know one of the themes/slogans adopted by the Romney campaign, "Keep America America" is a variation of  Keep America American, once a slogan of the Ku Klux Klan?  The question is did Team Romney know his campaign slogan was once used by the KKK?  Awkward.
It is being reported by the Huffington Post that Romney’s campaign slogan “Keep America American” was the driving theme of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s. The slogan was the rallying cry for groups seeking to intimidate and terrorize black, Jewish and gay people all throughout the United States.
That said, did Romney/Ryan technically repeat Libel/Slander when they said President Obama ended the work for welfare requirement?  Are the Birthers technically repeating Libel/Slander when they claim the President wasn't born in America, implying he is not an American?  I guess it depends on what the definition of technically repeating Libel/Slander IS, because it looks like the republicans can technically dish out Libel/Slander, but they can't take it.

The same genius who came up with the KKK slogan for Romney must be the same genius who thought the Alabama, Mississippi and Florida delegations  Democratic National Convention kickoff party should be held at Historic Rosedale Plantation in  Charlotte, North Carolina.   Oh well, at least it wasn't held in the slave quarters.

Photos of Historic Rosedale Plantation - Attraction Images

This photo of Historic Rosedale Plantation is courtesy of TripAdvisor

 How do they expect us to move forward when there is always something there to remind us?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Is there a voter fraud expert in the Blogosphere?

Question: If you show up to vote on election day, cast a vote, and don't use your real name, is that voter fraud?

Question:  IF you show up to vote on election day and your photo ID doesn't match your name and you cast a vote, is that voter fraud?

Question: How many people cast votes on election day and didn't use their real name?

Question:  How many people show up on election day and present a photo ID that doesn't match the name they are registered to with?

Question:  Do voters who cast absentee ballots have to present photo ID?  If so how to they know the person submitting the absentee ballot is the same person in the photo?

Question:  What party is more likely to caste an absentee ballot?

Question:  How many cases of absentee fraud have been tried and convicted within the past 12 years?

Anybody know?

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

RedEye's Review of the RNC Convention

The long, national, nightmare also known as the 2012 GOP convention, came to and end this week, not with a bang, but a whimper.   If  this is the best Mittster and Company can do they are in worse shape than I thought. If the majority of American voters  fall for the Bull Poop and elect Romney and Ryan as the leaders of the United States of America, we will show the world who we really are, and what we really stand for.

It was pitiful to see the white, male, dominated media downplaying the fact there were more lies than Black people at the RNC convention.  Romney/Ryan must think voters, especially black voters,  are stoopid if they think all they have to do is trot Artur Davis, Condolezza Rice, Mia Love, and Paul Ryan's black college sweetheart in front of a TeeVee camera, and black folks will vote for them.

Above everything else when it comes to black Republicans do you really want to be associated with this? 

You know the lies and distortions must have been bad if the media called them out.

Anyhoo, thank goodness it's over, let us  march on to Charlotte, N.C. for the democratic national convention.  I HOPE it looks more like America than the RNC convention.

I report what you decide.