Tuesday, August 9, 2011

RedEye's Tuesday Must Reads

If it's not racist, racism what is it?
Let us be frank and state the obvious...a reality that so many in the mainstream media are loathe to admit: The Tea Party GOP and its highwayman want to destroy President Obama because he is a Democrat. But, they despise him because he is Black.
GrannyStandingforTruth is back and decoding the code words! Hmmmm. I wonder if she met with AL State Senator Hank Sanders (D.Selma)?
Well folks after returning back from my trip back South, I am beginning to hear more and more talk about slavery and proposals for some new voting laws coming from those white folks on the right. It appears that those folks are longing for the good ole days when they could sit on their asses, drink mint juleps, and fan flies all day while they once again profiting off those of a darker hue's free labor.
Jeff Sessions, The Magical Elf and His Aversion to Reality

Alabama heart throb and vile lisping piglet, also called the “top ranking Republican” on the Senate Judiciary Committee, has made a new delusional claim about the debt ceiling debate debacle.

No more Mister Nice Guy Warning, contains *ahem* strong, raw language, but it needed to be said.

How to tell if your School District is Infected by the Broad Virus. See if any of these sound familar.
Schools in your district are suddenly closed.

Even top-performing schools, alternative and schools for the gifted, are inexplicably and suddenly targeted for closure or mergers.

Repetition of the phrases “the achievement gap” and “closing the achievement gap” in district documents and public statements.

Repeated use of the terms “excellence” and “best practices” and “data-driven decisions.” (Coupled with a noted absence of any of the above.)

The production of “data” that is false or cherry-picked, and then used to justify reforms.

Principals are treated like pawns by the superintendent, relocated, rewarded and punished at will.

Sudden increase in number of paid outside consultants.

Read On! Read Often!


FED UP said...

I love this. It's about time someone in power made a TRUE statement and said what needs to be said!!!!!!!!

Philadelphia mayor lashes out against black crime.

Photo from Philadelphia Enquier.

Black mob violence in Philadelphia reaches a boiling point.

From Washington Times…

Mayor Michael A. Nutter, telling marauding black youths “you have damaged your own race,” imposed a tougher curfew Monday in response to the latest “flash mob” — spontaneous groups of teens who attack people at random on the streets of the city’s tourist and fashionable shopping districts.
“Take those God-darn hoodies down, especially in the summer,” Mr. Nutter, the city’s second black mayor, said in an angry lecture aimed at black teens. “Pull your pants up and buy a belt ‘cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt.”
“If you walk into somebody’s office with your hair uncombed and a pick in the back, and your shoes untied, and your pants half down, tattoos up and down your arms and on your neck, and you wonder why somebody won’t hire you? They don’t hire you ‘cause you look like you’re crazy,” the mayor said. “You have damaged your own race.”
Mr. Nutter announced that he was beefing up police patrols in certain neighborhoods, enlisting volunteers to monitor the streets and moving up the weekend curfew for minors to 9 p.m.
Parents will face increased fines for each time their child is caught violating the curfew.
The head of Philadelphia’s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, J. Whyatt Mondesire, said it “took courage” for Mr. Nutter to deliver the message.
“These are majority African-American youths and they need to be called on it,” Mr. Mondesire said.

Rebel Flower said...

Fed Up,

I enjoy the fact that you selectively grab one or two headlines from around the country to try and reinforce your racist world view. The fact of the matter is that your world is changing, the government is dysfunctional, the economies of the world is collapsing and you are still going on about fictional black mobs. You need to stop sniffing the racist fumes...Those fumes have brought this country to AA++ credit rating you moron. So you and the rest of you Bubba's need to get over it. No one is hiring not because of pants hanging down and tatts. IT'S YOU AND THE REST OF YOU FOOLS!

So sit down and STFU!

FED UP said...

suck a D###. you are the real racist! The mayor is black and it's about time a black man stands up and speaks the truth. We all know (except the liberals and black racist-you) what the hell is happening in the world today. The young blacks are out of control and it's nice to see a black political figure speak out. I am sure you will have some racist rhetoric and say he's an uncle Tom or a sell out etc all black racist say that. Here is a great article for you written by a black college professor....take the time to read what an educated black man has to say! I'm no Bubba!

FED UP said...

This seems to be what Redeye Rebelflower and others are doing!!!!

The late South African economist William Hutt, in his 1964 book, The Economics of the Colour Bar, said that one of the supreme tragedies of the human condition is that those who have been the victims of injustices and oppression "can often be observed to be inflicting not dissimilar injustices upon other races."

Black silence in the face of black racism has to be one of the biggest betrayals of the civil rights struggle that included black and white Americans. Walter Williams

"There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps... then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved."
— Jesse Jackson

Anonymous said...

Redeye -- thanks for link to Seattle Education blog.

FED UP said...

Also look at London. Blacks are out of control. Blacks attacking whites! It's happening all over the world. When one of those whites pulls out a 357 magnum and blows a hole in one of these thugs I bet you all will have something to say then like that's racist put him in jail he did it because the offender was black etc etc This needs to STOP!!!

Rebel Flower said...

Fed Up,

Since I am such a racist sucking you alleged phallus isn't really an option.

Why are they rioting in London? The violence had its genesis in the fatal police shooting of Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old father of four who was gunned down in Tottenham on Thursday under disputed circumstances.

Police said Duggan was shot dead when officers from Operation Trident – the unit that investigates gun crime in the black community – stopped a cab he was riding in. A protest demanding justice on Saturday devolved into a riot, which spread to neighboring parts of London on Sunday and by Monday had spread across the capital.

Duggan's death resonated in part because it stirred memories of the 1980s, when many black Londoners felt they were disproportionately stopped and searched by police. Their frustration erupted in violent riots in 1985.

But the rioters who've taken to the streets since Sunday have been extremely diverse – those in central England appeared to be mostly white and working class.


Do some research and try again

FED UP said...

ok I'll forget London what about all the other flash mob incidents. When you feel that you have been wronged solve it in a civilized manner!

The late South African economist William Hutt, in his 1964 book, The Economics of the Colour Bar, said that one of the supreme tragedies of the human condition is that those who have been the victims of injustices and oppression "can often be observed to be inflicting not dissimilar injustices upon other races."

Black silence in the face of black racism has to be one of the biggest betrayals of the civil rights struggle that included black and white Americans. Walter Williams

"There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps... then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved."
— Jesse Jackson

FED UP said...

More on Wisconsin State Fair hate crime mob attacks.

On the opening night of the Wisconsin State Fair, a mob of 100 young black thugs vicious attacked white people in the parking lot as they were leaving.

The local police say none of the over two dozen black suspects they arrested will be charged with a hate crime. Read Article.

The local Fox Station tries to counter the story by interviewing a local “anti-racism” hustler who makes fantastical claims of “skinhead violence.”

The local FOX station discusses the racial nature of the attacks, but then tries to diminish it by interviewing a professional hustler who makes vague and outlandish claims of attacks against blacks. Arno Micheal was involved with a “skinhead record label” founded in the early 90′s. The label and the bands it signed failed to gain any commercial success. Micheal and the labels founder soon learned that there was more money to be made by attacking “white racists.” Both became professional “anti-racism” hustlers. Several other self-described “former skinhead leaders” have done the same as well. Often these hustlers are glorified in the media and their outlandish revenue generating claims are promoted without questions. A quick search on google easily turned up a half dozen “reformed skinheads” that you can now readily hire as a public speaker.

Shame on Fox 6 Milwaukee for this propaganda. Why won’t they just report the actual news and let the people decide what to think about it for themselves.

FED UP said...

Elderly woman victim of horrific hate crime attack in Columbia, SC.

Three whites were attacked by ruthless black thugs in Philadelphia. One man pummeled with brass knuckles. Media CENSORS all mention of race.

FED UP said...

FOX News finally mentions black on white mob attacks.

For the past two years, has been exposing the bloody rise of black on white mob attacks. We have also been exposing the open media censorship.

Finally a few “mainstream” media outlets have begun to whisper “questions” about what has been telling you for the past two years.

From FOX News…

Questions Arise Over Whether ‘Flash Mob’ Attacks in U.S. Cities Motivated by Race

Police departments in several cities around the country are investigating what appear to be incidents of “flash mob”-generated violence, in which packs of dozens or even hundreds of youths appear seemingly out of nowhere to commit assaults, robberies and other crimes against innocent bystanders.

The motive and circumstances surrounding the attacks that have resulted in numerous arrests around the country are being investigated — and law enforcement officials in at least one city are looking into a possible racial component to the crimes.

FED UP said...

FOR YOU REBEL FLOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Media lying. Working class fighting back against rioters.

The radical left-wing taxpayer supported NPR recently released a fictional report falsely claiming that “young working class white” people are strongly represented among the rioters. Other media outlets around the world are working overtime to falsify information about the riots. Even Rush Limbaugh was duped into saying that the rioters were working class people protesting economic conditions.

The actual rioters are largely professional thugs and gangbangers. They started as an all black race riot, and Afro-Caribbean and African immigrants continue to make up the bulk of the rioters. About 10%-12% of London is black. Half from the Caribbean and half from sub-Saharan Africa.

Working class whites in Enfield drive black rioters out of the area. Enfield is about 15% black.

Meanwhile the politically correct London police leadership, issued a warning to “vigilantes.” These same authorities ordered London police to stand down the fist day of the riots! They were so afraid of political taboos that they allowed a black mob to set fires and loot stores at will.

From BBC…

The Metropolitan Police has warned Londoners against forming “vigilante patrol groups”.

The caution comes after hundreds of residents in Southall, Enfield, Hackney and Eltham patrolled their areas.

On Tuesday night Sikh men in Southall, many with hockey sticks, stood guard outside a Sikh and a Hindu temple and a mosque following Monday’s disorder.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stephen Kavanagh said “vigilantism” could lead to violence and drain Met’s resources.

The Met described Monday’s disorder as “the worst” in its recent history as violence began in Hackney and spread to Croydon, Clapham, Camden, Lewisham, Peckham, Newham, East Ham, Enfield, Woolwich, Ealing and Colliers Wood.

About 16,000 officers were on duty on Tuesday night – up from 6,000 – and the increased police presence will remain, the government said.

About 300 Sikh men gathered in Southall to protect religious buildings and businesses while about 100 men stood in Church Street, Enfield, vowing to “defend the streets”.

Rebel Flower said...

Professional thugs and gang bangers... Do you know how stupid you sound? Try again Effed up. You try and try and your facts are as rooted in reality as a flying monkey writing skakespear.

Mack Lyons said...

To ol' FuckUp here, all blacks are thugs and criminals. The stories he latches onto verify his train of thought. Nothing's gonna change that anytime soon.

Thanks for the links, RedEye. Great stuff.

FED UP said...

Mack Lyons Rebel Flower

I do not THINK ALL BLACKS ARE THUGS AND CRIMINALS! I want to point out the facts of what is going on today in the world. A FEW black thugs are the ones causing problems and attacking whites in different parts of the world and we don't won't to talk about it or classify it as hate crimes. Reverse the situations and I bet you all would be crying racism!

Margherite said...

A-a-a-h, it still works -- the "let's you and him fight" game that make conditions ideal to pick both your pockets while you are otherwise occupied. Ask yourselves: who benefits from hate crimes? The media, due to fear-driven attention. Politicians, due to fear-driven votes in response to rhetoric directed toward perceived danger. Gun manufacturers and security companies, whose products will probably never be used in self-defense. Follow the money, and you may find that it is all a distraction to keep you from noticing that you are being screwed.

To return to RedEye's typically incisive posting -- I have come to believe that the Tea Party's goal is not just to destroy President Obama -- it is to destroy the entire U.S. for electing him.

Redeye said...

It's easier for FED UP to site crime statistics and spew insults than defend the indefensible. FED UP I draw the line at graphic owe everyone who reads the blog an apology. This is your first and only warning. You are free to comment, but you are not free to be obscene. Not here anyway.

FED UP said...

will do maybe the others saying FUCKUP will stop too!!

Mack Lyons said...To ol' FuckUp here,

Rebel Flower said...

Fed Up, back to your glorious London Nubian uprising...

More than 1,700 people have been arrested in England after nearly a week of rioting that started Saturday, and courthouses have had to stay open overnight to deal with the flood of defendants, the AP reports.

Cameron's former adviser Danny Kruger wrote in the Financial Times that the riots are the "intifada of the underclass." But among those arrested are a straight-A Exeter University student whose family wealth makes it unlikely she would loot out of necessity, and a 24-year-old college graduate and aspiring social worker whose mother said, "She didn't want a TV. She doesn't even know why she took it," according to The Daily Mail.
Daniel Knowles at The Telegraph argues that, "Many of these criminals are no different from [liberal politician] Nick Clegg, who at the age of 16 narrowly escaped a conviction in Germany for setting fire to a professor's cactus collection for a 'drunken lark.' Or, for that matter, from the Bullingdon Club, of which David Cameron and [London Mayor] Boris Johnson were members, which goes around smashing up restaurants.

There is something deeply hypocritical about middle-aged politicians condemning teenagers as though these sorts of crimes have never happened before."

People that are involved in the riots: Eighteen-year-old Chelsea Ives, a volunteer ambassador for next year's Olympic Games, was turned in by her own mother who spotted her on TV footage of the riots.

An 11-year-old girl was reportedly given a 9-month "referral order" after witnesses said she hurled rocks at two store windows during the riots, according to the Daily Mail. The girl lives in a foster home, and the Daily Mail says she refused to apologize to the judge who sentenced her.

A 17-year-old ballerina turned herself in after images of her looting were published in a newspaper and broadcast on TV, according to the Telegraph. The footage showed her taking two televisions from an electronics store.

Laura Johnson, the 19-year-old daughter of well-to-do parents and a straight-A student at Exeter University, is accused of stealing electronic goods worth thousands of dollars in London

University graduate and aspiring social worker Natasha Reid turned herself in when she became overcome by guilt over stealing a TV from a electronics store while on her way to McDonalds during the looting. According to the AP, a judge told 24-year-old Reid she would probably face jail time.

A 19-year-old aspiring musician grabbed a violin from a looted music store before being nabbed by the cops. According to the Daily Mail, he was sentenced to four months in jail.

Yeah...they sound like gangbangers to me...

FED UP said...

still they committed a crime and should be punished. They acted like animals and took on a mob mentality.

Redeye said...

Thank you Rebel Flower for debunking the Faux News "black thug" spin regarding the situation in England.

And FED Up, you have some nerve talking about someone acting like animals and taking on a mob mentality when that's the type of behavior you exhibit on this blog every day. If you keep it up I am going to ask my ex friends at Left in Alabama how you ban someone.

FED UP said...

What would you call it? The national news ABC NBS and CBS finally showed videos from London,Chicago and Philly. The videos showed stealing, assaults, criminal mischief etc and I only saw a FEW white folks. It was mostly filled with images of young black males!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter their reasoning there IS NO EXCUSE!!! One day they will attack a few people who carry a weapon LEGALLY and someone will get shot!! I am sure we will focus a lot more on the issue when that happens!!! I sure we will hear racist, no right to shoot someone etc. This mass outbreak of violence needs to STOP. We need more black leaders to step up and call it what it is and speak out against it like the Philadelphia mayor did!!!! Kudos to him!!!!!!!!

Redeye said...

You only saw a "few white folks" because ABC,NBC, and CBS wanted you see "few white folks". The media wanted you to see images of young black males to reinforce the media driven sterotype that young black males are thugs and criminals.

Everyone knows it's the job of the media to keep the dumb bigots in line. They are doing a great job. We need leaders, black and white, to step up and call the media out.

FED UP said...

I STRONGLY disagree! The media constantly shows crimes and incidents like these and never say "black male offender"! They also report a story and say male offender when they should give the race to make the rest of us aware of who to be on the look out for!!!!!! I feel they do that not to have J.Jackson. and others crying about it !!! Keep telling yourself that it is what the media wanted us to see! What we saw were videos from people posting on line and what it proved was it was 90% black male thugs!!! You can keep lying to yourself but we all know the truth!!!!

FED UP said...

Another incident,this time in Kansas the video and tell me the color of the offenders!!!!!!!!!

KC Mayor caught in the middle of shooting.

A mob of black teenagers turned violent at the Kansas City Plaza. One teenage black male opened fire wounding three other teens. The mayor of Kansas City was at the plaza. Two police officers forced him to the ground for his own protection.

Mayor Sly James was in the Plaza to get a first hand look at the out of control mobs.

Redeye said...

It is the job of the media to keep the dumb, white, bigots in line. Mission Accomplished.

FED UP said...

"dumb, white, bigots in line"


Do they keep black liberal racist like yourself in line also?

Racist like you hide behind the ignorance of the real truth and think everyone else is the racist ie whitey when if you took a hard look in the mirror you'd see a REAL RACIST!!

"Black silence in the face of black racism has to be one of the biggest betrayals of the civil rights struggle that included black and white Americans!!!!" Walter Williams

Redeye said...

Racist like you hide behind sell outs like Walter Williams and think all blacks are criminals and thugs. That would be like me thinking all white folks thought like like Y-O-U.

FED UP said...

I DO NOT think all blacks are criminals or thugs!! I think you are a racist though! Why call Walter Williams a sellout? Is it because he speaks the truth? Is the Philly mayor a sellout? What exactly is a sellout? Is it a black person who stands up to the black racist facade that blacks are being persecuted treated unfairly etc? Whites, Chinese, Mexicans, Arabs are all treated unfairly in some way also.I know when you call a black man a sell out that shows your true RACIST LIBERAL colors. STOP drinking the black racist kool aid. Blacks have every opportunity in 2011 that everyone else does. A lot of blacks do as Walter Williams talks about and that my pal is......sad sad sad!!

"Black silence in the face of black racism has to be one of the biggest betrayals of the civil rights struggle that included black and white Americans!!!!" Walter Williams