Wednesday, August 3, 2011

President Obama should fire everybody except Michelle

The Presidents' staff/cabinet are miserable failures. They need to be replaced with people who are not afraid to allow him to govern because he is an African American man.

He is the President of the United States of America. President Obama can only appropriately address the issue of jobs, education social problem from the standpoint of policy. I am dismayed those advising him advised him to go the route of compromise, which we the people see as capitulation.

I never believed Obama was going to be the the black people's President and only the the black people's President, because I believed him when he said there were no red states or blue states but the United States of America. But, his advisers were so afraid that if he showed any sympathy or empathy to the plight of blacks it would look like he was giving blacks "special treatment".

I believe some whites were actually afraid President Obama was going to exact some kind of revenge for slavery and Jim Crow. So, in their zeal to shape the first African American President in their image, they turned him into a token with no power. Someone they could point to and say America is post racial. As if the emasculation of black men in America needed more assistance. But I digress.

If President Obama doesn't do something to rescue his historic election future African Americans don't have a chance of being elected President of the United States of America because they will use his Presidency as an example.

One of the first things President Obama did was allow the media to make him distance himself from old guard black leaders and distance himself from vocal black folks. Yes, the old guard black leaders are out dated in a certain way, but they made it possible for Obama to be were he is today. He could have benefited from their experience, advice and counsel.

Candidate Obama was race neutral, aka race neutered. What good is being elected the first African American President if you have to pretend you are not an African American? Alothough he wanted to be seen as race neutral he continously made it race specific when he lectured black people desperately in pursuit of white approval. Instead of telling black folks they should act more like white folks he should be talking about what institutional racism and the system are doing to black families and communities across this nation and enacting polices to solve the problem.

And please get the First Lady Michelle Obama out of the garden and into the West Wing. It's time for her advisers/staff to go for the same reasons. She is a woman of style and substance.

It's not to late to change course Mr. President. It's "Yes we can". Remember?


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

I agree Mrs.Obama is not being used in this presidents term in office as she should be.
But there is a deeper reasoning for the president's behavior,part of that reasoning is the political ignorance of working class people in this country!

Redeye said...

Agreed, it's the political ignorance. And why are the people politically ignorant? Because they get their mis information from Talk News radio and Fox News.