Saturday, August 1, 2020

EYE wish white Democrats (and EYE use that term loosely) would pick a lane and stop walking down the yellow line in the middle of the road

lines on the road meaning explained driving laws solid double yellow

Daddy used to say the only thing in the middle of the street is a yellow line. White Democrats would RATHER stay in the middle of the street than pick a lane.  They can't decide if they want to be democrats or if they want to be republicans.  Walking the yellow line allows them to be modern-day Dixiecrats 

Reed defined a Dixiecrat as "those folks who are mad because blacks are a majority in the Democratic Party in Alabama."

White democratic women will defend the honor of a republican woman before they defend their own.

Democrats will praise/defend a republican before they praise/defend their own.

White democrats believe the only way they can "win" elections is to pander to the Republicans at the expense of their base because after all where can the base go?  The base is held captive on the plantation. 
“The data reveals that Black women voters are the very foundation to a winning coalition, yet most Black voters feel like the Democrats take them for granted,” the letter reads. “Since taking office, you have met with and listened to key constituencies. But you have yet to host a Black women leaders convening.”

Make up your mind.  You are either with us or you are with them.  Pick a lane.

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