Monday, June 13, 2011

RedEye's Snark Attack

Don't be distracted by WeinerGate
He had inappropriate sexual entanglements with a number of women and lied about it repeatedly to the American people. Yet nobody --- save for cone Colorado law school prof--- seems to be calling for Justice Clarence Thomas' resignation for some reason.

That, even though Thomas, unlike Rep. Anthony Weiner, appears to have actually, and flagrantly, and repeatedly, broken the law.

As we reported in January, Thomas appears to have "knowingly and willfully" filed falsified Financial Disclosure Forms which withheld disclosure of nearly $700,000 his wife received from the right wing Heritage Foundation for the better part of the last 20 years. Only once it was pointed out publicly this year did Thomas bother to file "self-initiated amendments" to the forms he had signed just above the legal warning in bold and all caps which reads: "NOTE: ANY INDIVIDUAL WHO KNOWINGLY AND WILLFULLY FALSIFIES OR FAILS TO FILE THIS REPORT MAY BE SUBJECT TO CIVIL AND CRIMINAL SANCTIONS (5 U.S.C. app. § 104)"
Don't forget the same person who bought us ACORN and Shirley Sherrod is the same person responsible for the latest Weapon of Mass Distraction from the real issues facing real people. But that's OK. Snark
Andrew Breitbart is riding high with sources now in the Oval Office and the Clinton household. I have to agree with Sarah Palin on this, LAME STREAM MEDIA, who will destroy a good man and celebrate a bottom feeding rat faced racist for share.

Dear Lame Stream Media,

Though this should have been done from the gitgo, from this point forward all reporters and journalists when faced with any Republican wienering about the Weiner should and must be asked if they did the same weinering yesterday and today, about the far worse case of Republican Family Values Senator David Vitter who was caught committing REAL SERIAL adultery with prostitutes while he wore diapers. Ask it every single time, and if the Republicans then refuse to come on shows or blackball those reporters and journalists, so be it. For what does it matter, the Republicans all have the exact same talking points handed them by Grover Norquist and Fox News anyway.
We are being lied too...over and over again. But that's OK. Weiners Wiener is more important. Snark

Didn't we see this movie before? You know, the one where the generals lie about the success of their Asian land war by cooking the books (i.e., inflating numbers of enemies killed and/or captured).
In December, Petraeus's command said a total of 4,100 Taliban rank and file had been captured in the previous six months and 2,000 had been killed.
Those figures were critical to creating a new media narrative hailing the success of SOF operations as reversing what had been a losing U.S. strategy in Afghanistan.

But it turns out that more than 80 percent of those called captured Taliban fighters were released within days of having been picked up, because they were found to have been innocent civilians, according to official U.S. military data.

Even more were later released from the main U.S. detention facility at Bagram airbase called the Detention Facility in Parwan after having their files reviewed by a panel of military officers.

How do we know his command lied to the media? Because in September the press officer for the International Security Assistance Force admitted that of the number of captured Taliban claimed at that time only included "initial detainees. In November 2010, the commander of Task Force 435 admitted that over 80% of captured Taliban fighters were released within two weeks from June-November, 2010.
Missing Iraq money many have been stolen, but that's OK, destroying Anthony Weiners marriage and career is more important to the American people who don't have jobs and are about to lose their homes, praying they don't get sick because they don't have health insurance because they have no jobs.
U.S. Defense officials still cannot say what happened to $6.6 billion, sent by the planeload in cash and intended for Iraq's reconstruction after the start of the war.

All white is not right (pun intended)I'm white and conservative on quite a few things; I still think this bill sucks. The vast majority of this state are white conservatives; demonizing them as a class accomplishes nothing.

God forbid white conservatives be demonized as a class. Snark
Yet, those same "African Americans" are likely the same... (0.00 / 0)
Dumb-dumbs that will follow anything that the usual suspects in the black political circles saying without considering any critical analysis on their own. There were also blacks that didn't support the methods of civil disobedience used by the civil rights activist as well, but that didn't mean they were would considered enablers of injustice to humanity.

Another thing is those negros, yeah I'm going to use that word for that faction of simpletons, are the same idiots are the same ones whom will wonder how or why they are continued to be racially profiled like the Latinos and Hispanics as well.

This legislation is the direct result of a significant number of white Alabamians letting their paranoia, xenophobia, and aversive bigotry run-a-mok for sure.
No use in demonizing them as a class indeed,Because we know when two black guys meet, they could only be hoodlums Snark

If they are liberal democrats they must be slimy and corrupt, but let's not demonize them as a class, let's just set up, prosecute and convict them. Snark

Snark attack over and out....for now.

RedEye tiptoeing away from the computer to prepare my sock bomb arsenal for the TeaPublican Presidential Debate tonight.

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