Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Red HOT Redeye Rant

Would someone please tell the LameStream Media we don't care about about Anthony Wieners' male member? I mean really. They are more concerned weather it's a picture of his male member than they are WHO sent the Tweet. While the republicans are all over TeeVee talking about "cutting out of control spending" Anthony Wiener is talking about his male member. Why? Because it's a Weapon of Mass Distraction. If the media really wanted to investigate something they would find out who was behind the prank. But nooooooo. That would be too much like right (pun intended). Psst LameStream Media, you are being Punk"d. Again. You have reached peaked stupid.

It ought to be against the law to use the public airways to promote racist, racial sterotypes. Fox Pundit Dennis Kneale Associates Public Schools With 'The Crips Or The Bloods'

While discussing the New Jersey Supreme Court decision to make Gov. Chris Christie restore $500 million to the public school system, pundit Dennis Kneale compares public schools with "the Crips or the Bloods."

Other than the obvious race baiting by Kneale, this was also another typical segment for Fox's "Cost of Freedom" block of shows from their business channel that they air on Saturday mornings where it's one lone liberal ganged up on by the rest of the panel and where they're trashing public education. One of their favorite topics right behind trashing unions and crying about any tax increases for corporations.

Most of the Forbes panel seemed to be completely oblivious of the fact that it might cost more to educate children in poor areas of the state and that most of those parents don't have the luxury of "choosing" where their children go to school.

I have to give the TeaPublicans credit for one thing. They are lockstep and on point. No Cat Herding for the gop, no siree. They are all over the airways talking about cutting out of control spending when Democrats are in office, but you don't hear a peep out of them when republicans borrow and spend like drunken sailors. Let the TeaPublicans tell it, the debt was caused by out of control government spending, but the debt was actually created by their out of control borrowing and spending on all war all the time and a tax cut for the rich. Do you hear Democrats all over the TeeVee saying If Americans Don't Want Services Cut, Then Raise Taxes on the Rich and End the Wars? Nope.

Whats that you say? Corporate lobby targets African-Americans for NC bill raising loan interest rates? I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you. NOT.
North Carolina has some of the most stringent consumer protection rules in the country against predatory lending. In 2010, lending groups ramped up campaign contributions to elect lawmakers more hospitable to their interests, and are now pushing a bill that would allow lenders to raise the interest rates they charge on consumer loans -- and reaching out to African-American voters who would be among those most affected by the measure.

RedEye Rant over and out until next time.

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Redeye said...

PS what the Rude Pundit said!

Send all your idiot minions to make a story where none exists, create another distraction because that's f*cking journalism. It has to be because it says so right there on your title, no? Because the only corrective to the mythical liberal media is to just manufacture scandals that discredit those who would give a sh#t about the poor and disenfranchised, like Shirley Sherrod, like ACORN, like Planned Parenthood, like teachers on a break from school, for f*ck's sake. Aid and comfort, Andrew, aid and comfort. But, hey, you play the slavering mainstream media like a whore bragging about his awesome oral skills.