Tuesday, September 30, 2014

#SpyGate Shhh! I listened to WVNN AM NewsTalk so you won't have too

Secret Keeper

What is the first thing you do if you are HCS Superintendent Casey Wardynski, and HCS Board President David Blair,  and you are facing a PR nightmare over Operation #SpyGate, and you can't hold a staged protest on the steps of the Annie Merts Center?

Run as fast as your short, little, legs will carry you over to  The Attack Machine to save the day!  (Cue in Mighty Mouse theme song)

That's right (pun intended),  the best way to make your case is to take it to Radio Boy, aka Dale Jackson.  I mean, who better to make your case for spying on some students social media accounts than the person who used the official state seal on a memo telling Democrats to vote the day after the election, and called State Representative Laura Hall a racist coward

Anyhoo, here is what I learned on WVNN News Talk today and other places around the web regarding  #hsvboe Operation #SpyGate:

1.  Racial Profiling is OK.

2.  No amount of money is too much if it results in putting black/brown students out of school.

3.  The students should have called their social media post a parody and called it a day.

4.  Real Gang members don't post on Facebook.

5.  The NSA is in Maryland.....not Washington D.C.

Welcome Back Merts Center Monitor!
 If you are here, I expect you already know about the latest crock of lies, evasions, deceits, illegalities, and violations of civil rights on the part of Wardynski and his henchmen: the May 2012 NSA tip-off (which the NSA denies) about a so-called immediate threat of danger (aka juvenile last day of school humor) with a foreign connection: one of the 100s of people following then junior Auseel Yousefi’s Twitter feed was a Yemeni (and thus, it seems, presumed to be a Muslim Jihadist terrorist) and how this tip-off led to the never-spent-a-day-on-the-battlefield retired colonel forming a surveillance project that the Board of Education maybe did or maybe didn’t know about (damn! who was responsible for delivering the scripts last week?) two months before the Yemeni non-event occurred.

You were missed.

Stay tuned.


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