Thursday, September 11, 2014

Update! #ThrowbackThursday Threatening Parents #hsvboe style

Breaking News!  Mr. Matthews has changed the settings on his Uplifting HCS from being an open group that anyone could view to a closed group that only members can view. I guess he realized it wasn't wise to threaten parents about posting on Facebook on Facebook.  Snicker

The last thing Huntsville City Schools wants the Department of Justice to know is the truth.

In a letter sent to parents with students enrolled in grades 3-12 HCS claims they have invited the Department Justice to meet with students in order to gain information related to the long standing desegregation order, which they are bound and determined to be released from, by hook or by crook.
This whole process is a fraud and a farce. H/T Russell Winn
 Mr. Matthews is correct when he says that the agreement that parents signed requires that they not even acknowledge that they participated in these discussions, but the attitude that he demonstrates here, and in particular the attitude that Mr. Giles, HCS's Chief of Staff, demonstrate here is troubling.

Any discussion to bring unity to a community that requires implied and even direct threats from the school system, the DOJ, and especially employees from the school system, which is true of Mr. Giles and has been true of Mr. Matthews, is going to fail.

You cannot achieve unity by being secret about how you do so.
Yep, can't have the Feds finding out what is really going on in the Huntsville City Schools. Parents who were lucky enough to be selected need to STFU.
 It was painful to watch democracy, fairness, and justice, die last night. I went to bed last night  and woke up this morning with that same sick feeling I had after the not guilty verdict in the  George Zimmerman trial.

First, they stacked the agenda with long presentations, and seats were saved for teachers/employees prior to the public being allowed to enter the board room.  Second, citizens were told to write down their questions on cards to be given to the board members and they would decide which ones were to be read or answered.  Citizens were not allowed to ask questions of the BOE.  A handpicked Pastor was "asked" and allowed to speak, however Reverend Mark Johnson, nephew of J.O. Johnson left because the BOE kept changing the rules and he thought he wasn't going to be allowed to speak.
Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.  I'm beginning to think neither side wants a solution, which plays right into the segregationist strategy of  segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever?

Uplifting Huntsville City Schools my Donkey  
Mending fences with the black community is the last thing on the mind of this superintendent. Wardynski, assisted by the district 1 BOE representative , and the president of the Huntsville Council of PTSA's, attended the J.O.Johnson PTSA election the day after the prayer vigil.  According to my sources, with Wardynski, McCaulley, and Elisa Ferrall in attendence,  members of the J.O. Johnson Alumni Association were told their individual memberships were not valid because there were no copies of their membership applications.  They were also informed the application fees they paid were a donation, and refused to refund them.  So they had a record of the donations but not the membership.  Only two members of the JOJ Alumni Association were allowed to vote, but here's the kicker, ballots were not secret, they had to be printed and signed or they weren't counted. Reynard Jones was elected President, and Carlos Matthews was elected Vice President of the J.O.Johnson PTSA by a vote of 21-2.  Neither of these persons have children who attend J.O. Johnson,  nor are either J.O.Johnson Alums.  Both were members of the hand picked members of the so called naming committee.
Those who control the message...., control the outcomeNod Nod Wink Wink

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