Sunday, April 6, 2014

"God's gonna trouble the water"

Here we go again, the media we have telling us what they want us to know instead of what we need to know to make an informed decision.

In their haste to revive a stale scandal  (redEYE roll) the media failed to report  the HCS BOE violated the civil rights of a constituent by not allowing them to question the BOE unless it was written down and filtered through a Mime.  That's right, those who make the rules, get to break the rules.  Again.  But hey, look at that bright, shiny, object over there!

A Time to Stand
And yet our teachers press on despite the hostility they face. They press on because they love children and because they love and believe in the power of education.
We need to support them by standing up for them. We need to be their voice in our community. We need to make sure that their voice is heard in the board meetings.
Because no one else is doing it.
Teachers are fighting every day and night to help our children learn. The least we can do is speak out on their behalf.
The one thing that a bully fears is when those he is bullying stand up and say no more. It’s time to stand.
Suppressing dissent by silencing taxpayers is a nice nasty way of saying you aren't valued as a person, we know what is best for you, and how your tax dollars should be spent.  We will do what we want to do in your community because you need the government to take care of you.

Calling all Ankle Biters!
So don’t let the superintendent succeed in silencing your voice.
Despite his best efforts to keep attendance low by scheduling the meetings with the two largest high schools with less than 24 hours notice, despite his attempts to bore parents into silent acquiescence by showing propaganda after propaganda, despite his rude dismissal of any idea, suggestion or question raised by a parent about how this is supposed to be helping our children learn, don’t let him win.
Show up at the meetings. Ask questions. Get your neighbors to do so, too. Yes, you’ll likely be insulted by the superintendent. So what? HE WORKS FOR YOU.
It’s time for the ankle biters, as Wardynski calls those of us who dare to care more about children and education than his inept plans, to stand and let the superintendent know that he doesn’t control us. He doesn’t rule over us. And he won’t silence us with his insults.
We care about our schools, our teachers, and our children even if he doesn’t. And it’s past time he understood this.
It's time to be A Ripple in the Water
Making waves for the sole purpose of making waves is useless. In fact, it’s dangerous. As such, I try hard to avoid waves for their own purpose. (I’m sure there are many who disagree with me on this. This isn’t an exact science; that’s why I invite those who disagree with me to speak up. It helps me keep a sense of perspective.)
Our district, however, doesn’t value questions, challenges, or disagreement. Our superintendent values command and control above all things.
Command and Control aren’t words of praise. They aren’t words of love. Control is stagnation. When waters are controlled, they die, and all those living in those waters die as well.
But a ripple breathes life into stagnate waters. A ripple repudiates command and control.
And we get to be that ripple.
Yes, I do worry everyday about retribution. But I worry more about living in a world that threatens dissent.
And so I do my best to make specific and intentional ripples because with our “get to” comes responsibility.
So I’ll be that ripple. Despite the risk. Despite the threats.
Because I love my kids.

A Call for the Superintendent to Resign

There has been a lot said tonight and over the past month about the digital transition, but I’ve noticed one thing that hasn’t really been pointed out.
Because of the actions of this superintendent and this board of education, our teachers are afraid to speak up, both privately and publicly, when something is interfering with the educational environment of their classrooms.
They are afraid to ask questions. They are afraid to point out deficiencies. They are afraid to say anything other than “Everything is great in Huntsville City Schools.”
Those who are both parents of school aged children and teachers are afraid to even ask questions of their board members for fear of being harassed for not being a team player.
In other words, the climate of fear and intimidation that the superintendent has created over the past 14 months has succeeded in silencing legitimate questions and concerns about the quality of education occurring in our schools. Education is a process of asking questions and seeking answers. If teachers are afraid to do those things, education is no longer possible.
In light of this, Dr. Wardynski, I am here tonight to respectfully ask you to tender your resignation as superintendent of Huntsville City Schools. It is time for you to move on. We wish you well.
It's time for them to go.

All of them.

RedEye tiptoeing away from the computer singing Wade in the Water.....


Anonymous said...

As a black man I hear numerous people like you call whites racist when they speak negative about Obama. In the past 14 months you are all NEGATIVE toward Dr. W. Are you racist against whites? If not then why do you and other national black leaders say whites are racist if they disagree with Obama or any other black leaders? When Dr. Moore was talked about by whites then they were labeled racist by you and others or you and others would say it's cause she is black etc. So is this negativity because Dr. W. is white?

Anonymous said...

Blame the black Democrats on the Flint,Mi. city council. They also have convicted felons. Blacks in Flint voted for the black candidate regardless if they were felons. This happens in most all elections. I as a black man vote for the best candidate. I do not vote based on race I vote for the best candidate. So the people complaining have themselves to blame for anything going on. They put those felons and others in office!!

Redeye said...

DARYAL Pinchon is not a black man.

DARYAL Pinchon will never be a black man.

Feel free to discount everything they say because if they can't be honest about who they are their opinion is not honest.