Monday, November 10, 2014

Joe Reed is right (pun intended), the opposition to Obama is rooted in racism

Joe Reed, long time vice chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party

"I know I'm right. All you have to do is look at all those ads the Republicans ran, not against the Alabama Democrat running against them, but against Obama. Hell! They mentioned him so often that I expected to see his name on the ballot Tuesday."
I know Joe Reed is right too.  All you have to do is read the comments following the articles written and posted by Charles Deen on for verification and validation.

Let's recap.
After (not to be confused with before) the midterm elections, Charles Deen asked the most hated black man in Alabama, I mean, Joe Reed, why whites (including white democrats) voted against their self interest, and against Obama.  Joe Reed is quoted as saying this:
  "Too many whites in Alabama are motivated to vote against Obama because he is black. Now they will tell you it's because he's liberal but he's really not liberal in my view. But he sure as hell is black," added Reed, 76.
Gasp!  What did he say that for?  How dare Joe Reed tell the truth!
 "White voters, especially the middle class and poor white voters should be the very ones demanding a lottery to help pay their kids college costs and expanding Medicaid to help pay health care costs. And what did they do in the governor's race? They voted against those things by voting for Gov. Bentley who will nothing to get a lottery and who has said he's opposed to expanding Medicaid."
Reed is also quoted as saying the state democratic party shares the blame for Tuesday's debacle, and I agree.  Instead of petty bickering and infighting, and distancing themselves from Joe Reed and his bunch, the Alabama Democratic Party should have circled the wagons and formed a unified front against the republican extremism and bigotry (yes I said it) that "won" on Tuesday.

I saw the writing on the wall when the Alabama Democratic Majority was formed.
The Alabama Democratic Majority was formed because the Alabama Democratic Party is seen as the party of black citizens (like that's a bad thing,) and it drove white men out in droves.  I remember being at a local Democratic County Meeting where the topic was how to get white men to come back to the democratic party.  I said then, and I say now, the only way to get  white men to come back is for the Alabama Democratic Party to turn it's back on it's core principals and beliefs.  In other words, turn into the Alabama Republican party.
Democrats "lost" because the red, republican, confederate, slave states have way too much power and influence.
Own it.
All of it.


DARYAL Pinchon said...

Not all whites who voted against Obama was due to race!! If so then all blacks that voted for him were due to race.Many whites and blacks that voted for Obama and Dems in 2008 and 2012 bought into the "hype" those same voters now see that is all it was.."hype"! The policies that were put in place are now being implemented and they SUCK! This country will go down hill fast once he starts doing his own thing without approval!!

Many in Alabama did not want two face can't make his mind up what he stands for or believes in Parker Griffith! I am one that would like a lottery but I will not sell my soul to the devil by voting for Griffith to get the lottery!!

Redeye said...

You didn't hurt Parker Griffin by not voting for him, you hurt yourself. Thanks for making my point.

DARYAL Pinchon said...

How? I only agree with his lottery plan! I like all the jobs Bentley has brought to Alabama.Yes they may not pay $60,000 a year but they are jobs! They both agree on a few things. I agree with Bentley on Medicaid. Ho will the state pay for it? We are about broke as it is!

How long can the producers keep taking care of the non producers her in Alabama and in the U.S.?

Redeye said...

You agree with Bentley to let people die because they don't have access to quality, affordable, health care? Why am I not surprised. BTW, we will pay for it the same way we pay for everything else, with tax dollars.

DARYAL Pinchon said...

I can admit I am not fully educated on how medicaid vs obamacare works.

Why can't these people get this Obamacare that was sold as the "savior"?

Why should my taxes go toward that?

Did any of these people have retirement, insurance with their employers etc? If not why?

If we do medicaid and pull tax money what programs will the money be pulled from?

Redeye said...

Some facts about the Affordable Health Care Act for your information:

1. By 2022, the Congressional Budget Office estimates the Affordable Care Act will have extended coverage to 33 million Americans who would otherwise be uninsured.

2. Families making less than 133 percent of the poverty line -- that's about $29,000 for a family of four -- will be covered through Medicaid. Between 133 percent and 400 percent of the poverty line -- $88,000 for a family of four -- families will get tax credits on a sliding scale to help pay for private insurance.

3. For families making less than 400 percent of the poverty line, premiums are capped. So, between 150% and 200% of the poverty line, for instance, families won't have to pay more than 6.3 percent of their income in premiums. Between 300 percent and 400 percent, they won't have to pay more than 9.5 percent.

4.When the individual mandate is fully phased-in, those who can afford coverage -- which is defined as insurance costing less than 8 percent of their annual income -- but choose to forgo it will have to pay either $695 or 2.5 percent of the annual income, whichever is greater.

5. Small businesses that have fewer than 10 employees, average wages beneath $25,000, and that provide insurance for their workers will get a 50 percent tax credit on their contribution. The tax credit reaches up to small businesses with up to 50 employees and average wages of $50,000, though it gets smaller as the business get bigger and richer. The credit lasts for two years, though many think Congress will be pressured to extend it, which would raise the long-term cost of the legislation.

6. Insurance companies are not allowed to discriminated based on preexisting conditions. They are allowed to discriminate based "on age (limited to 3 to 1 ratio), premium rating area, family composition, and tobacco use (limited to 1.5. to 1 ratio)."

7. Starting in 2018, the law imposes a 35 percent tax on employer-provided health plans that exceed $10,200 for individual coverage and $27,500 for family coverage. The idea is a kind of roundabout second-best to capping the tax code's (currently unlimited) deduction for employer-provided heath insurance. The policy idea is to give employers that much more reason to avoid expensive insurance policies and thus give insurers that much more reason to hold costs down.

8. The law requires insurers to spend between 80 and 85 percent of every premium dollar on medical care (as opposed to administration, advertising, etc). If insurers exceed this threshold, they have to rebate the excess to their customers. This policy is already in effect, and insurers are expected to rebate $1.1 billion this year.

9. The law is expected to spend a bit over $1 trillion in the next 10 years. The law's spending cuts -- many of which fall on Medicare -- and tax increases are expected to either save or raise a bit more than that, which is why the Congressional Budget Office estimates that it will slightly reduce the deficit. (There's been some confusion on this point lately, but no, the CBO has not changed its mind about this.) As time goes on, the savings are projected to grow more quickly than the spending, and CBO expects that the law will cut the deficit by around a trillion dollars in its second decade.

Read more here:

DARYAL Pinchon said...

still a lot of unknown to all of it and MOST of the American people do not want it and it was FORCED on us!

Redeye said...

Only in America does access to quality, affordable,healthcare have to be FORCED on some people, because they hate President Obama more than they love themselves or their country. Again, thanks for making my point.

Brian said...

How many of the uninsured are the young healthy people that felt they did not need insurance at this point in their lives who were FORCED to get insurance (or pay the penalty/tax) so that they could pay for the subsidies of the sick?

They wrote the bill in such a tortured way to get it passed because they knew that it would not have passed otherwise.

JONATHAN GRUBER (One of the writers of the Affordable Care Act): This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies, okay? So it's written to do that. In terms of risk-rated subsidies, if you had a law which said healthy people are gonna pay in... If you made it explicit the healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed, okay? Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, you know, call it the stupidity of American voter or whatever. But basically that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass.

Brian said...

They even cannibalize another bill, The Service Members Ownership Tax Act of 2009, proposed by Charlie Rangel, which had passed the House by a vote of 416-0. The only reason I can think that they would do this is to avoid having to send the bill through a committee. The Affordable Care Act was passed as an amendment to the Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act.

The amount of chicanery that went into the getting the Affordable Care Act is baffling and it shows the level of contempt the Democrat party has for the American voter.

Redeye said...

The Affordable health care act was modeled after Rommney Care in MA. It was written that way to appeal to republicans. And we see how that worked out. Thanks for making my point Brian.

Brian said...

It may have been modeled after Romneycare, but why would a healthcare bill that was drafted and passed by a state with a democrat legislature and a republican governor appease republicans who were not made part of the drafting of the bill? If they wanted to appeal to republicans, how about talk to them and work with them rather then going out of their way to get the bill passed.

The Affordable Care Act did not come out of a committee. It was done as an amendment to a bill that originally had nothing to do with health care.

The same guy who wrote Romneycare also wrote Obamacare and it is well known he is a Democrat

Brian said...

Was your point that Democrats make Republicans look honest and trustworthy by comparison?

Redeye said...

My point is the opposition to President Obama's policies are rooted in racism.

Brian said...

So how did I make your point then?

Redeye said...

Democrats tried for years to create Single-Payer, paid for through payroll taxes. GOP demanded system based on private insurance.

The Affordable Health Care Act was debated on for months and passed without a single republican vote.

The issue is Obama hatred. The majority of the midterm voters, not to be confused with the majority of the American people, hate President Obama more than they love themselves or their country.

Own it.

Brian said...

If the Affordable Care Act was debated for months, it was debated by Democrats. There was a reason they went out of their way to make it amendment out of the Senate rather than let the version that was in the House (where it was supposed to originate from) be debated in the House and passed by the House first.

And Obama hatred is only in the minds of Obama fanatics. Republicans would have been against the Democrat candidates irregardless of skin color or sex. It was the policies, not the person...

The Democrats lost this election not because of voter suppression but because Democrats and more particular young Democrats didn't turn out.

Redeye said...

Yes. More democrats and young voters were prevented from voting due to GOP voter suppression. Registered voters were prevented from voting and most of them were democratic voters.

Brian said...

If asking for voter ID is racist, would that make Obamacare racist for asking for photo ID to register and obtain affordable health care?

Redeye said...

Voting is right. The Affordable Health Care Act is a privilege. It is already a requirement to show a photo ID when you REGISTER to vote. Republicans have made it an additional requirement for voters to obtain a government issued ID in order to CAST their vote, for the sole purpose of suppressing the democratic vote. Mission Accomplished.

Brian said...

The Affordable Care Act also makes Health Care MANDATORY for all Americans. Doesn't sound like a privilege

And nope, you are not required to show photo ID when you register to vote. The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 has preempted attempts to require showing identification. Arizona tried to pass a law in 2004 (propostion 200) that would require proof of citizenship when somebody registers to vote but the Supreme Court ruled in 2013 that the NVRA preempted the Arizona law.

The NVRA requires only that "an applicant affirm under penalty of perjury, that he is a citizen".

The NVRA also allows people to be registered to vote when they apply for a Photo ID which even non-citizens can do. It allows for Mail voter registration and voter registration drives.

Redeye said...

So if you have affirmed under penalty of perjury,that you are a citizen when you register to vote, and not ID is required to register, why does said person need an ID to be allowed to cast their vote? Strike that. Never mind. We know why. #VotersSuppression

Brian said...

By the way, Voting is not a defined right. There is no implicit right to vote federally. If Alabama wanted to implement a system where we selected voters based on a lottery, Alabama could do it as long as nobody was discriminated based on race, sex, or age.

For voter ID laws to be illegal, you got to prove that they discriminate based on race, sex, or age.

Redeye said...

It's going to hard to prove Voter ID laws are "illegal" with republicans in control of the Courts. The proof is in the pudding. Registered voters were prevented from voting. The majority of the voters were democratic voters. That's how in addition to gerrymandering, a do nothing, congress, with no agenda got control of the House, the Senate and the Courts.