Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lessons Learned? I don't think so....

Per Left in Alabama blogger countrycat;   approximately 300 people attended the Alabama Democratic Majority's first Grassroots Convention at the University of Alabama this weekend, where Judge Mark Kennedy opened the event with one of his barn burner speeches, Congresswoman Terri Sewell provided a free lunch to participants, and Executive Director Bradley Davidson listed the the following goals:
  1. Defeat the GOP super-majority.
  2. Expand the electorate.
  3. Equip the electorate with voter IDs.
  4. Build a progressive infrastructure that lasts past a single election cycle.
  5. Launch a grassroots donor base instead of relying on a few large donors.  That shifts power to the grassroots instead of a few party bosses.
Now these goals sound fine and dandy but my question is, why was there a need to form a separate party to achieve these goals?  

Oh, I forgot....because of Joe Reed and his bunch.

Joe Reed and his bunch want to Defeat the GOP super-majority.
Joe Reed and his bunch want to expand the electorate.
Joe Reed and his bunch want to Equip the electorate with Voter IDs.
Joe Reed and his bunch want to Build a progressive infrastructure that last past a single election cycle.
Joe Reed and his bunch want Launch a grassroots donor base instead of relying on a few large donors.

According to Davidson this is the path to victory for democrats;
The Democratic path to victory, he explained runs through the Senate and the ADM will work to help all Democratic candidates, but particularly Senators Tammy Irons & Mark Keahey.  Both intimidate the GOP because they're young, articulate, and popular in their districts.  The GOP has targeted their races and the Democrats have to hold those seats.
Targeted GOP seats include:
  • Senator Paul Sanford, District 7 in Madison County. 
  • Senator Bill Holtzclaw, District 2 in Madison County. 
  • Senator Shadrack McGill, District 8 in Jackson, DeKalb, & a sliver of Madison County.
  • Senator Phil Williams, District 10  from Gadsden.
  • Senator Gerald Dial, District 13 in Randolph, Cleburne, Chambers, Cherokee, & Lee counties.
  • Senator Gerald Allen, District 21 from Tuscaloosa.
  • Senator Del Marsh, District 12 in Calhoun & St. Clair Counties. He's the GOP Senate leader.
Question:  Why waste time and resources on candidates who young, articulate, and popular in their district just because the gop has "targeted them"?  If they are as popular as you say it won't matter if the gop "targets" them or not.  And wouldn't it be helpful to have actual candidates to run against  Sandford, Holtzclaw, McGill, Williams, Dial, Allen, and Marsh?  Where are the candidates?

This is is precisely why I oppose the creation of this organization.  It is dividing the Alabama Democratic Party.

Strike that, it is destroying the Alabama Democratic Party
For too long we have been seen as stupid, redneck, backward and just plain simple. Serious thought and consideration must be given to the path of destruction that beckons our state, and we as a people must march out of the abyss of our own making.
In the overall scheme of Alabama politics, there are choices, and they are not difficult ones to make. If you are poor, you are a Democrat, even if you deny the obvious.

A party divided will NOT stand.
 My advice to them at the time? The real progressive Democrats in Alabama — and there are many, in spite of the false picture painted by the corporate media institutions here — should unite and figure out a way to take over the Democratic Party and rewrite the platform, like the conservative, religious wing of the Republican Party took it over in the 1980s.
Real  Alabama democrats can't win for the journalist.


Mack Lyons said...

The longer this comedy of errors plays out, the harder it will be to undo the state's fate as a one-party state for years, possibly decades to come, barring a miracle or a complete screw-up on the GOP's part.

Redeye said...

The GOP is a complete screw up but they are a united screw up, and they have the media to misinform the uninformed. Instead of all the fingers on the hand joining together to form a mighty fist to fight the GOP, democrats (and I use that term lightly)are joining them, making Alabama a One Party State today, a one party state tomorrow, and a one party state forever!

Yee Haw!

iThomas Scovill said...

Whom would you like to see run for governor?

Redeye said...

Dana Seigalman

iThomas Scovill said...

That is an interesting choice. Can you point me to some information that might dispel the notion that she is too young and inexperienced for the job? A thin resume is not necessarily a bad thing, but I am having trouble finding info on her that is not mostly about her father's legal problems.

Redeye said...
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Redeye said...

I can"point you" to Dana's tireless fight for justice for her father, her education, and passion which makes her just as qualified as the Governor we have IMHO.

BTW Thomas, I can't respond to your comments because your Pal Dale moderates my comments, so if there is anything you would like to discuss/debate feel free to post here. We may not agree, but your views are welcome here.