Sunday, June 2, 2013

Almost Everybody Hates Joe Reed Sunday Edition

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Graphic H/T Left in Alabama

Why does almost everybody hate Joe Reed ?
If it's one thing Dr. Joe L. Reed can do it's unify republicans and democrats in their strong and extreme animosity. You would think he was lighting torches, getting the rope, raping women and men, selling slaves, kidnapping children, sending our troops to war for nothing, raiding the surplus to give the rich a tax cut and spying on the American people without a warrant or something.
 According to some democrats (not to be confused with all) Joe Reed single handily knocked down every wonderful idea  the former chair of the ADP had just because of his dislike for the former chair.

According to some democrats (not to be confused with all), Joe Reed refuses to accept responsibility for the republicans taking control of the state house, the governor's office, the Alabama Supreme Court and is the  main reason white democrats defected from the party in droves.

According to some democrats (not to be confused with all),  Joe Reed refuses to accept responsibility for the massive debt he created by borrowing and spending to pay for travel for the Executive Committee and other such nonsense.

According to some democrats (not to be confused with all), Joe Reed is the de facto head of the ADP and the reason candidates, donors and a new generation of leaders are afraid to step up because he is a power hungry, manipulative, corrupt, bigot and the ADC (Alabama Democratic Caucus)  which he chairs an obstructionist organization.

According to some democrats (and I use that term loosely) If Joe Reed would step down and take all of his cheerleaders with him eventually others would step up to lead the Alabama Democratic Party   and the ADP will have awesome, qualified, dedicated people coming out of the woodwork to step up to leadership positions including Chair & Vice chair of the ADP as well as candidates for office.

Dr. Reed, I say test their theory, step down from your position and take all your cheerleaders with you.  If they are right (no pun), it's a win-won,  but if they are wrong....
 So be careful what you wish for 'Cause you just might get it and if you get it Then you just might not know what to do wit' it 'Cause it might just come back on you ten fold EMINEM - CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR LYRICS
RedEye tiptoeing away from the computer to go pray.

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