Sunday, June 23, 2013

Update ~"We need to pray just to make it today" MC Hammer

That's word,we pray(pray,pray)
We got to pray
Just to make it today
I said we pray(pray) ah,yeah,pray(pray)
We got to pra
Just to make it to pray

That's word,we pray
After reading Mack Lyon's look at the all-white jury in the Zimmerman trial courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel it's going to take more than praying for justice,  it's going to take some Divine intervention, because as of right now, it doesn't smell or look good.

I hate to keep returning to the Paula Deen and The Help analogy... but based on my personal experience I  can't help (no pun) agreeing with Mack Lyons~This trial has all the elements of a monumental clusterf^*k, one with deep-setting effects that could last for years if not decades.
 I can't say I have white female friends because I really don't know if they are my friends or not, because when it all comes down to it I'm black and they are white, and when I get out of my place so speak, they never fail to remind me of their superiority.

Friends, strike that, real friends treat each others as equals.  Real friends can agree to disagree and still remain friends.  With one or two exceptions, this has not been my experience.  This is what has me praying there are more Miss Skeeters  and Miss Celia's on the Zimmerman jury than Miss Hilly's.


Note it's not African Americans who are acting like Thugs because they can't have their way.

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