Friday, June 28, 2013

Update~This could be your son....if you were a horrible parent.....

Dale Jackson
Dale Jackson is a morning radio host for WVNN.

Radio Boy has his nerve talking about some body's parent(s), and calling the prosecution's key witness in the George Zimmerman trial ignorant, ridiculous and un-credible (his non word not mine) because she was disrespectful to the man who was trying to get the Creepy person  who profiled, stalked, and shot her unarmed friend through the heart acquitted.

I want to write you an apology for this whole world, even if it’s not my place to apologize. I’m so sorry that you’re sitting on the stand right now, being interrogated like a criminal instead of another victim. I’m so sorry that people are judging you, fixated more on your beautiful brown skin, your carefully applied make-up, your body, your being, than your trauma and your pain. I’m sorry that you were born into a country where a man can pursue and kill a black boy, your friend, and go home the same night with the blessings of law enforcement officers. I’m sorry that you’ve been re traumatized, stigmatized, defamed, and attacked just because you were unlucky enough to love a black boy, to share time with him, to be the last one he ever called.
I’m so sorry for your loss.
 This is one of those rare occasions when I agree with Radio Boy~ no one wants to see their kids like this girl behaved, no one accepts their kids this way,  but I would be proud to call Racheal Jeantal my daughter, grand daughter, Aunt, cousin, friend.
" if there is anything that black people can understand that those judging her are not, it's the loss of life without justice."

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