Thursday, June 6, 2013

While you're watching that nice lady whine about being persecuted...

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  I hope the conversation isn't limited to how mean the IRS was to her and how much she loves freedom and the Constitution and our American way of life. I hope she gets around to talking about the speech her fourteen-year-old daughter, Desiree, delivered to a tea party rally last year, in which she compared modern-day America to the dystopia of The Hunger Games:

Gee, 14 year old Desiree sounds just like Alabama Congress Critter Mo Brooks.....they must have the same speech writer.   

I see the Righty's are gearing up for a giant sized, media enabled, Weapon of Mass Distraction....
The new and re-energized Alabama Democrat party is going to kickoff the 2014 election cycle with a June 14 caravan across the state featuring … Louis Farrakhan. Maybe they can keep him in Alabama and offer him the party chairmanship.
Waiting for the "media" to make it about Louis Farrakhan instead of the reason Louis Farrakhan and other Civil Rights leaders are coming to Sweet Home Alabama in 1-2-3...
 Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and others are planning a caravan across Alabama on June 14 to encourage the U.S. Supreme Court to save a major portion of the Voting Rights Act.
Southern Christian Leadership Conference CEO Charles Steele said the National Coalition of Leaders to Save Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act is also calling on Justice Antonin Scalia to step aside from the court case because of public comments he made.The leaders, including state Sen. Hank Sanders and Alabama Democratic Conference Chairman Joe Reed, said the caravan will start at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham on June 14 and then visit Shelby County, which brought the challenge to the Voting Rights Act. That will be followed by stops in Selma and at the Capitol in Montgomery.
 And what exactly were those public comments you ask?
WASHINGTON, DC — There were audible gasps in the Supreme Court’s lawyers’ lounge, where audio of the oral argument is pumped in for members of the Supreme Court bar, when Justice Antonin Scalia offered his assessment of a key provision of the Voting Rights Act. He called it a “perpetuation of racial entitlement.”
Then there is this....
 Speaking on Friday at the University of Richmond, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia denounced the concept of a "living Constitution" and said the 14th Amendment was not written with the intent of granting equal protection to ALL Americans. Just the heterosexual ones.
 But, but Louis Farrakhan...

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