Saturday, June 22, 2013

Only in America do we have to "pray for justice".

 Tracy, Sybrina Fulton
“It’s supposed to get easier, the more you do this. The more I do it, the harder it gets,” Tracy Martin told the crowd. “God gives the tough battles to the toughest soldiers. I’ve been through tough battles, and this is one of the toughest, the toughest.”
“We’re going to be the voice for Trayvon,” Tracy Martin added. “We have to sit through the negativity. We have the prayers of family and friends and we have the prayers of our pastors.”

I knew when the prosecutors informed Judge Debra Nelson the 9-11  audio testimony was central to their case they  weren't going to be allowed to present it in court.  Chalk it up as another win for the defense.
One expert ruled out Zimmerman as the screamer and another said it was Martin. A defense expert argued there was not enough audio to determine who the screams are coming from. Zimmerman's attorneys also argued that the state experts' analysis is flawed.
 What Margherite said:
r.e. the Zimmerman trial: Now that the judge has excluded testimony that might "confuse" the jury and pre-emptied the use of descriptive language by the prosecution before the jury even hears it, the words "kangaroo court" leap into my mind before this political theater gets going.
The 100% female and 0% African American  judge and jury are already confused IMHO. One of the jurors referred to  the peaceful protest calling for the arrest of George Zimmerman as riots. Another one questioned why Tryavon was out at that time of night, despite the fact he was killed at 7:16 PM  while walking from the store where he purchased a bag of Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea, wearing a hoodie because it was raining, to his father's house, talking on the cell phone to his girl friends, minding his own damn business.

I join Trayvon's parents, friends, and pastors, in their prayers for justice (not to be confused with revenge).  I pray the jury looks at the evidence and doesn't believe Trayvon Martin deserved to be profiled, stalked and killed because he was not told to not to dress/act/mimic thugs because of bad parenting. 
As I was screaming and raising my banner all I could think about was Trayvon’s parents. Wondering how they’re enduring such agony and hurt. How they’re sleeping at night knowing what happened to their son. I also thought about the many reasons why I attended the march that day. Trayvon Martin could have easily been me or someone that I love. As the federal department of justice takes over the investigation of this case I hope for the facts to be revealed and for justice to be served for Trayvon Martin and his family. May his death not be in vain.
Amen and Amen.

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