Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Beating Stupidity" Is as "Beating Stupidity" does

WPTV Molly West instagram Zimmerman trial
There is the misconception by some (not to be confused with all) that black people are horrible parents and see racism everything including parenting.
Yeah, that’s not a thing that is unique to the black community BUT it is unique that blacks get upset at  being told not to behave in a way that does not draw negative attention.
I don’t want to be perceived as trash, so I don’t dress or act like trash. It’s a pretty simple concept, it’s called parenting…
Respect authority, respect yourself, stay out of trouble, it is pretty straightforward.
Why the black community insists on acting like being told not to dress/act/mimic thugs is outrageous is beyond me and that attitude is getting people killed.

Oh really? What about  the daughters of  George Zimmerman defense Attorney Don West, who thought it appropriate to post of picture of them enjoying we beat stupidity celebration ice cream cones on Instagram ,after their father underlined the fact Rachael Jeantel couldn't read cursive for the benefit of the jury, the general public and everyone else looking as a reason to dismiss her testimony?
The media has consistently treated Jeantel as if she were some sassy alien life-form. The New York Daily News story about yesterday’s proceedings focused on Jeantel-as-sideshow, calling the cursive story an “especially cringe-worthy moment,” and noting that, “[a]t one point, the key prosecution witness blurted out, ‘That’s retarded, Sir’ in response to West’s suggestion that Martin attacked Zimmerman.” On Piers Morgan Tonight, Morgan repeated the phrase “creepy-ass cracker” as if it were some inscrutable bit of baby talk. The day before, panelist Jayne Weintraub disdainfully asserted that “it's really not about this young woman's … credibility, because her credibility, it's a wash whatever her testimony is. Yes, she was a difficult witness. She was impossible.”
And what did Don West have to say about the actions of his daughters?
 “As a parent, we’re not always proud of things our children do, but we love them anyway, and then we move on.”
Oh, OK.  Nothing to see here.  Move alongLet's not even get into how inappropriate this is. But, let's note that she hashtagged #dadkilledit in the courtroom for a murder trial, where someone was actually killed.
Don West, and the white, male, dominated, media just don't get it.  And that's what has me concerned about the ability of the 100% white 0% African American jury to feel the pain of being black in America.
The racial empathy gap is also a problem of our criminal justice system. Consider research on the impact of race on jury decisions. A 2002 experiment showed the power of race, empathy, and punishment. The researchers asked 90 white students to act as jurors and evaluate a larceny case. The manipulation, as you might suspect, is whether the defendant was black or white. But before jurors decided the defendant’s fate, they participated in an “empathy induction task.” Some jurors were assigned to a high-empathy condition and asked to imagine themselves in the defendant’s position. Other jurors were assigned to a low-empathy condition and asked to simply remain objective. Ultimately, the jurors gave black defendants harsher sentences (4.17 years) than whites (3.04 years)—even in the high-empathy condition (3.26 years versus 2.20 years, respectively)—and felt less empathy for black defendants.
 Honestly Redeye, if I were black I don't think I'd have the courage to have children in this country.~havealittletak

  We  pray.

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