Thursday, June 13, 2013

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The Big Cats at Left in Alabama had a "warm fuzzy" for Congress Critter Mo Brooks before they didn't have a warm fuzzy for Mo Brooks.  I tried to tell them the facts didn't fit the narrative, but did they listen to me?  Nope. They yanked my microphone (figuratively and literally).
I look forward to a great event.  Thank you, Left in Alabama, Tea Parties, Alabama A&M students, GOPers, Dale Jackson, Will Anderson, labor unions, and everyone else who, with vigor and dignity, sends a loud and clear message that the Alabama 5th Congressional District has every right to expect that our congressman will conduct himself with dignity and honor.
This is what citizenship should be about.
While some of us we may disagree on the best course for America, we all agree that our Washington leaders should, at a minimum, be truthful.
Mo Brooks
Remember when I said   it takes people in positions of  power to exercise racism?

As the United States Supreme Court prepares to announce it's ruling in Shelby County vs Holder, which would overturn Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act on the grounds things have changed in Sweet Home Alabama, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange is seeking sanctions against Macon County plaintiffs and attorneys who filed a federal lawsuit claiming his raids on the Victory Land casino constitute a violation of the U.S. Voting Rights Act.

Under the radar and out of the media spotlight a rolling disaster on auto-pilot is happening.
 Slowly but surely, away from the glare of the national spotlight, the sequestration policy is doing exactly what it was intended to do: it's hurting the nation's economy and taking benefits from American families that need them. Worse, the sequester is undermining the country for no reason.
Read on.  Read often.

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