Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Why I can't support the Alabama Democratic Majority

I've received more emails from Judge Mark Kennedy and the Alabama Democratic Majority than I ever did when he was Chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party.   It appears Kennedy and Company looted the Alabama Democratic Party's email list because I never gave them my email address or my name.  As far as I'm concerned they raided the Alabama Democratic Party of it's valuable resources to start their own separate but equal  party.  Much like the Segregation Academies that sprung up in the south like mushrooms after the Brown v. Board decision.

The Alabama Democratic Majority was formed because the Alabama Democratic Party was seen as the party of black citizens (like that's a bad thing) and it drove white men out in droves.  I remember being at a local Democratic County Meeting where the topic was how to get white men to come back to the democratic party.  I said then, and I say now, the only way to get  white men to come back is for the Alabama Democratic Party to turn it's back on it's core principals and beliefs.  In other words, turn into the Alabama Republican party.

 If white democrats want  white males to rejoin the democratic party they should start by working on their friends, relatives neighbors, and co-workers who put party over people.  Tell them to quit voting against their own interests.  

SaintSatinStain said: Some things like rational gun regulation is neither left nor right; some things like we feed, clothe, shelter, and insure all neither left nor right; some things like the Constitution protects all individual citizens, right, middle, and left is neither right or left. Just saying. Say the obvious because some of you have forgotten, if you ever knew and felt. 

It seems to me the Alabama Democratic Majority may have forgotten what the Alabama Democratic Party has always stood for, and decided to pander to those who might vote for the right (pun intended) democrat. 

 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, "On some positions, cowardice asks the question, is it safe? Expediency ask the question, is it politics? Vanity asks the question, is it popular? But conscience asks the question, is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a stand that's neither safe nor politics nor popular but he must take the stand because it's right."

It's no secret that I didn't support Judge Mark Kennedy as Chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party because to be honest,  I was concerned about his lack of experience, and his close ties to former Congressman Artur Davis (DINO).  Say what you want about Joe Reed and Nancy Worley but the fact remains they delivered more tangible benefits to the Alabama Democratic Party than Mark Kennedy ever has. This is one reason why I support the ADP.  So while the ADM wants to make this an "old versus new" argument and demonize the "old guard", when you consider what Reed and Company have accomplished in this state that in itself should make some of you question the motives of the ADM...that is If you are a Democrat.
 The Democratic Party has been infiltrated by progressives, there in lies the dilemma, there is a  difference between Democrats and Progressives and the two will never be one in the same. 
I have to take issue with Joe Reed's assertion the chair of the Democratic Party should be a white man or women, that's reverse affirmative action in my view.  The next chair should be elected based on the content of their character not the color of their skin.  IF whites don't want to be affiliated with a party where the person welding power is a person of color they can join the Alabama Democratic Majority or the Alabama Republican Party.
The former staff of the ADP have resigned en masse, effective at noon yesterday and most of them will be working for the new organization.  Former ADP Executive Director Bradley Davidson will be the Director of the ADM.  Coincidentally, the ADM's Birmingham office will be located in what was the ADP's field office in that city, the very office the ADP's Executive Board recently directed Kennedy to close.  Kennedy also said the ADM will have an office in Montgomery.  He very pointedly said that the ADM is not a political party and "does not stand in opposition to our state Democratic Party", but rather intends to augment and improve it.
Yeah right.  Pun intended.
 "No one can cooperate with folks who do nothing to pay off their debts but in fact add to the debt and then walk away,"
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