Friday, May 31, 2013

"I am not a member of an organized party. I am a democrat."~Will Rogers

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Truer words were never spoken, and they certainly apply to the current state of the Alabama Democratic Party and all of it's factions.

I learned today the Cats and  Critters over at Left in Alabama, the blog of record for the Alabama Democratic Majority, are mighty interested in the upcoming SDEC (State Democratic Executive Committee) meeting.  I wonder why since they picked up their marbles and stomped off to their own playground and started their own game. But I digress.

Today they are crowing about a proposed new amendment concerned with "demonstrating a unified and inclusive party".

The new amendment would expand the ADP's Executive Board to include: the President of the Alabama Democratic Conference, the President of the Alabama College Democrats, the President of the Alabama Federation of Democratic Women, the President of the Alabama Young Democrats, the President of the Alabama Democratic Hispanic Caucus, and the President of the Alabama Stonewall Democrats.
So, everyone want to be a "minority" all of a sudden.  I guess we are not supposed to notice that with the exception of the Alabama Democratic Hispanic Caucus  and the Alabama Democratic Caucus the membership of these  factions are predominately white.  Evidently this amendment is being proposed by the Alabama Stonewall (as in Stonewall Jackson?) Democrats.   Are you kidding me???  Why can't we just be democrats?  Never mind.  I know.

Left in Alabama commenter roy wanted someone to ask acting democratic party Chair Nancy Worley the following question, in addition to others, when she spoke at a recent Over the Mountain Dems (another faction) meeting in Birmingham.
3. Why do the SDEC Bylaws define "minority" for purposes of SDEC representation as ONLY black folks, but does include Hispanic or any other minority?
And therein lies the problem.  It's about race.  The "minority" representation has long been a bone of contention among some (not to confused with all) within the Alabama Democratic Party.   They are trying to dilute the ONLY black folks representation with Hispanic and "other minorities".  In other words they want blacks to be seen but not heard.

I said it then and I say it again
The party is divided, and I'm not sure the newly elected Cat Herder wants to unite the party. He has the support of the wing of the party that feels the reason democrats lost is because they are seen as the N word loving party that caters to black voters and ignores white voters.

It's obvious African Americans are tolerated but not embraced by the ADP. For that reason African Americans should vote as Independents and start supporting candidates who share our interest and not a party that takes us for granted.
From this point on I'm a #@$% Independent.

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