Tuesday, May 21, 2013

“Hello, have you been in a coma?” and not noticed that Republicans were now in control of the Alabama Legislature?"

Fist Dap to Radio Boy for reminding us via The Shroud Award that we (collective) are getting the Bats#t Crazy we (didn't) vote for.
WHEREAS, it is once again time for the annual Shroud Award, a unique sine die tradition in which the Deadest Bill of the 2013 legislative session is revealed. Originating in1979, this is the 35th anniversary of the award. This year, no pretense is made about what this
resolution is targeting. We will flat out say it. Our intent is to single out A.E.A. .....; proposed legislation that is AMUSING, ENTERTAINING, or ABSURD. We also have our sights on the B.C.A., the BEST COMEDY AVAILABLE. We aren't BRAGGING. We just Dare To Defend Our HYPE.
Radio Boy also cautions us to Beware of low hanging Fruit during Tornado Recovery  , which is code for please don't remind us Rep.  Mo Brooks(r. Tornado Alley, AL), I mean Sen.Tom Coburn (r.Tornado Alley, OK) demanded budget cuts in exchange for disaster relief.   All I'm going to say is Red State Republicans better be glad President Obama doesn't lead like he's been treated.

Speaking of mistreatment and off topic,  if there were any doubt new Alabama Democratic Majority is rooted in hatred (for lack of a better word) for Dr. Joe Reed and acting ADP Chairwoman Nancy Worley, you need look no further than the front page of Left in Alabama. 

Psst Alabama Democratic Majority?  You picked up your marbles and went home, remember?  You are either with the Alabama Democratic Party, or you are with the Alabama Democratic Majority.   
You can't be a member of both.

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