Saturday, May 18, 2013

RedEye's Week In Review


Republicans fabricated evidence on Benghazi to win a political battle with the black man in the White House
 Instead of following Rush Limbaugh’s lead and his hatred for that “negro in the White House”, Republicans should try embracing diversity, stop the obstructionism, and get back to work. President Obama is not that “Kenyan, socialist, secret Muslim, dictator” in the White House. He’s our President, elected by a majority of us Americans; one of only 6 presidents to have been elected twice with at least 51% of the popular vote. Its the will of the American people. Its time to accept it and move on. Or, you could continue down your wrong-headed path and be the best fundraisers the Democratic Party ever had. By the time you’re through, the 2014 election will look like 2006.
Over half of U.S. Households Have an Inadequate income but the media enabled, Confederacy of Dunces are focused on umbrellagate, and turning the IRS controversy into a scandal of epic proportions, instead of telling we the public what we need to know instead of what they don't want us to know.

Today's Must Read
In the South, a love a guns and a loss of life, gun violence in black and white
Between 2001 and 2010, 4,519 people were killed by guns here, more than a thousand more losses than U.S. combat troops suffered during the Iraq War. More than 75% of those victims were African-American. Haunted by the losses, members of the Black Caucus try again and again to introduce some measure of gun control legislation.
But their efforts are always thwarted while a far more powerful group of Republicans and white Democrats stokes Louisiana’s love affair with guns.
What I'm working on
With an Alabama Democratic Majority like this who needs an Alabama Republican Majority?

Stay tuned.

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