Friday, May 24, 2013

How did the Alabama Democratic Majority get my email address?


 First, Alabama Democratic Majority Chairman Mark Kennedy sent me an email wishing me a Happy Mother's day  asking me to donate a few dollars to the ADMClick. 

Then,  I get another email from ADM Executive Director Bradley Davidson announcing the first month anniversary of the Alabama Democratic Majority asking me to like them on facebook and twitter and help them out by donating a few bucks a month to the ADM Click

I don't know how the ADM (of which I am NOT A MEMBER) got my email address but I suspect they got it from the Alabama Democratic Party (of which I AM A MEMBER).   I never received emails asking for support or money from  Kennedy or Bradley during their tenure at the ADP, so why am I receiving them now? 

The Alabama Democratic Majority came in for heated criticism at the board meeting by not just Worley but by Joe Reed, the party's long time vice chairman and chairman of the party's black wing, the Alabama Democratic Conference.
Worley said in addition to the financial chaos there are equipment, supplies and art work missing from party headquarters. Worley charged that a quick review has shown that Kennedy and the party staff he took with him appear to have taken data including information on over 2.8 million voters and to have cut off bank drafts from donors to the party and diverted them to Kennedy's new organization.
Among the alleged missing equipment are laptops, cell phones and printing paper. Worley said she personally observed a car parked at the back rear of party headquarters over the weekend of April 20th and saw equipment and art work and printer paper lined along the back wall.
Psst Alabama Democratic Majority!   Remove me from your email, phone, or any other list you have with my name on it.  I am a proud member of the Alabama Democratic Party.  You know, the party that stands up for the least of these and the middle class.  The party that stands up for civil rights, equal rights and human rights.  The party that stands up for public education and public educators.  The party that stands up for labor.  The party that stands ups for a woman's right to chose to have a safe legal abortion.  The party that stands up for immigrants.  The party that stands up for our LBGT sisters and brothers. Not the party who doesn't want to be seen as the party that caters to black voters at the expense of white voters.

The Alabama Democratic Party may be broke, broke, broke  but WE ARE NOT BROKEN.  I know someone with the courage and the fortitude will step forward and lead the Alabama Democratic Party because if they don't, who wins in the end?  Not us "progressives" that's for sure.
"Right now, it's a hard job, a really hard job given the fact the party has no money, no staff, no office and a debt of $600,000. You'd have to be a little crazy to want to take on all that but I'm sure someone will want it but it won't be me. I'm winding down. This job will need a young person."
And it still needs a white person, said Reed.
 Uh, NO Mr. Reed, the Alabama Democratic Party needs the RIGHT person, regardless of age, race, gender, or sexual orientation.  You are beginning to sound like the republicans and those who say they won't contribute to the ADP as long as YOU are in power. 

So while the red, republican controlled Alabama State Legislature is waging a full scale war against poor women, poor children, the voting rights act,  public education and teachers, the Alabama Democratic Party continues to embarrass itself  trying to figure out who can herd the white cats and the black cats.
Enough!  It's time to move FORWARD.

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