Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Who can herd the Alabama DemoCATS?
In case you've been living under a rock, are not on facebook, and don't read, I regret to inform you of the Civil War raging within the Alabama Democratic Party between the White Cats and the Black Cats. (Cue in Dixie)

This War has been simmering every since the 2009 democratic gubernatorial primary when then democrat, now republican, Aurtur Davis sought to be the first black governor of Alabama.  Davis and his ahem handlers thought black democrats were going to vote for him  because he was the second coming of President Obama.

I said then, and I say now, One thing I will say about Davis's candidacy, it is pitting democrat vs democrat, white vs black, conservative vs liberal, white progressives vs black progressives, pro choice vs anti choice, north AL vs south AL, rural voters vs urban voters.  

jacool was right (no pun) on the money when he asked this question, emphasis mine:
But is he electable? 
Davis needs between 75-80% of the black vote if not more to even narrowly win the primary because there will be a definite ceiling with the white vote given that the whites will be almost all rural and working class and considering that every rural Obama hating Republican will also be voting in that primary.
 So can Davis get that 75-80%? So far, it's not looking likely. I have been consistent. I have said all along he'll be lucky to carry the black vote and will have a hard time cracking 60%. I stand by this one. The black leadership in Alabama will never say this directly but they don't believe white Alabamians will elect a black man in 2010. They saw Obama's performance.  
They also know that their power and indeed all black political power is derived entirely on Democratic control of the legislature. They believe if Republicans take over the legislature that they'll try and swing the remaining Democratic whites into the GOP camp overtly on race and that blacks will be in Alabama's political wilderness outside of majority black counties for several decades
 I agree with the state's black leadership on all counts and that's why I see 2010 turning out to be the bloodbath that it will. More importantly, if they can take out Davis they can send a message to all aspiring black politicians in Alabama that they'll either follow along or face Davis's fate. That is what is at stake in the 2010 primary and that's why while it will be fun to watch I fear what it could mean for the party.
 For some strange reason Davis and Co. thought he could diss his base and still win, but what he actually did was divide the Alabama democratic party..... forever? 
While Congressman Artur Davis's stunning loss in his quest to win the Alabama Democratic Gubernatorial nomination was a sad turn for one black man, it was a great moment for black voters. It revealed a heightened level of political sophistication among black primary voters who rejected Davis's "I-don't-need-to-spend-time-on-them-'cause-I-know-they'll-be-with-me" approach to campaigning. black Alabamans did not simply genuflect before a polished black candidate. He gave them nothing; they returned the favor. Davis has ambitiously positioned himself for higher office for some time. In so doing, he took his base for granted. That's the best way to lose an election.
 So fast forward to 2013, and the Alabama Democratic Party' desire to reinvent itself, from the party of Dr. Joe Reed ,to the party of Judge Mark Kennedy, and never the two shall meet.  Why are some Alabama democrats trying to reinvent the wheel, I mean party?  Not sure, but I think it has something to do with the perception the party caters and cow tows to black voters, like that's a bad thing.  I mean, what's wrong with being the party of civil, equal and human rights for all people regardless of race, creed or gender?  What are we...chopped liver?

So while the red, republican controlled Alabama State Legislature is waging a full scale war against poor women, poor children, the voting rights act,  public education and teachers, the Alabama Democratic Party continues to embarrass itself  trying to figure out who can herd the white cats and the black cats.


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