Saturday, April 20, 2013

Outgoing ADP chair announces the formation of a separate and unequal new "democratic organization"

Once again I find myself having to use a scene from the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 to describe the present state of the Alabama Democratic Party, but first, let's recap.

Outgoing ADP chair Judge Mark Kennedy told on Thursday he was was going to announce his resignation Friday effective  Monday.  Well, on Saturday I get an email from the Judge inviting me to a press conference on Monday to announce the formation of his new organization, the Alabama Democratic Majority.
   While my time as Chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party will come to a close at noon on Monday, a new chapter will begin at 12:01 PM in Birmingham.  I want to invite you to join me, my family, and Democrats from Ft. Payne to Fairhope and communities across the state as we unveil a new way forward.

At 12:01 PM on Monday, I will become Chairman of Alabama Democratic Majority--a non profit organization dedicated to voter registration, voter education, and voter participation--and will continue to volunteer my time and what talents I have.

We will have current and past elected officials joining me to show their support and I need you there to show our state the new face of Alabama Democrats!
Can't wait to see who the current and past elected officials joining him to show their support and the cough cough new face of Alabama Democrats are.
Tacky is as Tacky does.
Tacky is using the ADP mailing list in an attempt to divide a party that already has dwindling market share.
Tacky is announcing the press conference using the official media organs of the state Democratic Party to promote something that doesn't appear to be an official arm of the ADP .
Tacky is trying to go around Joe Reed instead of working with Joe Reed for the good of the party.
Tacky is taking his young staff from the ADP to this new organization.
Now back to 42 and the reality of the Alabama Democratic Party.
It is time that we all call ourselves Republicans since that is the only way any Democrat can win public office in Alabama. It is the painful truth that this conservative, impoverished state will not vote for anyone who is a Democrat other than in an African American community. We need to face reality.
And therein lies the reason Judge Kennedy is picking up his marbles and starting his own game.  As much as it  pains me to agree withe radio boy,  intentional or not,  Kennedy might as well hang a "no blacks allowed" sign on his new organization.  Yes, I'm sure there will be one or two non threatening blacks as window dressing, but let's be clear, this organization is for the money folks who won't contribute to the democratic party as long as there is a perception that the ADP caters to black voters but ignores white voters.

What does all this have to do with the movie 42?  Well, there is a scene  where Robinson's white team mate, Pee Reese puts his arm around him in front a hostile crowd and says (para quoting)  Thank you Jackie.  Jackie ask why he's thanking him.  Reese says, because I got family up there from Louisville and I need them to know.  I need them to know who I am. Maybe tomorrow we will all wear #42 that way they can't tell us apart.

I could understand the resentment ( for lack of a better word) directed at Joe Reed if his long record of public service and commitment to the democratic party and it's principals were in question, but  there are some  democrats who  resent (for lack of a better word) Joe Reed for the power he wields as chairman of the Alabama Democratic Conference ,which some see as catering to black voters at the expense of white voters, like that's a bad thing.
Since 1960 ADC’s basis mission has been to organize and unify the black vote and to have it respected by candidates and elected officials alike. Initially the organization moved its mission through a network of committed volunteers who traveled across the state establishing local chapters, holding district meetings, and educating voters. It took at least one decade for ADC to consolidate the black vote, build credibility, and create political clout in the state.
There are some democrats who don't believe blacks should have credibility and political clout in this state.  They believe they should be seen and not heard.  Candidates run as conservative democrats to take advantage of the black block vote, then govern like republicans.   Being seen as the party who caters to black voters, and by cater I guess they mean party that stands  for equal, civil, and human rights, access to quality affordable health care, a women's right to choose to have a safe, legal abortion, and equal access to a quality public education f,  is like the kiss of death.  And that's sad.

Instead of Mark Kennedy emulating Pee Wee Reese actions and working with Joe Reed, sending the message we are team mates on the same team,  he decided to fight against him, when Reed refused to bow out gracefully he decided to go around him and start his own team.  

All I'm going to say is good luck with that democratic majority Judge Kennedy.  Everybody knows separate is not equal.  Your end of the boat will be nice and clean, and my end of the boat will be full of holes, but guess what...the whole damn boat is going down.
"Politics is a noble profession but politics is not a love affair. Sometimes someone comes along and they say a lot of things, use a lot of nice words and people fall in the love with them, the people who think this business is a love affair. That's all fine but it won't get the hard work done of saving the party and building it back. That takes hard work every day and like I said, I get up every day and work for the party and if you find someone who works harder than me, I want to meet them."~Joe Reed

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