Friday, April 26, 2013

"Dear Republicans: If you're trying not to be the Stupid Party, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG"

Fist Dap What Would Jack Do  for the title.

Never let it be said there isn't a failed, stupid idea the AL GOP won't duplicate, especially if it means attacking welfare recipients

As I pointed out, while the Alabama Democratic Party was splitting in two, the red, republican, Super Majority in the state Senate were up to their old tricks.
The Republican leader of the Senate, Del Marsh of Anniston, moved to pass a drug testing bill immediately after the Senate convened at 2 p.m. Wednesday. Most of the Republican senators and all of the Democrats had not yet entered the chamber. Marsh asked to have the bill passed using the roll call from a previously passed bill. No one objected, and the bill automatically passed 22-10.
When "democrats" point out this bill is a proven waste of tax dollars, Righty's, enabled by the media, get it twisted and spin it into Alabama democrats turn fiscally responsible...arguing for drug addicts to get welfare.  See how they operate?

Stupid, right wing, republican argument of the decade;
If even ONE person is receiving public aid and using that aid to purchase drugs, it’s one person too many. Taxpayer money should not go to financing destructive and irresponsible choices. The argument isn’t that welfare recipients use more or less drugs, just that the state wants to ensure NO ONE does!
Hate to tell republicans this, but people receiving public aid aren't using their aid to purchase drugs because they can't afford to buy drugs.  I agree taxpayer money should not go to financing destructive and irresponsible choices, you know, like the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, or the bank bailouts.  But that's just me.

 Again, if Welfare recipients have to drug tested, the *ahem*lawmakers who receive public money, and Radio/TeeVee Talking Pundit Heads who use the public airways, ought be drug  tested too.

Today's Must Read/See
I'm Not a Bum, I'm a Human Being
Watch as Ronald Davis tells of his time on the streets of Chicago. As more people find themselves out of work and out of a home, they're left to fend for themselves and struggle on the streets.
 Funny how republicans want welfare recipients to under go drug testing but they are against gun safety regulations  and banning assault weapons.   I'll be if people receiving public aid were buying assault rifles and ammo republicans wouldn't say a mumbling word.  Strike that.  Republicans would argue it's their second amendment right to use public money to buy an assault rifle and ammo.

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