Friday, April 5, 2013

Be careful what you wish for...

 Because the finger point gesture establishes superiority, the gesture is even worse if a White person does it to a Black person, due to the history in this country of White supremacist violence and cultural demeaning of Black folks.~Phillis Remastered
Pictures do speak volumes.  Thanks to facebook, and to some extent the Alabama media, I know how some, not to be confused with all,  white Alabama Democrats really feel about black Alabama Democrats....  they want black democrats be seen, but not heard.

Evidently Vice Chairman Reed and others dared challenge Kennedy's management of the democratic party and his proposed budget party during a state executive board meeting.  Reed accused Kennedy of trying to usurp the authority of the board.
“Sometimes when you try to expand your base, and be more open as it relates to opportunity, it’s difficult for some people,” Kennedy said.
Huh?  Is Kennedy trying to expand the base at the expense of the traditional democratic base, minorities, women, labor, and educators?

Sebastian Kitchens
“All over south Alabama, we’ve got to build the Democratic Party, especially with whites,” Reed said. But will white Alabamians considering a move back to the Democratic Party be impressed with those actions Friday, old party bosses undermining the new chairman? How is he going to build the white base in the party using the black wing of the party, the ADC?
The answer is,  NO Mr. Kitchens.  And therein lies the problem.  The only way white Alabamians will consider moving back to the democratic party is if  they kick Joe Reed, and by extension black folks, out of the party, and if they do that, Alabama will officially be a one party red republican stateNow if that's what you want....

African American  make up 26% of registered voters in Alabama, and are critical to any democratic victory.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out if 30% of white democrats would vote with black democrats instead of against black democrats,  ALL democrats would control the state house, the governors office, and the Supreme Court.  I'm just saying.....

Note how the Alabama press and democrats fell over themselves denouncing the racially charged emails of State Representative Joseph Mitchell but are silent about fingers pointed at black faces

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