Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hump Day This and That

Some Rights are more important than others
 Left in Alabama proudly announces The Birth of the Alabama Democratic Majority for those who want to contribute  without worrying their money is going to travel expenses for the Executive Board members and staffers to be working at ADCWhere is Branch Rickey when you need him?  Sigh

Legal Schnauzer;   What's that you say?  A black female judge in Alabama draws suspension for actions that draw a pass for a white, male judge?  I'm shocked!  Shocked I you.  Not

The Attack Machine;  Speaking of IOKIYAR (It's OK if you are republican) Poor Lowell Baron, the Democrat who was replaced by Shadack McGill, the republican lawmaker who compared abortion to destroying an Eagle Egg ( among other things),  is under attack for being out of office. SMH and RME

Crooks and Liars;  Uh, remember Paul Kevin Curtis,  the Elvis Impersonator who just happened to be a Democrat  who was arrested for sending Ricen laced letters to President Obama, Senator Wicker and several other Mississippi politicians?  Well guess what, he was released from custody and all charges were dropped, but here's the kicker.....Curtis may have been framedOnly in America...

Quote of the Day:  Ricen Suspect released: "I don't even eat rice."  LOL!

Geek Pavaler wants parents of Huntsville City School Students to know they can opt of Star testing "Simply put, unless you have been ruled unfit to be the legal guardian of a child, no one has the right to force your child to do anything that you do not wish for your child to do".   Mega Fist Dap to Russ

Abagond“Blacks are just as racist as whites if not more so!” It is a common thing whites in America say. I do agree that blacks are racist, but just as racist? No way! Not even close.

The Rude Pundit;  Republicans Are More of a Threat to America Than BombersYa think?

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