Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Reed" My Lips: The Alabama Democratic Conference is not equal to the Alabama Democratic Party

Yes, the names are similar, but the Alabama Democratic Conference (ADC) is not the same as the Alabama Democratic Party (ADP).  Nor is the ADC a "wing" of the ADP.  It is a separate advocacy organization that happens to have some overlap in membership and goals, but is neither a part of nor subservient to the Alabama Democratic Party or the ADP Chairman.  Check the ADP's Bylaws --- there's a minority caucus, but no role whatsoever for the ADC.

No matter what you've read on or on Mark Kennedy's facebook page which btw has been scrubbed) , Dr. Joe Reed and his bunch are not the reason the Alabama Democratic Party is facing bankruptcy, and I for one am sick and tired of hearing people who ought to know better try to place the blame on him (Reed) and the ADC. 

The blame for the currant financial state of the Alabama Democratic Party lies solely with the Red, Republican, Alabama, Super Majority, Legislature. 
"The reforms the Republicans passed in 2010, whether you think they were good or not, what they did was effectively cut off our dollars from PAC's," said Kennedy.
Kennedy said the ban on PAC-to-PAC transfers financially crippled the Democrats but not the GOP.
Instead of joining with the ADC to fight the ban on  PAC-to PAC  transfers which Kennedy admits, and Reed knows,  are the life blood of the ADP, he (Kennedy)  made it perfectly  clear the Alabama Democratic Party the Alabama Democratic Party is absolutely not trying to overturn the law banning PAC to PAC money transfers.
First, I've only been chairman of ADP for 5 months.  As a former Supreme Court Juctice(sic), I will never condone any kind of illegal activity. 
The Alabama Democratic Party has filed no suit challenging any sort of statutory law.  The Alabama Democratic Conference … has filed that lawsuit. 
I have no control over what the ADC does. 
I was not consulted, no one suggested I review the materials in that lawsuit, we are not a party to that lawsuit.  We are a stand-alone entity.
 So here we are four years later and the Chairman of the ADP, not to be confused with the ADC says he is "trying to to begin to bring financial stability back to the party and begin the kind of outreach to potential donors that will allow us to not only be stable financially but to grow the party in communities across this state."  

Who are those potential donors exactly?  They are donors  like this;
1. I'm a Democrat - who refuses to give money to the Alabama Democratic Party when hacks like Joe Reed are running the show.
And this;
It's a game of their own personal political power and control.  A way to ensure that up and coming black candidates will kowtow to the leadership and play the same game that's turned the Alabama Legislature into a dysfunctional entity that protect corruption and rejects transparency. 
More than anything else, it's crap like this that is pushing me towards Davis.  Because if he's willing to stand up and fight back against the political mafia you describe, I'm willing to get behind him.
And this;
I know who Joe Reed is and have written less than a dozen posts about him in two and a half years -- largely because he isn't relevant to progressive issues except when he gets in the way.  I also know who Hank Sanders is and have written a handful of posts mentioning him, as many positive as not.  Bobby Singleton is in the State Senate and I have rarely, if ever, written about him.
In case you've missed it, I've suggested to some diarists here -- over and over and over, ad nauseum(sic) -- that we're focussing(sic) a little too much on the politics of race.  Some folks only have a hammer, apparently.
There's just problem with Judge Kennedy's outreach to potential donors,  if the Alabama Democratic Party moves beyond the likes of Joe Reed ,black voters which comprise 60 percent of Alabama's Democratic primary electorate will move on with him.

White democrats can't win without black democrats, and black democrats can't win without white democrats.  If white democrats want to get more white districts here they should start by working on their friends, neighbors, and co-workers now! Tell them to quit voting against their own interests. Black democrats will do our part, as we always do, so don't expect us to "take one for the team".

What we've got heah is...... failure to communicate
Unfortunately, the state Party has to focus most of its attention on the major metropolitan dailies, the television news, the Associated Press, and to a lesser extent, the dailies in mid-sized cities like Anniston and Dothan. This leaves a big gap in an area where we Democrats have been getting our clock cleaned the last couple of cycles, and have to do a better job: smaller cities and rural counties outside the Black Belt. Across the Tennessee Valley, down the eastern and western borders of Alabama, and in a few pockets like Walker and Talladega Counties, these counties used to be part of our base. Now they are battlegrounds where we are barely holding our own. The immutable math of Alabama politics for the next decade looks a lot like this: we’re going to win the inner cities and the Black Belt. We’re going to lose in the white flight suburbs like Shelby, Baldwin, and Autauga Counties. If we’re going to regain legislative influence, and win statewide races, we have to regain ground in the mid-size and rural counties in the rest of the state. And a big part of that is going to be influencing the media atmosphere in those counties.

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