Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Your Tax Dollars at Work"


H/T No More Mister Nice Blog
The first screening of this pro-gun propaganda documentary starring Ted Nugent, Wayne LaPierre, and other borderline-psychopathatic talking heads will be tomorrow -- followed by theatrical and DVD releases and, apparently, distribution through PBS:
 What  Victor said...This also shows the extent to which Conservatives have bent PBS and NPR to their will, by threatening to defund them for being excessively Liberal.

 "You know what, schmucks? If you hate government, and think that you guys and not the government should be responsible for protecting citizens from crime, then don't ask the damn government to spend money retransmitting your agitprop. But what do you expect from people who openly declare that they'd be delighted to overthrow the government -- and expect the government to give them the means to do so?"

Today's Must Read(s)
A report says that Alabama is a leading exporter of guns used in crimes in other states at Governor Bentley signs a sweeping gun bill into to law that allows people to carry their guns to work and  3 young people are shot  while attending a  graduation party.

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