Sunday, May 19, 2013

"Not Racist?"

Racist anti-Obama image - Source: 
 When the radical right complains they are “tired” of being called racists by the left, or they claim charges of racism are based on fabrications by the liberal media, send them the link to this page of images from their right-wing pals in the “not racist” crowd.
Democrats: Yes, the images are tough to look at. But this must be documented because conservatives are continuously denying that racism exists in the Republican party, or that the media is fabricating stories of racism in the party, or that its merely satire and not offensive. These are the kinds of people we’re up against. They are clearly racists.  Be warned – images get worse.
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~Chip :) said...

Reactions: Shame. Outrage. Obviously despicable.

Their souls are gone; they are hollow ersatz "humans." I could pity them, but it's a waste of authentic pity.

They deserve what they get, in this life and another, forever more. That is the meaning of karma, isn't it?

Redeye said...

My first reaction was outrage, then it turned to pity because I realized this is a result of the fear of retribution by blacks that has been stoked by negative media driven stereotypes of African Americans.