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Update: Terri Sewell is Artur Davis in designer pumps, all style, no substance.

It's official. Terri Sewell is Artur Davis in designer pumps. Mooncat issued a scathing no claws barred, Bush league *cough cough* attack, defense, I mean response at slightly Left in Alabama. Since I was banned from slightly LiA, partly because of something I posted about Terri Sewell, I slathered on the Vaseline and responded at the Progressive Electorate. Mooncat made note of a typo in my previous post, it should be CD 7 (Congressional District) not SD 7 (Senate District), other than that, I stand by every word. Once again the neo liberals trying to tell real liberals what they need to do and who they need to support.
Y'all need to start talking about your own candidate's issues instead of working so hard to tear down Sewell.
Terri Sewell is an intelligent,accomplished, articulate young lady, and on paper she looks great. BUT when you look at what she's actually done in the community prior to running for public office there is nothing there. Her community involvement prior to running for public office is the same as Artur Davis' prior community involvement. Shameful. Some people have gotten it into their heads candidates don't need what we call "street credibility" prior to running for public office. My motto is, no street creeds no vote from me.

Sheila Smoot has street creeds, which may be why she has so called "negative baggage". Anytime you are active in the community you will have favorable and unfavorable opinions. I would much rather have someone who has a record of public service than someone who has NONE. Anytime you stand up for something/someone, you acquire powerful friends and powerful enemies. You either stand for something or you'll fall for anything. Sheila Smoot hasn't been charged with any crime, but she's being tried and convicted by the media in the court of public opinion.

We experimented with Artur Davis and his constituents suffered.


While you are over at sightly Left in Alabama, please read GOP Games or How I Learned to Stop Waiting for Interviews and Learned to love the dole by a CD 7 resident and voter archanelsk. Then ask yourself why CD 7 voters should risk electing Artur Davis, I mean Terri Sewell.

How do I know? Well for one thing, the same cast of Davis cheerleaders are cheering for Sewell, from the polling pollsters to the slightly Left in Alabama Kitty Kats.
Terri Sewell's positive campaign is paying off in Alabama's 7th Congressional District. An Anzalone-Liszt survey conducted June 13-16 shows Sewell leads Shelia Smoot 53% to 33% two weeks after the two women finished 37% to 29%, respectively, in the June 1 primary. That's a 16 point movement toward Sewell with very little corresponding pick-up for Smoot. Even though third place finisher Earl Hilliard, Jr. has not endorsed either woman, it appears his supporters, and Martha Bozeman's, are breaking toward Sewell.
Sound familiar?
Over the weekend there was a lot of talk about results of an AEA poll that was discussed at the ADC convention. Supposedly that poll showed that Davis's support among black voters was "only at 40%." As far as I heard, that was the only number mentioned in the poll -- no idea where Sparks' support was or how many undecideds that poll found. Chances are it showed a spread similar to this one, with Sparks well behind Davis, but more undecideds. Releasing across the board numbers gives a much better picture of the state of the race right now -- still a lot of undecideds, but Davis has a solid lead, especially among African-American voters.

Read more from Chuck Dean at and the Progressive Electorate -- they have the entire press release, which says "All of these numbers have moved decisively in Davis' direction since early April."

As for Sewells "positive campaign paying off for Alabama" as gradyw notes That's funny.
That's funny. She's throwing rocks and running back to hide in the house. So maybe it appears that she's running a positive campaign from
that slick advertising. But not really the case on the street.
Those calls - They were pushing the stuff about the sewer and Jeff Co's issues into the calls.

Look at the at the Smoot - Is she really union piece? that were pushed by the Selma Times as well as Left in Alabama's Smoot's Union Problem

would not exactly call that part of a positive campaign. So maybe it's not from the campaign, but their supporters are clearly pushing this meme.

Why should Sewell run a "negative campaign when she has the media and so called progressive blogs do her dirty work for her for free?
Terri Sewell supports progressive issues and she isn't hampered by the kind of negative (Jefferson County Commission) baggage Shelia Smoot carries. The memo also noted, "If Terri Sewell can put together the resources to continue her advantage in paid communications, she will be in an excellent position to win." Time is short and resources are key. If you like the style and substance of Terri Sewell's campaign, help her keep it going with a contribution.

Terrie Sewell needs money? Maybe they mean Terri Sewell needs more money to pay for the polling pollsters.
2009 was a great fundraising year for Terri Sewell. She has led the field all year long and, although Earl Hilliard Jr. out raised her slightly in the 4th quarter, Sewell maintains a significant lead in cash on hand. She reported contributions of right at $100K in the last 3 months of 2009, expenses of $79K (a new and much improved website, among other things) and a whopping $339K cash on hand.
Terri Sewell didn't start supporting progressive issues until AFTER her Ivy League buddy and soon to be ex SD 7 Congressman Artur Davis went down in flames for not supporting progressive issues, and she isn't "hampered by the kind of negative baggage Sheila Smoot carries" because they won't allow her to be hampered by the kind of negative baggage Sheila Smoot carries. Who are they? The MSM and slightly Left in Alabama.
Terri Sewell was at the Magic City Classic - in fact, she was the only CD7 candidate in the parade! Lots of people saw her in the parade and at her tailgate tent near Gate 3 giving out free bbq and campaign materials.
Either your source is mistaken or deliberately lying to you to make Terri look bad - whichever case, the facts clearly should have been checked before being posted!


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Whoa there IdeallySo! (0.00 / 0)
This is what I wrote (emphasis mine);

Naturally, politicians see the Coal Bowl as the opportunity to pander, I mean woo African American voters. I didn't actually see any of the politicos, but I saw lots of campaign signs for Sheila Smoot, Terri Sewell, Ron Sparks and Artur Davis. According to media reports Davis was in attendance at the game, and according to my sources Terri Sewell was spotted in the Birmingham airport on her way to Princeton for a fundraiser Thursday.

I specifically said I didn't see any of the politicos at the game on Saturday. I was not at the tent at gate 13. If I had seen Sewell or any other politicos I would have said so. I double checked with my sources and stand by them and what they told me. What reason would they have to try and make Terri Sewell look bad? As a matter of fact, one of my sources is a big time contributor, supporter and intends to vote for Sewell. Just curious how this could be an attempt to make her look bad. Please explain.

The voters/residents/taxpayers deserve a true progressive representative with substance in Congress not style. What archangelsk said;
Unemployment in this district, real unemployment is probably hovering around 20+%. I understand the gist of these things is to get people (who are obviously not me) who have money to donate to her. How out of touch can you get? But seriously, the gal can't be bothered to actually live in the district, couldn't be arsed to put a union bug on a campaign piece (at a union event), and she is throwing shoe parties? My family is struggling, I'm going on 9 months unemployed, my wife, who is in her tenure year, is looking at the real possibility that she too might be unemployed. And Terri Sewell, humble daughter of Selma, the daughter of educators, civil right pioneers, is throwing a shoe party for her donors. Anyone elses snark detectors go off? That's bushleague...that's way out of line...

I agree arkangelsk, that's there done that.



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