Thursday, November 6, 2014

#TBT Re-post countdown to my 5th Blog-O-Versary #3

Here is installment 3 in my series of post leading up to the 5th anniversary of my being banned for life from Left in Alabama.  Today's re-post comes on the heels of Artur Davis' failed bid to become the first African American Governor of Sweet Home Alabama.  I thought about this post because it shows the pain the Cats and other Critters felt because black voters didn't fall for the Okey Doke and vote for Davis out of "racial pride".  They falsely assumed blacks voted for President Obama, who they tried to portray Artur Davis as his second coming, because of the color of his skin.  When I tried to tell them black voters don't vote based on the color of a candidates skin, we vote based on the content of their agenda/platform, I was banned.

Anyhoo, first read Artur Davis -Anatomy of a Loss (be sure and read the content of some of the comments), then read,  Back Away from the Catnip.

Para quoting Dr. Joe Reed (fellow enemy of the Cats and Critters at Left in Alabama for not being a Davis supporter);

Instead of applauding Senator Hank Sanders for applying the same standards to a black candidate as a white candidate, and judging candidates based upon the content of their character and not the color of their skin, your post condemned him as though he had some obligation to support Davis. Senator Hank Sanders is decried as a "power broker" because he endorsed Ron Sparks, but check out the Left in Alabama endorsements complete with color pictures and numerous post to extol the virtues of Artur Davis. Does that make Left in Alabama a "power broker" too?
Eye Report.  You Decide.

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