Tuesday, November 11, 2014

RedEye's Re-Post Countdown to my 5th Blog-O-Versary #4

As the date of my Blog-O-Versary draws nearer I'm finding it harder and harder to decide which of content of my many post, or the tone of some of my comments actually got me kicked off the front pages of Left in Alabama, and eventually banned for life, but I think it's fair to say Hollering Anti Semitism Edited , posted on June 16, 2009 kinda got the ball rolling...

Redeye's Post Election Blogstroll  posted on November 4, 2009, 9 days before my front page privileges were suspended was probably one of the nails in the coffin....
 Pay attention all you candidates out there who pander to the right wing/conservative/moderate white crowd at the expense of your baseGive us a reason to vote for you or we'll stay our Donkeys' at home.
It's like Deja Voodoo All Over Again. 

Remember, Support our Troops on Veterans Day and Everyday.

Eye report, you decide.

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