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B-But Black on Black Crime....It's not about the Blood-Sucking Judge, it's about the Blood-Sucking SYSTEM.  So, the Concern Trolls have their knickers in a knot because Circuit Judge Marvin Wiggins offered  people the option of donating blood to pay their fines, or go to jail for non violent offenses.  Instead of concentrating on the fact people were put in the position of paying with blood  they chose to concentrate on Judge Wiggins.  Sigh
Arrestees that are too poor to afford the bond money - $500 for each misdemeanor charge - must remain in jail until the following Tuesday, when they appear via video conference from the jail at the city's only weekly court session, according to the lawsuit.
Last Friday, the U.S. DOJ filed a "statement of interest" in the case, in which they agreed to help provide the court a framework to assess the plaintiff's claim of an unlawful bail scheme.
The statement of interest does not take a position on Varden's claims. But U.S. DOJ Acting Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta said in a statement that the "criminal justice system should not work differently for the indigent and the wealthy."
"Bail practices that create a two tiered system of justice by treating the indigent and the wealthy differently undermine fundamental fairness in our nation's criminal justice system," she stated.
Sirrus XM radio host Joe Madison constantly reminds his audience to go inside the story and to listen with a third ear so let's do just that.   Judge Marvin Wiggins is a judge in the 4th Circuit in Alabama. He has served in this position since January 19, 1999, following his election in 1998.  Judge Wiggins was also removed  from the Alabama State University Board of Trustees by Governor Robert Bentley last year.  Hmmm

Maybe Judge Wiggins was trying not to end up like his fellow 4th Circuit Judge Jo Celeste Pettway who was suspended without pay after a complaint was filed against her for get this...emphasis mine
The complaint alleges Pettway was slow to rule on small claims cases, did not follow the law, has a disorganized court and is biased towards defendants – or debtors – in the small claims cases.
Can you imagine being suspended for 90 days without pay?   As my Daddy used to say we are all just one pay check away from poverty.  But maybe that's the plan...

Everybody is wrong about the Alabama DMV office closings  & why it matters.   It's not about the Voter ID card, it's about registered voters being required to obtain a special ID card in order to exercise their right to vote.  There is no right way to do the wrong thing.  Congress should restore the Voting Rights Act, and the Alabama State Legislature should repeal the Voter ID Bill.  Problem solved

If the Alabama Democratic Party can forgive Parker Griffin, they have to forgive Artur Davis.  They just do.  There are some in the ADP who refuse to see that Artur Davis is being punished more harshly than other party switchers.  Again,  other than the obvious there is not a dimes worth of difference between Artur Davis and Parker Griffin.  Allow me to refresh the memory of those who are trying to rewrite history with a stroll down Memory Lane.
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EYE think EYE have figured out what is wrong with the Alabama Democratic Party...they are really Dixiecrats.  They had no problem with Artur Davis when he pandered to the right at the expense of the traditional democratic base when he was running for Governor, but now it's a problem.  It's also why he will probably win in court.  If the ADP were smart, and EYE am not saying they are, they would let him back in and let the voters decide is fate.  Again.  
All told, Davis is requesting the court uphold his assertions that the term "asset" is unconstitutionally vague and his denial was an unfair double standard.
It is what it is.  It just is. 

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